HPL screws pure white (RAL 9010)

HPL screws 5,5 x 35mm made of stainless steel with a scratch-resistant head finish in pure white (RAL 9010). The painted HPL screws are suitable for mounting our HPL panels in pure white on a wooden substructure.

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HPL screws RAL9010 (pure white) from stainless steel

Already from 1 screw ✓ cheap scaled prices ✓ rustproof stainless steel ✓

Our facade screws in pure white (RAL9010) with 5,5 x 35mm measurement and only 12mm head diameter are made of high-quality A4 stainless steel with a scratch-resistant head finish, which was exactly matched to our HPL plates. The HPL screws are corrosion resistant, UV-resistant and scratch resistant. Buy your HPL screws in the amount you need and benefit from our discounted scale prices.

NOTE:For the assembly of the Torx Screws you need a Torx Bit T20, which is not included.

Properties of our HPL screws in pure white

Our HPL screws are made of high-quality, rustproof A4 steel, which is characterized by a very good corrosion resistance and acid resistance. The total length of the HPL screws is about 37mm, of which about 2mm account for the screw head. The length of the threadless screw shaft is about 10mm and has a diameter of about 3,8mm. Thus a thread length of about 25mm with a diameter of 5,5mm remains

In order to make the mounting of the HPL plates as inconspicuous as possible, our HPL screws are provided with a high-quality head varnish, which has been matched in color and gloss to our pure white HPL plates. The coating is extremely scratch-resistant and UV-resistant, to prevent a fading from sunlight.

Technical data of the HPL screws in pure white

  • Colour: RAL9010 (pure white)
  • Measurement: 5,5 x 35mm
  • Head diameter: 12mm
  • Material: stainless steel A4
  • Head shape: round
  • Propulsion: Torx 20 (T20, ISR20)
  • UV-resistance: Very good
  • Corrosion resistance: Very good
  • Rust resistance: Very good
  • Acid resistance: Very good

Assembly of HPL panels with our facade screws in pure white

The painted HPL screws are suitable for mounting our HPL panels in pure white on a wooden substructure. The paint was blended precisely with our matching HPL sheets in pure white and matches in color and gloss. Please pay attention to a non-constraining installation when screwing the facade screws. This means that the screws must not be tightened as soon as the screw head rests on the plate. Use an 8mm diameter facade panel drill for the holes in the HPL plates to ensure that the holes have sufficient headroom even with thermal expansion of the HPL plates.

As a rough guide for the screwing of HPL panels as cladding a distance of about 50cm is valued. With a plate size of 1000mm x 500mm, for example, 6 screws are required, of which one screw is to be selected as a fixed point. The other fittings are to be understood as floating points for the thermal expansion of HPL panels.

In addition to the safe installation of HPL panels, the facade screws can also be used for all other facade panels that need to be mounted on a substructure on wood. The screws are also suitable, for example, for fastening fiber cement boards or our white aluminum sandwich panels.

NOTE: Matching to our HPL screws we offer HPL sheets cut to size in thicknesses 6mm and 8mm

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
filling quantity in mlN/A
Color designationPure white
Color accuracyProduction according to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL9010

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