Superglue S-Polybond MULTIfix 20g (highly reactive)

Our S-Polybond MULTIfix is a highly reactive special adhesive with very short functional strengths and bonds a wide variety of materials safely, reliably and very quickly thanks to modified cyanoacrylates.

✓ Very short functional strength
✓ Very good adhesion properties
✓ For bonding, repairing and securing
✓ Very easy to dose
✓ Solvent-free

The superglue can be opened, dosed and closed with one hand thanks to the innovative dosing cap.

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MULTIfix - when it has to stick really fast

Highly reactive ✓ Very short functional strength ✓ Without solvents ✓

S-Polybond MULTIfix is a colourless, very fast bonding one-component instant adhesive, which is characterised by very good adhesion properties on very many different surfaces. MULTIfix is used for bonding, securing and repairing in countless areas of application where a very fast, reliable fixation is required and can be used both for materials of the same type to each other and for substrates of different materials. The resealable dispensing cap makes it easy to open, apply and close with one hand. The dosage of the instant adhesive can be carried out precisely and accurately thanks to the infinitely variable quantity regulation.

S-Polybond MULTIfix is a special product for bonding a wide variety of materials and surfaces within seconds. It is equally suitable for industrial, commercial and private use in the home and can be used on a wide range of surfaces for bonding and securing. Due to the very high strength of the hard adhesive joint, the instant adhesive is suitable for repairs and bonding in countless areas of application, for example in sewage technology, sealing technology, the electrical industry, rubber processing, the jewellery industry, the leather and shoe industry, the toy industry, trade fair construction, orthopaedics, advertising technology, etc. The adhesive does not contain any solvents. The adhesive does not contain any solvents and can therefore be used without hesitation for bonding whose materials or surfaces are sensitive to solvents.

Properties of superglue MULTIfix

S-Polybond MULTIfix is a ready to use adhesive mixture based on cyanoacrylate and is suitable for countless areas of application where bonding with a very short fixing time is required. This includes, for example, repair bonding of cracks and breaks in household appliances, toys, shoes and much more. In addition, our fast-curing superglue is also used to reliably secure screwed connections in plant engineering, as well as in shipbuilding and vehicle construction. MULTIfix is suitable for non-absorbent, non-porous surfaces made of plastic, glass, rubber, leather, ceramics, as well as for APTK/EPDM gaskets, round and profile gaskets and painted surfaces, etc. The exact functional strength varies depending on the specific bonding, but takes place in a significantly shorter time than with less reactive instant adhesives.

S-Polybond MULTIfix is very fast even for a superglue and reaches functional strength within a few seconds. In contrast to our powerful superglue STRONGfix the highly reactive adhesive has no gap-filling properties due to its low viscosity. Instead, the low viscosity causes the adhesive to be absorbed into every joint, no matter how fine, thanks to the improved capillary action. After curing, the hard adhesive joint is colourless and transparent and, if applied carefully and professionally, is not visible even when bonding transparent plastics or glass. In addition, the cured adhesive has good UV and weather resistance, so that the transparency of the adhesive joint, as well as the ageing resistance of the bond, are not affected by weather influences.

  • S-Polybond MULTIfix is highly reactive and ensures extremely short fusing times
  • S-Polybond MULTIfix is thin-bodied and thus absorbs independently into fine cracks and glue joints
  • S-Polybond MULTIfix can be opened and closed with one hand thanks to special dosage closure
  • S-Polybond MULTIfix is suitable for outdoor applications thanks to good UV and weather resistance
  • S-Polybond MULTIfix contains no solvents and is suitable for solvent-resistant surfaces
  • S-Polybond MULTIfix is suitable for fixing screw connections and thus offers a high level of safety

Processing of superglue MULTIfix

As before any bonding, all surfaces to be bonded must be thoroughly cleaned before applying the instant adhesive. These must be dry and free of dust and grease before applying the adhesive so that impurities and adhesions do not affect the quality of the bond. It is also advisable to place aids and tools (e.g. clamps, clamps, spatulas) in the immediate vicinity in advance so that they are within reach after the adhesive has been applied, because with a highly reactive instant adhesive there is little time for adjustment and fixing. When bonding silicone, TPE profiles or polyolefins (polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.) with our instant adhesive, it may be necessary to pre-treat the bonding surfaces with an adhesion promoter to improve the adhesion properties.

Thanks to the special design of the dispensing cap, the superglue can be applied quickly, effectively and with one hand. To do this, turn the cap counterclockwise with thumb and forefinger so that the desired amount of adhesive can come out. The adhesive should be applied quickly and evenly over the entire bonding surface before the cap is closed again clockwise with the hand so that the adhesive does not harden and block the dispensing opening. Finally, the parts to be joined must be put together immediately and fixed with the necessary pressure until the desired functional strength, which depends on the specific materials, is achieved. Because bonding with a highly reactive instant adhesive only takes a few seconds from application to reaching the functional strength, it is highly advisable to have all tools and aids for fixing and absorbing overflowing adhesive ready to hand in advance.

After joining and pressing the substrates, too much applied adhesive may pre-swell. This can be picked up with a soft cloth, or a spatula or a disposable wooden stick while the glue is still liquid. However, because the instant adhesive MULTIfix reaches its functional strength very quickly, haste is required. As soon as the adhesive has hardened, the only thing that helps is mechanical processing with a profile scraper or spatula. When bonding and fixing metals, for example aluminium, copper or brass, a permanently age-resistant bond can only be achieved if the surfaces to be bonded have been pre-treated accordingly. Also for anodised surfaces or surfaces treated with waxes and oils, permanent bonding cannot be guaranteed.

Superglues are used for countless applications, not all of which can be taken into account despite diverse laboratory tests. In addition, the specific conditions during bonding must also be taken into account, which include above all processing parameters with adhesive temperature, processing temperature, properties and surface condition of the substrates. For this reason, the specific application must be tested for suitability and strength by the user. We recommend checking the technical data sheets of the materials to be bonded for suitability and compatibility before bonding. It is also important to note that coatings on the surfaces, for example the anodised layer of anodised aluminium, as well as corrosion, can impair the desired ageing resistance and final strength of the bond.

WARNING: MULTIfix is not food safe and therefore not suitable for bonding substrates that are used for drinking water and food supplies.

Processing properties of the MULTIfix

  • Odour formation: piercing, characteristic
  • Colour: clear, colourless
  • Viscosity: approx. 20 mPa.s
  • Gap bridging: max. 0,1 mm
  • Processing temperature: +5 °C up to +30 °C
  • Functional strength: approx. 4 seconds (EPDM / EPDM - Profile seal)
  • Functional strength: approx. 8 seconds (PVC-U / PVC-U - Hard-PVC)
  • Curing time: 16 hours (at approx. +20 °C)
  • Storage temperature: +15 °C up until +25 °C
  • Storage capacity: 12 months (unopened)

TIP: Deviating storage temperatures can affect the shelf life. Storage for the cyanoacrylate superglue MULTIfix must be stored in a dry, frost-free place without direct sunlight. The optimum storage temperature is between +2°C and +8°C. With increasing storage time, the viscosity of the adhesive increases, which reduces the reactivity.

Safety instructions for the application of superglue MULTIfix

Before using the superglue, we strongly advise you to MULTIfix read the safety data sheet as well as the technical data sheet. Above all, the information on safe handling and the specifications on personal protective equipment must be observed in order to avoid risks. Wear suitable safety goggles and protective gloves when using the adhesive. Use the highly reactive adhesive only in well-ventilated areas and avoid contact with skin or eyes at all costs. Adhesives should always be stored in an airtight container in a safe place. When choosing a storage location, make sure that it is absolutely inaccessible to children so that the adhesive cannot get into their hands.

Hazard statements according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008

  1. H315 - Causes skin irritation.
  2. H319 - Causes severe eye irritation.
  3. H335 - May cause respiratory irritation.

Additional information

  1. EUH202-Cyanacrylate Hazard. Adheres to skin and eyelids within seconds.
    Keep out of the reach of children.

For the full text of the safety and hazard information, as well as comprehensive information on safe handling, transport and disposal, please refer to the S-Polybond safety data sheet MULTIfix.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
Adhesive typeSuperglue
MaterialModified cyanoacrylates
filling quantity in ml21
Color designationtransparent
Color accuracyNo information available
RAL color codeNot specified

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