STEINEL Jointing Plane

Our STEINEL® gouge with adjustable joint depth, is suitable for gouging out welding joints in floor coverings and guarantees a perfect cut right up to the wall edge.

✓ Professional quality
✓ With guide nose
✓ Adjustable joint depth
✓ Incl. spare blade
✓ Made in Germany

The sharp gouge is ideal for resilient floor coverings such as vinyl, PVC or linoleum.

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STEINEL® jointing plane for floor coverings

Incl. spare blade ✓ TOP quality ✓ Made in Germany ✓

The gouge from STEINEL® and is light and handy and, thanks to its ergonomic design, enables effortless gouging of welding joints up to the wall connection for floor coverings. Thanks to the adjustable guide nose, very precise gouging of the joint is possible. This not only serves to guide the gouge precisely, but also regulates the depth of cut of the welding cord joint. This not only contributes to a visually perfect cutting result of the different floor coverings, but also affects the quality of the weld seam and is therefore indispensable when processing and laying resilient floor coverings that are to be thermally grouted with a matching fusion wire.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x STEINEL® jointing plane
  • 1 x replacement blade for STEINEL® jointing plane

NOTE: The supplied replacement blade is in the screwable wooden handle.

Features of the STEINEL® jointing plane

The gouge has an adjustable guide nose that makes it possible to adjust the depth of cut of the joint. This offers maximum flexibility when gouging out sweat joints for resilient floor coverings in different thicknesses. The very sharp blade glides effortlessly through linoleum or vinyl and can also be used for comparatively robust floor coverings made of PVC. Thanks to the ergonomic design, a secure grip without slipping is guaranteed and enables precise cuts without wrist fatigue, even for longer welded joints.

The blade of the professional STEINEL® gouge is fitted in such a way that planing can be carried out cleanly right up to the connection with the wall without the need for finishing work with a cutter knife and is perfect for small or hard-to-reach butt joints in floor coverings. This ensures a clean transition even with machine-milled joints, which cannot be carried out all the way to the edge with standard electric joint cutters due to their design.

Using the STEINEL® gouging tool

When laying floor coverings that are to be welded with a fusible wire, the butt edges of the individual strips of the floor covering are finished with a joint knife or joint plane before welding in order to obtain a uniform joint width. Depending on the thickness of the fusible link to be used for welding the floor covering, the width and depth of the joint can be increased or decreased using the adjustable guide nose. To plane out the welding joint, the gouge is placed in the existing joint between the butt edges of the floor covering and placed with light pressure in a flowing motion along the joint so that the sharp blade cuts out the excess material.

  • Thanks to adjustable joint depth, the gouge is suitable for floor coverings of different thicknesses
  • The guide nose enables precise gouging of the welding joints without slipping for straight welding seams
  • The special design allows the gouging of the joints up to the wall connection without great effort
  • The black wooden handle also serves to store the double-sided sharpened replacement blades
  • The gouge is perfect for elastic floor coverings such as PVC, vinyl, linoleum, etc.

WARNING: The blade of the STEINEL® gouge is very sharp. Always cut away from the body, taking care not to place your hand in front of the gouge to minimise the risk of cuts.

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