Professional pipe cutter for plastic pipes up to Ø 42mm

The Högert professional pipe cutter with solid blade made of stainless steel has a ratchet feed with optimised power transmission and quick return. The pipe cutter is ideal for plastic pipes and aluminium composite pipes up to a diameter of 42 mm.

✓ Solid stainless steel blade
✓ Suitable for left-handers
✓ Cuts PP-R pipes up to DN40
✓ Also for aluminium composite pipes
✓ Very robust construction

The pipe cutter is also suitable for left-handers and can be easily operated with one hand.

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Pipe cutter for plastic pipes and hoses up to 42mm

Stainless steel blade ✓ Very robust construction ✓ Craftsman quality ✓

With the Högert professional pipe cutter, we offer a high-quality pipe cutter that meets the highest demands of craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers with high quality awareness. The pipe cutter with metal housing made of aluminium has a solid blade made of stainless steel, which glides effortlessly through pipes made of plastic, as well as through multi-layer composite pipes up to an outer diameter of 42mm. The ratchet feed, which has a special mechanism with an optimal transmission ratio, ensures an effortless cut, even with thicker pipes. This also makes it very easy to cut harder plastic pipes made of hard PVC or aluminium composite pipes, which are used for water pipes and heating pipes. The pipe cutter is also ideally suited for our PP-R line pipes and always ensures a straight, precise cut, completely without burrs or grooves.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Högert professional pipe cutter with stainless steel blade

Features of the pipe cutter for craftsmen

Our pipe cutters, as well as all other Högert tools, are selected products that meet the highest demands in terms of quality, handling and durability. This makes the professional pipe cutter the perfect choice for craftsmen and ambitious do-it-yourselfers from the fields of heating construction, sanitary and electrical installation and convinces with a very high processing quality as well as the robust construction made of high-quality materials. The screwed housing made of solid aluminium, combined with a ratchet valve drive whose mechanism is made entirely of metal, speaks for a service life that is not impaired even by regular, intensive use. Only the non-slip grip surfaces of the handle are made of an impact-resistant ABS plastic and are screwed to the aluminium housing. For safe handling, the non-slip grip surfaces are profiled on both sides.

With a pipe cutter, the mode of operation, the power transmission and the blade are of particular importance. Particularly in the case of inexpensive tools, savings are made on the materials in order to be able to offer the products at lower prices. However, this is at the expense of reliability and a precise cutting pattern. The professional design of our cutting tools for plastic pipes uses a high-quality stainless steel alloy for the blade. This is rustproof and has a very high cutting durability, so that the pipe cuts are always straight and smooth. The cut edge does not show any burr formation, as is the case with cutting techniques such as sawing. Time-consuming deburring of the edges can therefore be dispensed with. To prevent the pipes from slipping or twisting, the pipe cutter has a wide, rounded pipe guide, which also prevents the pipe from slipping out of the guide during cutting. The sophisticated drive, which consists of a ratchet feed with 14 steps, transmits the force with an optimised transmission ratio so that even thicker pipes, for example PP-R pipes with an outer diameter of 40 mm and a wall thickness of approx. 7 mm, can be cut without great effort and with comparatively little effort.

The special feature of the pipe cutter is that it is equally suitable for left-handers and right-handers. The quick-return, which also serves as an emergency release, can be executed by opening the handle beyond the zero position and can be operated in any blade position to open the blade. Thus, no thumb is needed for a single-sided release lever. The ergonomically shaped handle has generously dimensioned grip surfaces made of non-slip, profiled plastic on both handle levers.

Advantages of the Högert pipe cutting shears

  • The pipe cutter cuts plastic pipes up to an outer diameter of 42mm effortlessly
  • The pipe cutter is suitable for cutting PPR pipes, cable conduits and aluminium composite pipes
  • The large tube guide ensures a straight cut without slipping of the tube
  • The solid stainless steel blade does not rust and guarantees a very high cutting durability
  • Even thick pipes are easy to cut thanks to ratchet feed with optimised transmission ratio
  • The return for quick opening of the blade can be triggered very easily on both sides
  • Very robust design made of aluminium and steel, without plastic (handle insert excluded)
  • The handle is ergonomically shaped and has non-slip grip inserts on both sides

Handling of the professional pipe cutter for plastic pipes

A pipe cutter basically works in a similar way to a pair of secateurs, except that it does not cut branches and twigs but pipes made of plastic or multi-layer composite pipes. First of all, the blade lock must be released, which is done by simply flipping the small wire bar at the end of the handle lever. Now the handle opens to the zero position. If the lower handle is moved further outwards, the quick-return is activated and the blade moves quickly into the open position. The pipe cutter is now ready to cut pipes with a diameter of 42mm or less. The pipe is inserted into the large pipe guide and the marked position is placed approximately in the centre of the blade. By pulling the handle, the blade is moved forward by a few millimetres. As long as it has not yet entered the pipe, the cutting position can still be corrected. By repeatedly pulling the handle, the steel blade slides deeper and deeper through the pipe until it is finally cut through completely.

The ratchet feed with force-saving transmission has 14 steps, so that the pipe is cut after the feed has been actuated 14 times. The blade then remains in the closed position, but can be opened again by the quick return to cut another pipe. This blade release is very easy to perform with either the right or left hand by using the handle lever to open the handle further. For storage, the blade should always be positioned protected in the pipe holder before the blade blockade at the end of the back lever is folded down. This not only ensures space-saving storage of the pliers, but also prevents the quick return from being triggered accidentally. This prevents damage caused by bumping the blade and eliminates the risk of injury from cutting on the blade.

Technical data of the professional pipe cutter

  • Product type: Pipe cutter
  • Material (housing): Aluminium
  • Material (blade): Stainless steel
  • Hardness grade (blade): HRC53 (according to Rockwell)
  • Colour: Blue
  • Weight: 410 grams
  • Operating principle: Force transmitting ratchet feed
  • Max. Pipe diameter: up to 42mm
  • Suitable materials: PP-R, PP, PE, PVC, PEX/AL
  • Blade lock: Yes
  • Fast rewind: Yes
  • Ergonomically shaped: Yes
  • One-hand operation: Yes (both sides)

Care and maintenance of the pipe cutter

The professional pipe cutter from Högert consists of a robust aluminium housing with internal metal mechanics and impresses with a very high manufacturing quality that leaves nothing to be desired, even for craftsmen. As a professional tool, the effort for care and maintenance of the pipe cutter is limited. In order not to impair the function and appearance, regular cleaning of dust and dirt after use is recommended.

WARNING: The stainless steel blade is extremely sharp and not only glides through plastic pipes, but is also capable of cutting through a finger. If handled improperly, there is a risk of crushing and cutting injuries. Therefore we strongly recommend to be concentrated and careful when cutting and to wear robust work gloves.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialAluminium / Carbon steel (SK5)

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