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Polypropylene sheets (PP-H) in grey (similar to RAL7032) and thicknesses from 2mm-15mm in millimetre-precise cuts at favourable prices at S-Polytec.

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Dimensions of the samples approx. 200mm x 100mm

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Polypropylene sheets (PP-H) in grey cut to size

Our grey polypropylene plastic sheets are similar to RAL7032. Our grey polypropylene sheets are available in thicknesses from 2mm-15mm and have a protective film on one side to protect the surface from scratches during machining. The PP sheets are fully dyed in grey to ensure that both the surfaces and the milled or sawn edges have the same grey colour. Our grey polypropylene panels are opaque and absolutely opaque. Furthermore, our plastic sheets made of grey polypropylene are exclusively solid sheets made of solid core material and not of hollow core sheets or foamed polypropylene. Furthermore, our polypropylene sheets comply with the REACH and RoHS regulations.

Our polypropylene sheets (PP-H) are an engineering plastic (polypropylene homopolymer) and are only suitable for optical purposes to a limited extent.

Properties of our grey polypropylene sheets

Plastic sheets made of polypropylene, such as our grey PP sheets cut to size, have a whole range of properties that make this material so versatile. For example, polypropylene with its very good resistance to chemicals, alkalis and acids is used in particular in chemical plants, as well as in the bioindustry or pharmaceutical industry. The high temperature resistance, which enables applications at permanent temperatures of up to +110°C (for short periods even up to +140°C), as well as the approval for use in the food and drinking water sector, also contribute to the fact that polypropylene is very often used for the production of food packaging, plastic tableware or drinking vessels. PP is also used very frequently in the food processing industry, as well as in large kitchens, bakeries or butcheries, as an odourless, physiologically harmless plastic.

In contrast to polyethylene, polypropylene has a high surface hardness and is also impact-resistant, so that this plastic has a very long service life, which is particularly noticeable when used in mechanical engineering, or in concrete moulds for the production of precast concrete parts.

Approvals for our PP-H sheets in grey

  • Physiologically safe according to BfR
  • Food conformity according to EU 10/2011
  • Food conformity FDA

Standards for our PP-H sheets in grey

  • REACH (EU Chemicals Regulation)
  • RoHS (Regulation on the Prohibition of Hazardous Substances in the Electrical Industry)
  • PAK (Directive on compliance with limit values for polyaromatic hydrocarbons)

You can conveniently order the grey plastic sheets made of polypropylene directly online in the size you need using our cutting configurator. Simply enter your dimensions for length and width in millimetres, make a selection for the desired thickness and specify the quantity. The panels are cut to millimetre accuracy on one of our panel saws with CNC control.

On request, we can also supply the polypropylene sheets in grey in other formats (3.0x1.5 metres, or 4.0x2.0 metres). Furthermore, thanks to our 3-axis CNC milling machines, it is no problem to produce milled parts according to your design drawing.

Application examples for our polypropylene sheets in grey

  • Polypropylene sheets are used as enclosures for electrical equipment thanks to their insulating properties
  • Grey polypropylene sheets are very suitable for covers in mechanical engineering thanks to the impact-resistant, hard surface
  • Polypropylene sheets absorb virtually no moisture and are therefore ideal as shelves in storage and damp rooms
  • For containers and covers in the chemical industry, polypropylene is ideally suited thanks to its very good chemical resistance
  • and many more

Processing of our polypropylene sheets in grey

As an engineering plastic, our plastic sheets made of polypropylene (PP-H) are very easy to work with and process. They can be easily sawn or milled. In addition, our grey polypropylene sheets can be cut to size by laser or water jet cutting. Screwing, drilling, turning or punching are other possible processing methods that can be used with this plastic.

Polypropylene belongs to the thermoplastics and can therefore be very easily thermoformed into a desired shape, so that almost all shapes are possible with this plastic. Thermoforming, as well as thermoforming, are common processing methods in the industrial production of finished plastic parts made of polypropylene. If you intend to process the grey PP sheets by thermoforming, you should first remove the protective film applied to one side.

Polypropylene sheets are usually welded with a PP welding rod, such as our grey welding rod for polypropylene, for a permanent bond with polypropylene, because polypropylene cannot be bonded with conventional adhesives. Painting or printing is not possible with polypropylene, nor is sticking with a film or digital printing.

NOTE: Polypropylene cannot be glued with conventional adhesives. For this reason, we carry in our online shop the special 2-component adhesive S-Polybond PPprofi, which was specially developed for bonding polypropylene plastics.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Standart Length2000
Standard width1000
Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
UV resistancenot UV resistant
Color accuracyColor similar to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL7032
Color designationPebble grey

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