Primer Plexus PC120 920ml

Primer Plexus PC 120™ for pre-treatment and cleaning for bonding metals with the Plexus adhesives such as Plexus MA300 or Plexus MA310. Contents 920ml.

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Primer Plexus PC120™ for the pre-treatment of metal surfaces

When bonding to and with metal surfaces, it is advisable to treat them with a primer beforehand to ensure perfect adhesion of the adhesive. Our primer Plexus PC120™ with 920ml content, is a chemical primer to improve the long-term resistance of bonding with metals such as aluminium or stainless steel. In addition to acting as a primer, Plexus PC120™ also acts as a cleaning agent, removing dirt and grease from the metal surface to be bonded. Therefore, the use of PC120™ eliminates the need for conventional cleaning with solvents.

The yield according to the manufacturer is approx. 27 m2/500 ml. With a filling quantity of 920ml, our primer Plexus PC120™ is sufficient for an area of about 50m2

Water and salt can attack composite metal structures at the bonding site, reducing the overall strength of the bond. The active ingredients in primer PC120™ allow the adhesive to create a bond that is resistant to long-term exposure to salt water. Primer Plexus PC120™ is standard for structural bonding in the marine industry as virtually no surface preparation is required. The product is commonly used, among other things, for bonding stringers and inserts in fibreglass boats with composite layers up to 25mm thick.

Buy high-quality primers for the pre-treatment of metal surfaces conveniently online at favourable prices from the specialist dealer for plastics, adhesives and sealants S-Polytec.

Properties of Primer Plexus 120™

  1. Plexus PC120™ cleans and primes metal surfaces in one step
  2. Plexus PC120™ improves the durability of bondings to metals in the long term
  3. Plexus PC120™ dries within 1-3 minutes at room temperature
  4. Plexus PC120™ contains a red dye for easy primer identification

Processing of primer Plexus PC120™

The thin liquid primer Plexus PC120™ is applied by brushing or wiping. It is sufficient to apply a thin layer of the primer. Plexus PC120™ contains a red dye that makes it easy to see if enough primer has been applied when the entire surface to be primed has a red tint. Once the primer has dried, the pre-treated elements can be bonded together.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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