Profile scraper 35mm with interchangeable blade

Our handy profile scraper with straight blade in 35mm width is perfect for smoothing saw-rough cut edges of our plastic sheets and is equally suitable for deburring blanks.

✓ Flat, straight blade
✓ Replaceable steel blade
✓ Robust hardwood handle
✓ Ergonomic design
✓ Made in Germany

The robust, durable metal blade is replaceable and suitable for plastics and many metals.

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35mm profile scraper with durable interchangeable blade

Sharp, straight blade ✓ Ergonomic handling ✓ Perfect for edge deburring ✓

With the handy profile scraper from Techno Professional with 35 mm blade, cut edges of plastic sheets can be deburred in no time at all. The hand tool is not only suitable for removing the fine burrs that occur when cutting plastic sheets, but can also be used very well for levelling the usually rough saw edge due to the straight blade. The solid steel blade is extremely hard. This means that the tool can not only be used for less hard plastics such as polyethylene, ABS or PVC, but is also suitable for our HPL or aluminium composite panels. In addition, many metals can also be freed from burrs. Especially metal alloys with a low hardness, such as aluminium, brass, copper or non-alloyed iron, can be processed very well with the profile scraper. Thanks to the replaceable blade of the inexpensive tool, it can be used for many years even with intensive use.

NOTE: If the blade is damaged, for example by small indentations, it should be replaced promptly, as this is the only way to ensure high quality deburring and smoothing of cut edges without scratches or grooves occurring during honing.

The profile scraper was originally purchased for our own use only, in order to deburr our plastic sheet blanks and milled parts when required. The tool has proven to be extremely durable and useful, so that we also offer it in our online shop. Not only do you benefit from our many years of experience with regard to the very high quality of the scraper, but you always have a suitable tool at hand when optimisation of sawing edges is required. Especially if the processing of the plastic sheets is done by yourself and not already ordered in precise cut to size, the versatile tool is an inexpensive and almost indispensable tool of the trade.

  • 1 x Profile scraper with 35mm interchangeable blade

NOTE: The high-quality blade of the profile scraper can be replaced if necessary.

Technical data of the 35mm profile scraper for plastic sheets

  • Shaft material: Hardwood
  • Blade material: Steel
  • Total length: Ca. 126mm
  • Blade width: 35mm
  • Blade shape: Straight

Application instructions for the profile scraper with 35mm blade

When cutting plastic sheets with a saw or router, fine burrs usually occur on one side, which can be removed very easily with the profile scraper. The tool is pulled at a flat angle along the cut edge. The hard, straight metal blade removes the fine burr effortlessly. Deburring also works without problems on milled plastic parts, even if the contour is not cut in a straight line but in an outer radius. However, the deburrer is only suitable to a limited extent for narrower inner radii, small holes or internal corners with a sharp angle due to its size. Larger recesses, on the other hand, do not pose a problem, so that even in such cases the burr can be removed very easily.

Chip-removing processing techniques, such as saw cutting, usually leave a saw-rough cut edge. This is considerably less when routing with a CNC router, but even here the routed edge can sometimes appear slightly rough. With the profile scraper, the slightly rough surface of the edges can be smoothed considerably by placing the blade over the entire surface of the cut edge and scraping it off at a constant speed with moderate pressure.

TIP: When deburring and levelling cut edges, the result can be perfected by removing the cut surfaces several times.

For edge deburring that needs to be somewhat rounded at the same time, the tool can be used at different angles to the cut edge by using it several times. However, with a round deburrer, such as our quick deburrer with 360°degree blade, rounding edges is much easier and leads to a quick, clean result with an evenly rounded edge.

  • The 35mm blade of the profile scraper is ideal for smoothing saw-rough cut edges of plastic sheets up to 30mm
  • The hard interchangeable blade is excellent for deburring and can also be used on soft metals
  • The profile scraper is ideal for removing small paint and adhesive residues from flat surfaces
  • Stubborn dirt or rust can be easily loosened on flat surfaces with the narrow scraper
  • Thanks to the ergonomic blade arrangement, deburring cut edges is effortless and easy to perform

Profile scrapers are not only ideal for working on edges, but are also used by craftsmen for a wide range of applications. These handy tools are just as popular for removing paint residues from wood or metal as they are for removing adhesive residues. By additional heating with a hot air blower, stickers and foil inscriptions can be removed without residue with our profile scraper. However, care should always be taken that no pressure is exerted on the blade. Otherwise the blade could jam, which could result in damage by scratching the surface.

WARNING: It is important to proceed carefully when deburring plastic sheets and smoothing rough cut edges to avoid injuries from the hard, sharp-edged blade.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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MaterialHardwood / Steel

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