Replacement blade for 35mm profile scraper

The replacement blade in 35mm width for the profile scraper by Techno Professional is an inexpensive and sustainable alternative to buying the complete scraper new, so that the existing wooden handle can continue to be used.

✓ Easy change
✓ Long life
✓ Robust steel alloy
✓ For plastics & metal
✓ Made in Germany

We do not use fixed packaging units and also offer the 35mm replacement blade for sale individually.

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35mm replacement blade for our profile scraper

Easy replacement ✓ Made in Germany ✓ From 1 piece ✓

With our replacement blades in 35mm width for the high-quality Techno Professional professional scraper, we offer an inexpensive alternative to buying a complete new scraper when the blade shows signs of wear. By replacing the blades, the hardwood handle can still be used. The replacement is very simple and only requires a pair of pliers to remove the old blade and to insert the new one.

Profile scrapers of the Techno Professional brand are not only characterised by a very high manufacturing quality, which is aimed at professional craftsmen with high demands, but can also convince with regard to the very long service life of the tool. The issue of sustainability can no longer be ignored, even by manufacturers of hand tools. Techno Professional not only pays attention to resource-saving production with handles made of robust hardwood when choosing the materials used, but also contributes to maximising the useful life of the profile scraper with the interchangeable blades. This is not only good for the environment, but also reduces costs, because one blade is significantly cheaper than a completely new profile scraper.

In our online shop, you benefit in more ways than one, because we have deliberately chosen a high-quality brand product with an interchangeable blade instead of selling simple disposable deburrers. We also dispense with cumbersome packaging units. The blades are usually sold in blister packs of ten, but in the rarest of cases ten are needed at once, so we also offer them individually at favourable prices.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x 35mm replacement blade for Techno Professional 35mm profile scraper

NOTE: The 35mm blade is not compatible with the 63mm wide profile scraper.

Technical data of the 35mm replacement blade for profile scraper

  • Blade material: Steel
  • Blade width: 35mm
  • Blade shape: Straight

Application instructions for replacing the blade

Because it is made of steel, the blade of the 35mm profile scraper has an enormous service life, which can vary depending on the intended use and stress. Comparatively soft materials, such as our plastic tiles, will hardly affect the properties even with years of intensive use, so that a blade change is not necessary. If the scraper is used instead for removing hardened tile adhesive, for levelling protruding concrete and plaster edges, or for deburring hard metals such as stainless steel, this may well cause small nicks or grooves to appear over time. However, especially with smooth, shiny surfaces such as plastic, marble or glass, it is extremely important that the blade is in pristine condition without damage so as not to scratch the delicate surfaces. With our replacement blade from Techno Professional as an equivalent replacement for the damaged blade, the risk of surface scratches can be significantly reduced.

If a replacement is to be made, it should be done carefully, because even if it is not a sharpened edge, injuries due to slipping cannot be ruled out. The easiest way to carry out the replacement is to clamp the hardwood handle in a vice and remove the damaged blade with pliers before sliding the new one into the appropriate holder. If no vice is available, the change can also be carried out very well if the tool is held firmly on a non-slip surface.

    Quick guide to blade replacement

  • A pair of pliers for gripping the old blade, as well as a firm base, is highly recommended
  • Grasp the old blade with the combination pliers to carefully pull it sideways out of the holding groove
  • Place the scraper on a surface so that the replacement blade can be inserted into the groove from above
  • If necessary, use the pliers to push the new blade fully into the holder provided
  • When inserting, care should be taken not to damage or scratch the interchangeable blade

TIP: In addition to signs od wear, which can occur, for example, with regular deburring of alloy steels, negligent care and cleaning can also lead to a reduction in the service life of the 35mm blade. Contamination can contribute to the straight scraper surface leavinf scratches on smooth and delicate surfaces, which may render the tool, as well as the workpiece being worked on, unusable. For this reason, the profile scraper should always be cleaned after use. Stubborn dirt such as adhesive residue, tile adhesive or putty can be removed with a second scraper, a spatula or a wide slotted screwdriver.

NOTE: The profile scraper is only shown for demonstration purposes and is not part of the scope of delivery.

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