Replacement blade for 63mm profile scraper

The replacement blade in 63mm width is suitable for the high-quality Techno Professional profile scraper in the corresponding width. Instead of having to buy the complete profile scraper again, it is sufficient to replace the blade with a new, more cost-effective replacement blade.

✓ Easy to replace
✓ High-quality steel
✓ Ideal for plastics
✓ Suitable for metals
✓ Made in Germany

Buy the 63mm replacement blades in any quantity to suit your needs - from as little as one piece.

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First set blade for profile scraper in 63mm width

Already from 1 piece ✓ Made in Germany ✓ Easily replaceable ✓

With our replacement blades in 63mm we offer a cost-effective and sustainable way to replace the existing blade of our profile scraper in 63mm width. The replacement blade is suitable for the high-quality Techno Professional professional scraper with hardwood handle. The replacement is easy to carry out and does not require any special tools or skills apart from a pair of pliers, so that the job can also be carried out easily by less experienced DIYers.

By buying a replacement blade, you not only save money, because a replacement blade costs significantly less than a complete new profile scraper. You can also continue to use the existing handle made of hardwood, which consumes resources in the production process and the old handle has to be disposed of. In the spirit of sustainability, we offer the possibility to buy the replacement blades in any quantity at favourable prices. So instead of having to buy a packaging unit with 10 replacement blades, the blades are also available individually in our online shop.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x 63mm Replacement Blade for Techno Professional 63mm Profile Scraper

NOTE:The blade cannot be used with the 35mm wide profile scraper.

Technical data of the 63mm replacement blade for profile scraper

  • Blade Material: Steel
  • Blade width: 63mm
  • Blade shape: Straight

Application instructions for blade replacement

The blade of our profile scraper is made of a high-quality steel alloy that is characterised by a very long service life. This varies depending on the purpose for which the profile scraper is used. If the tool is only used to work the edges of plastics, the blade will probably never be so heavily used that it needs to be replaced. However, with hard, frequent use, the blade can wear out. Particularly in the case of damage caused by indentations or scoring, which can occur, for example, when deburring alloyed steels frequently, it is advisable to replace the blade in order to always achieve the best possible results when deburring, smoothing or scraping without damaging surfaces by scratching.

If it is necessary to replace the blade, you only need a pair of pliers to grasp the old blade, because it sits very tightly and securely in the holding groove. You should be extremely careful when doing this, because even if the blades are not sharpened, they can still cause injuries. A firm support or a vice can be extremely useful, but is not absolutely necessary.

    Changing the blades - step by step

  • A pair of combination pliers or needle-nose pliers and a firm base are recommended for changing the blade
  • Carefully remove the old blade by pulling it sideways out of the holder with the pliers
  • Place the professional scraper on its side and insert the blade into the holding groove from the other side
  • Press the replacement blade firmly into the groove with the pliers until it is flush
  • When inserting the blade, make sure that it is not damaged by the pliers

TIP: If the profile scraper shows heavy contamination on the blade, this can be removed with a second scraper or a large slotted screwdriver. Regular cleaning not only ensures that the scraper functions perfectly, but also ensures that the blade does not have to be replaced prematurely because, for example, residues of hardened tile adhesive adhere to the blade. In addition, the service life can be significantly extended if high pressure is not exerted on the blade when using the scraper. With increasing hardness of the material, and increasing pressure, the likelihood of the blade showing minute damage increases, which, depending on its size, can contribute to the profile scraper no longer being able to be used for more sensitive, smooth surfaces.

NOTE: The profile scraper, if shown, is not part of the delivery. Only the replacement blade is supplied in the desired quantity.

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