Spacer washer for threaded sleeves

The spacer washer for balcony screws with threaded sleeve is used between the panels and a substructure of square tubes in balcony and stair railings for vibration and impact damping and is made of high-quality LLD-PE.

✓ Made from LLD-PE
✓ Ideal for square steel tube
✓ Ideal for balcony cladding
✓ Good vibration damping
✓ Good gliding properties
✓ Already from 1 piece

The spacers ensure a lasting, secure hold of the screw guide in the square tube.

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Spacer washer for balcony screws with threaded sleeve

Ideal for square tubes ✓ Secure screw guidance ✓ From 1 piece ✓

The spacer washers made of grey polyethylene (LLD-PE) are required for fastening balcony surrounds and stair railings to square tubes with balcony screws with threaded sleeves. On the one hand, these inconspicuous plastic washers serve the purpose of damping vibrations and impacts. On the other hand, polyethylene is characterised by very good sliding properties, so that this also has a positive effect on the expansion capacity of cladding panels such as HPL or Alu-Dibond, for which constraint-free assembly is an important prerequisite.

NOTE: The spacers are always included in balcony screw sets with threaded sleeve. For balcony bolts that are fastened with a cap nut, our self-adhesive poly washers are usually used.

We offer the balcony screws with M5 thread in countless designs. The individual screws differ both in length and in the colour of the painted screw head. The threaded sleeves, which are mainly suitable for mounting cladding panels on square tubes, are also available in different colours. Both screws and threaded sleeves all have an M5 thread, so that they can be combined with each other as desired. Regardless of the combination of colours and screw length, a spacer washer is always required for threaded sleeves, which we sell separately in the shop in any quantity at favourable graduated prices.

Properties of the LLD-PE spacer disc

The spacer sleeve is made of a linear low-density polyethylene plastic. LLD-PE is characterised by enormous durability and is extremely flexible. In addition, this plastic has good impact and sliding properties. This makes the spacer sleeves perfectly suited for wear-free, long-term use, which contributes to reduced maintenance of the fasteners of balcony claddings on square tubes.

With an outer diameter of 21mm, the spacer has a generous contact surface that absorbs shocks and vibrations excellently. The inner diameter is 5.5mm and is therefore suitable for threaded screws of size M5. A special feature in contrast to conventional spacer rings as a sliding support and vibration damping is the 5mm deep and 8.8mm in diameter lamella clamping, which is inserted into the bore of a square profile. This not only provides optimum guidance for the screw, but also protects the thread from direct contact with the sharp edge of the drill hole, so that there is no risk of damage to the fastener in the long term due to plate movement.

Use of spacers for square tubes

The spacer washer forms the counterpart to a threaded sleeve for panel fixings with balcony screws on square tubes made of steel. The plastic washer is inserted between the square tube and the cladding panel. To do this, the square tube must be drilled with an HSS drill with a nominal diameter of 8.5 mm and the spacer washer inserted into the hole with the lamella clamping first. On the opposite side of the steel tube, the threaded sleeve is inserted, the internal thread of which accommodates the balcony screw. For the hole on the outside where the threaded sleeve is inserted, also use a drill with 8.5 mm diameter. The spacer washer not only provides good damping of vibrations and shocks, but also contributes to optimum guidance of the threaded screw, which makes screwing much easier, especially in the case of construction profiles with greater depth. It should be noted that a square profile must have an external dimension of at least 17mm. This minimum depth results from the 12 mm shaft length of the threaded sleeve to which the 5 mm thickness of the lug clamp must be added.

Technical data of the spacer for M5 threaded sleeves

  • Colour: Light grey
  • Material: LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene)
  • Ø Outer: 21,0 mm
  • Ø Inner: 5,5 mm
  • Ø Slat clamping: 8,8 mm
  • Thickness spacer: 2,0 mm
  • Thickness slat clamping: 5,0 mm
  • Strength Total: 7,0 mm
  • Ø Drill: 8,5 mm
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialLLDPE (linear low density polyethylene)

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