fischer chipboard screws Ø 6.0mm (countersunk head, full thread, TX30)

The chipboard screws fischer PowerFast II with countersunk head and full thread with 6mm thread diameter are perfect for flush screw connections and as a screw with tested loads in the fischer plug ideal for our plastic plugs with 6 or 8mm diameter.

✓ With ETA admission
✓ Reduced screwing time
✓ Quick bite behaviour
✓ Very low splitting behaviour
✓ Ideal for fischer dowels
✓ Also individual screws

The Ø 6.0mm countersunk screws with continuous thread are available in different lengths starting from one screw.

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fischer PowerFast II Ø 6.0mm with countersunk head and full thread

Fast bite ✓ Reduced screwing time ✓ Also single screws ✓

Our chipboard screws fischer PowerFast II with 6mm thread diameter can be ordered as fully threaded screws in different thread lengths. The screws with the manufacturer's designation FPF II CTF have a hexagon socket in size TX30 (ISR30), which allows a high tightening torque without much effort. The special thread geometry of the chipboard screws also contributes to a lower effort. This is made possible by shank milling ribs as well as an increased thread pitch, which is also noticeable through a significantly reduced screw-in time. The very fast bite behaviour of the screws also noticeably reduces the time required to process the chipboard screws.

As fully threaded screws (CTF) are characterised by an ideal load distribution, which distributes the weight to be carried over the entire screw-in depth, allowing higher tensile loads. As a screw with tested loads in fischer plugs, chipboard screws with 6mm diameter are the perfect choice for fixings with our plastic plugs with 8mm or 10mm diameter.

It does not get any more flexible than this! With us, you determine the number of pieces - without any minimum quantities or packaging units.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x fischer PowerFast II FPF II CTF countersunk screw Ø 6.0mm in selected length

Properties of the fischer PowerFast II countersunk screws with full thread

The fischer chipboard screws of the Power Fast II FPF II CTF type are high-quality countersunk screws made of galvanised steel that are very easy to work with. The quick bite behaviour makes screwing in much easier, even if they are screwed in by hand with a simple screwdriver. The increased thread pitch compared to conventional wood screws, which extends over the entire length of the screw in the case of the fully threaded screw, also contributes to a faster screw-in time. This saves power and conserves battery capacity, so that significantly more screws can be processed with one battery charge.

The shaft ribs milled into the core of the PowerFast II screws noticeably reduce the screwing resistance, which also contributes to the reduction of the effort required. In addition, they have a positive effect on the splitting behaviour, which is significantly reduced, especially with more sensitive wood materials. For optimal power transmission, the screws are equipped with a Torx drive of size TX30.

The chipboard screws are made of galvanised steel, which has been passivated blue for even better corrosion resistance. This makes the screws excellent for indoor applications. Under certain conditions, the screws can also be used outdoors. However, the screws should not be in permanent contact with moisture or exposed to prolonged weathering. For such applications, screws made of stainless steel or stainless steel are the better choice in the long term. In accordance with current regulations, fischer PowerFast II screws do not contain any chromium (VI) oxide components that are hazardous to health and are therefore considered environmentally compatible.

Approvals of the fischer PowerFast II screws

  • ETA-19/0175 - European Technical Assessment for Screws for Use in Timber Structures
  • DoP 0118 - Declaration of performance for the use of screws in load-bearing timber structures
  • DoP W0009 - Declaration of performance for self-drilling screws for use in wood structures
  • DIN EN 13501 - Non-combustible - Meets the requirements of class A1 (no contribution to fire)

Technical data of the fischer PowerFast II fully threaded screws

  • Measurements: see additional information
  • Name: PowerFast II FPF II CTF
  • Thread type: Coarse thread, full thread
  • Thread length: see additional information
  • Ø Thread: 6.0mm
  • Ø Core: ca. 4.0mm
  • Ø Screw head: 12.0mm
  • Head shape: Countersunk head, round
  • Drive: Torx 30 (TX30, ISR30)
  • Material: Steel, galvanised
  • Corrosion protection: Galvanised, blue passivated
  • UV-resistance Excellent
  • Rust resistance: Sufficient
  • Acid resistance: Moderate

Processing of our countersunk screws with full thread

Chipboard screws are mainly used for screwing wood-based materials and can be screwed directly into the wood of softer types of wood such as pine, spruce or even chipboard until the countersunk head is flush with the surface. Pre-drilling or countersinking is not necessary in most cases, but is recommended for hard woods such as walnut or oak. Pre-drilling requires a drill bit with a nominal diameter equal to the core diameter of the screw. For our 6mm screws, a drill with a diameter of 3mm to 4mm is the right choice. The depth of the hole should be at least the same as the depth of the screw. Countersinking for flush surface mounting can be done with a conventional 90 degree countersink .This is also suitable for countersinking metal fittings and angles if they are to be screwed into wood materials with countersunk screws or into masonry with dowels without the screw head protruding.

The screws have an inner star drive which, in combination with the increased thread pitch and the shank milling ribs, enable easy and quick processing. A conventional bit attachment or screwdriver size TX30 or ISR30 is required for processing. This drive enables high tightening torques with a low risk of slipping out of the drive with the screwdriver.

Advantages of the chipboard screws PowerFast II FPF II CTF

  • Faster processing thanks to good bite behaviour and increased thread pitch
  • Suitable as an anchor screw for applications with tested loads in the fischer anchor
  • The inner star drive (ISR30, TX30) enables high tightening torques without slipping off
  • The countersunk head of the screw allows for installations that are flush with the surface
  • The countersunk screws do not contain any chromium (VI) oxide components that are hazardous to health

Application examples for fischer countersunk screws with full thread

Our chipboard screws with 6.0mm thread diameter are perfect for reaching wooden constructions with angles and flat irons. The full thread ensures maximum load distribution, which guarantees a safe and long-lasting substructure. The robust screws made of galvanised steel are particularly suitable for the construction of tool sheds and garden sheds, as well as patio roofs and carports. In addition, the load-bearing wooden structures of interior walls and clad room dividers can also be screwed very well with chipboard screws. For cladding made of panels, chipboard or plasterboard, on the other hand, the thicker screws are not required, so countersunk screws with a smaller diameter can usually be used here. In furniture construction, fully threaded screws with Ø 6.0mm are very suitable for connecting chair or table legs to the tabletop or seat without the screw head protruding, so that a concealed, more attractive appearance can be achieved.

Chipboard screws from fischer are screws with tested loads in the fischer plug and can therefore be used perfectly as plug screws. The fischer PowerFast II with 6mm diameter are suitable for anchor diameters of 8.0mm or 10.0mm. The full thread distributes the load over the entire screw-in depth in the anchor. The required minimum length of the screw varies depending on the type of anchor and anchor length. The thickness of the attachment part must also be taken into account. For our plastic anchors we have provided data sheets for download which contain information on the ideal screw size for each anchor size.

As a specialist dealer for cut-to-size plastic sheets, we can also recommend the chipboard screws for screwing our plastic sheets. Either to screw them to wood or to fix them to the wall with dowels. Even a screw connection of plastics with each other is possible without any problems with the 6mm fully threaded screws, for example to produce housings or containers made of plastic. For this purpose, the fastenings should be pre-drilled in advance with a small 3mm or 4mm plastic drill made of HSS steel. If the screw heads are to be countersunk into the plastic plate, we advise widening the holes with a conical countersink until the countersinks have reached a diameter of 12mm.

NOTE: For better protection against corrosion, the screws are galvanised and blue passivated. When using the screws outdoors, care should be taken not to damage the corrosion protection.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialSteel, galvanised, blue passivated
Screw driveTorx T30
Shape screwheadCountersunk head
Ø Screwhead12.0 mm
Type of threadCoarse thread
Ø Thread6.0 mm
Length screw threadvarious
Color accuracyNo information available

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