Aluminium corner profile 3mm

Our external corner profiles with a clamping range of 3mm are ideal for covering the edges of aluminium composite panels, which are arranged at a 90° angle and can be used equally for indoor and outdoor applications thanks to the production from anodised aluminium.

✓ Anodised aluminium
✓ Smooth surfaces
✓ Corrosion resistant
✓ 3mm Clamping range
✓ Enormously torsionally stiff

The corner profiles in 3mm are available as standard lengths in 2 metres at reasonable prices.

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Aluminium outer corner profiles for 3mm panels

Weatherproof ✓ Anodised surfaces ✓ Clamping range 3mm ✓

Our external corner profiles made of anodised aluminium are suitable for panels with a thickness of 3mm and are available as standard length in 2000mm at favourable graduated prices. The maximum clamping range is 3.5mm, so that thickness tolerances, which are common in the production of plastic panels, do not have a negative effect on the usability of the profiles for edge covering. The profile width of the visible front side is 15mm on both sides. The rear side, which serves as the mounting surface, is much wider with a width of 39.5mm, resulting in a total width of the profile of 45mm. With a very low profile thickness of one millimetre, the corner profiles have a very low weight. Due to the fact that they are made of solid aluminium, the profiles are enormously torsion-resistant despite their low thickness and ensure a very low transition from the panel surface to the aluminium profile.

External corner profiles made of aluminium are used to cover cut edges of blanks that are adjacent to each other at right angles. Due to the anodization, the corner profiles are corrosion-resistant and weatherproof and are also suitable for permanent use outdoors without hesitation, as well as indoors, for example for shower partitions. For this reason, the profiles with 3 mm clamping area are also very popular for visually enhancing claddings that are constructed with aluminium composite panels.

NOTE: In most cases, it is sufficient to attach the corner profiles to the cut edges of the aluminium composite panels. However, for a permanent, optimal hold, we recommend gluing them additionally with an MS polymer.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x outer corner profile made of aluminium 3mm in 2000mm length

TIP: Due to the low profile thickness of only one millimetre, the outer corner profiles can easily be shortened to the desired size with a normal hand saw with a metal saw blade or mitred. However, shortening is much easier with a mitre saw and ensures a more precise cut.

Properties of the 3mm aluminium corner profile for external corners

Our outside corner profiles are made of solid aluminium, which receives an oxidic protective layer on the surfaces through anodic oxidation, giving the profiles the best possible protection against corrosion caused by weathering. This ensures that the attractive appearance of the external corner profiles is maintained over the long term, even in outdoor applications. Aluminium treated in this way is also referred to as anodised aluminium or anodised aluminium. This makes our profiles excellently suited for corner connections of claddings, covers and partitions with aluminium composite panels, acrylic glass panels or other plastic panels with a panel thickness of up to 3 mm.

The stiff profiles with a thickness of 1mm are very easy to process and contribute to an improved stiffness of decorative panels with a thickness of 3mm. While aluminium composite panels, for example Alu Dibond® Alu Cobond® or the custom-made aluminium composite panels from our shop, are considered extremely rigid anyway, many other plastic panels, or even wood, are usually quite flexible and bendable in such a small thickness. The stability of the panel can be significantly increased with the outer corner profiles by supporting them at the outer corners with an aluminium corner profile. This is a great advantage especially for partition walls and free-standing constructions.

Technical data of the 3mm aluminium corner profile

  • Material: Anodised aluminium
  • Alloy: AlMgSi 0,5 accordingly to EN-573-3
  • Surface: Adonised silver
  • Colour: Aluminium silver
  • Profile shape: Outer corner profile
  • Profile angle: 90°
  • Clamping range (max): 3,5mm
  • Profile strength: 1,0mm
  • Visibility: 15,0mm
  • Profile width: 45,0mm
  • Mounting surface: 9,5mm
  • UV-resistance: Excellent
  • Weather resistance: Excellent
  • Corrosion resistance: Excellent

Application and assembly of the aluminium corner profiles

Our corner profiles for external corners are, like all our aluminium profiles, made of corrosion-resistant aluminium, which is excellently suited for outdoor use. For this reason, the profiles are extremely popular for cladding with aluminium composite panels, where the cut edges have a dark plastic core made of polyethylene. These are covered by the profiles, which makes it possible to achieve a more pleasing appearance. Profiles can be used to cover uneven cuts or slight edge chipping on the sawing edges, which can occur, for example, when sawing acrylic glass if a slightly too coarse saw blade is used. However, the profiles are not used exclusively for visual purposes, but by closing the butt joints in exterior cladding, as well as in damp rooms, they have the effect of preventing moisture from getting behind the cladding panels through the butt edge.

The anodised aluminium profiles are not painted, so that the surfaces have the typical silver colour of aluminium. Even though the corrosion protection created by anodic oxidation is mainly applied for outdoor use, the solid profiles can also be used very well for interior finishing. Wall cladding with our high-gloss DecoVitas Decor panels or shower partitions made of 3 mm thick acrylic glass panels are just a few examples where the exterior corner profiles can be used. One aspect that should not be ignored is that panels made of wood, plastic or metal usually have sharp cut edges due to cutting. By using profiles to cover the edges, the risk of injury is significantly reduced because the sharp cut edges are covered so that it is no longer possible to cut oneself on them. For stair treads on which vinyl flooring is to be installed, the outer corner profiles serve as edge protection so that the flooring cannot come loose at the edges when going up or down the stairs.

NOTE: In our online shop we also stock anodised U-profiles for edge trim, or H-profiles for connecting two panels. These are also available in the standard length of 2000mm and are suitable for panels with a thickness of 3mm.

Application examples

  • External corner profiles made of aluminium reduce cold bridges in external claddings
  • Corner profiles are used to visually enhance and straighten cut edges
  • Aluminium profiles significantly reduce the risk of injury from sharp cutting edges
  • Exterior corner profiles serve as corner protection for wall claddings in interior and exterior areas
  • The aluminium corner profiles increase the bending stiffness of thin-walled panels and partitions

The aluminium profiles for external corners are lightweight and can be attached by gluing with standard mounting adhesive for optimum hold, especially on smooth surfaces. To simplify the application of the adhesive, our corner profiles have a fine groove on the inside of the mounting surfaces to apply the adhesive straight and to guarantee a secure hold after the adhesive has cured. As adhesive, we recommend a permanently elastic assembly adhesive, such as our MS polymer Parabond, which we carry in various colours. This is not only characterised by an enormous adhesive strength directly after application, but is also permanently elastic as an adhesive and sealant, so that even thermal expansion of the panels has no effect on the longevity of the bond. In addition, our MS polymers are UV and weather resistant. Particularly as profiles for the visual enhancement of façade cladding outdoors, this is an essential prerequisite.

Instead of gluing the profiles, they can also be riveted to the panels using aluminium rivets with a clamping range of 5mm. Screwing is also possible, but due to the very low thickness, very short screws or screws with nuts are necessary. It should be noted, however, that the profiles are not pre-drilled, so that the holes for the fixing points still have to be drilled in the desired position. Aluminium, however, can be drilled very easily with a commercially available HSS drill.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Standart Length2000
Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialAluminium anodised
Profile typeOutside corner profile
Profile lengthNo
Clamping range3mm
Color accuracyNo
RAL color codeN/A
Color designationAluminium silver

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