HPL sheets silver gray

Weatherproof, scratch resistant HPL panels for indoor and outdoor use with silvergray surface decor on both sides in thicknesses of 6mm or 8mm.

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HPL sheets in silvergray in the cut

Our HPL boards in silver gray owe their name to the special manufacturing process. Also called as a high pressure laminate (High Pressure Laminate), HPL boards consist of several layers of kraft paper in the core, which is soaked in phenolic resin and on the outsides of silvergray decor papers soaked in melamine resin. These layers are pressed under a very high pressure to a compact, rigid plate. The decorative multilayer panels in silvergray, which we offer in thicknesses of 6mm and 8mm directly in the size you need, meet the standard EN439.

Properties of our silvergray HPL panels

Although HPL panels can be used indoors as opaque screens or wall coverings, they are generally used for exterior applications because the silvergray decorative panels are heat-resistant and frost-resistant. The weatherproof panels are resistant to even the most adverse environmental conditions (for example acid rain) and defy all weather conditions for decades.

HPL panels are UV- and weatherresistant, light-fast and do not fade even in intense sunlight, so that the silvergray color remains. The surfaces of HPL panels are not only decorative, they are also scratch- and solvent-resistant. HPL sheets are extremely rigid and impact resistant and have a high mechanical strength.

The panels made of high-pressure laminate are considered to be physiologically harmless and environmentally friendly. Heavy metals, asbestos or organic halogens (for example chlorine, fluorine, bromine and sulfur compounds, respectively) are not used in the production of HPL plates.

HPL sheets are very easy to clean. Even if the dirt appears stubborn. Thanks to the non-porous surfaces of our silvergray HPL panels, light dirtiness can be easily removed with clean water and a clean, soft wipe. Also, soiling by vandalism (such as graffiti) or stubborn substances can be easily removed with organic solvents (such as acetone, spirit, gasoline, or isopropyl alcohol) in the most cases without damaging the high-quality surfaces.

NOTE: Scouring agents, scouring pads or polishes are unsuitable for cleaning surfaces, because they may cause scratches.

Order your silvergray HPL sheets easily online directly in your desired size.

As a specialist supplier for plastic sheets, high-quality adhesives and professional sealants, we are in a position to tailor the silvergray HPL sheets to the sizes you require. The cutting takes place on one of our modern panel saws with millimeter precision, considering to the input you made in our blank configurator. Simply enter your desired dimensions for length and width in millimeters and the required quantity. The price calculation for your cut from silvergray HPL boards is immediate, so you can directly order the plates from high-pressure laminate online.

If you require larger formats of our silvergray HPL plates for your applications, then this is possible on request up to a maximum size of 4200mm x 1860mm. Simply send us your request by E-Mail with the required dimensions, the desired strength and the required quantities and we will send you as soon as possible your individual, low-priced offer including shipping costs.

Application examples for HPL sheets in silvergray

  • HPL panels in silver gray are often used as fall protection or privacy screens for balconies
  • Silvergray cladding looks high-quality and are implemented quickly and permanently with HPL panels
  • Garden gates, fence elements or panels of garages and garden sheds are built with HPL panels
  • HPL panels in silver gray are very well suited as robust screens in outdoor areas of gastronomy
  • and many more

Processing of HPL sheets in silvergray

When processing high-pressure laminate panels, such as our HPL panels with a silvergray finish, the same conditions apply as for hardwood processing. This means that although HPL can be easily sawed or milled to cut the panels to the desired size, carbide saw blades or diamond-tipped saw blades or cutters should be used.

Drilling HPL plates with conventional HSS drills or carbide drills is possible, but requires a flat surface on which the HPL plate lays to avoid breakouts on exit of the drill. For freehand drilling or drilling on HPL panels where placement of the panel is not feasible, we recommend using a special facade panel drill with centering tip for HPL.

Basically, HPL panels are paintable, but this is not necessary for outdoor use, since HPL panels are highly resistant to weather anyway. Furthermore, there are a few issues to be aware of when painting HPL panels, such as intensive pre-treatment or the use of special primers and special lacquers. In addition, the painted surfaces require regular processing and renewal.

NOTE: Our HPL sheets are delivered without protective film. When working and processing please take care and do not push the panels over each other or pull over an edge to avoid scratches on the surfaces.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Thickness6mm - 8mm
Standart Length3050
Standard width1300
Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
PlasticHigh pressure laminate
UV resistanceUV resistant
Color accuracyColor similar to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL7035
Color designationSilver grey

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