ASA/ABS sheets grey grained made to measure

Buy our TÜV-certified ASA/ABS sheets in grey in millimetre-precise cuts directly from the specialist dealer.

Our ASA/ABS sheets in grey (RAL7040, window grey) are fully coloured, weather and UV resistant and therefore suitable for outdoor use. In addition, our ASA/ABS sheets have been successfully tested by TÜV for their resistance to splintering.

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Dimensions of the samples approx. 200mm x 100mm

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ASA/ABS sheets in grey with UV-resistant ASA top layer

Our grey ASA/ABS sheets with a one-sided ASA top layer have a medium grain, which you can see very well in the picture with the detailed view. The grey colour of the ASA/ABS sheets corresponds to RAL7040 (window grey). The panels are coloured grey throughout, so that the RAL colour can also be seen on sawn and milled edges and are available in a thickness of 2mm or 4mm.

What is ASA/ABS?

ABS sheets are not UV-resistant. ASA/ABS, on the other hand, is a special plastic in which an ASA top layer with UV- and weather-resistant properties is inseparably co-extruded with the ABS carrier in an extrusion process.

Comparison of ASA/ABS and ABS

Unlike conventional grey plastic sheets made of ABS, the grey ASA/ABS sheets are resistant to weathering. The ASA/ABS sheets owe this to a special ASA top layer that is weatherproof and resistant to UV radiation. At the same time, the grey ASA/ABS sheets have the typical properties of ABS sheets, such as high impact resistance and good chemical resistance to non-polar solvents.

Order your ASA/ABS sheets in RAL7040 window grey conveniently online directly in the size you need. Simply enter your required dimensions for length and width and choose between a thickness of 2mm or 4mm. Cutting is done on one of our panel saws with high-precision CNC control and a very low sawing tolerance of +/-1mm. Thanks to a constant stock of grey ASA/ABS sheets, the cutting is carried out promptly so that we can deliver your UV-resistant ABS sheets in the desired size quickly.

Application examples of ASA/ABS in grey

  • Thanks to thermoforming, ASA/ABS can be used to produce impact-resistant housings in almost any shape
  • ASA/ABS is very popular with "hobby thermo-formers" for making masks and costume parts
  • ASA/ABS sheets in window grey (RAL7040) are often used for coverings in window and facade construction
  • ABS sheets in grey are ideally suited for the impact-resistant covering of machine parts
  • and many more

Processing ASA/ABS in grey

Our ASA/ABS in grey sheets can be processed in almost all known ways. From cutting methods such as sawing, milling or grinding, to cutting with CO2 lasers or water jet cutting systems, ASA/ABS can be cut in any way. Drilling ABS sheets with ASA top layer is also no problem. A standard cordless screwdriver is sufficient for this.

Thermoforming or thermoforming is not a great challenge with grey ASA/ABS plastic. Therefore, ASA/ABS can be drawn into almost any shape and then painted, provided the appropriate knowledge is available, as is very often the case in model making or in the production of costumes.

Basically, sticking or printing on our grey ASA/ABS sheets is no problem, but due to the grained ASA top layer, large-area film stickers only adhere permanently to a limited extent. However, this also depends on the film thickness and the adhesive strength of the film. ASA/ABS in grey can be bonded excellently and thanks to the weather-resistant ASA surface, these sheets are therefore also perfectly suitable for large-area cladding of facades.

NOTE: Our grey ASA/ABS sheets are not provided with a protective film due to the grained ASA surface.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Thickness2 - 4mm
Standart Length2000
Standard width1000
Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
UV resistanceUV resistant on ASA surface
Color accuracyProduction according to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL7040
Color designationWindow grey

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