ABS adhesive - S-Polybond ABSprofi 100ml

Exclusive and only with us - our own brand S-Polybond ABSprofi

Special adhesive in the practical 100ml dosing bottle for bonding ABS, ASA, Polyformage and Polyformage Plus by cold welding. Bonds ABS permanently and safely with many other plastics. From own production – Made in Germany

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ABSprofi - Our crystal-clear, runny special adhesive

S-Polybond ABSprofi in the 100ml dosing bottle, is a special adhesive from our own production, which was specially developed for the bonding of plastics such as ABS and ASA/ABS. The parts glued with the crystal-clear hardening ABS adhesive are permanently and safely joined together in a kind of cold welding process. The cold welding adhesive not only bonds ABS with ABS or ASA/ABS, also ABS with a variety of other plastics such as PVC, Polystyrene, PMMA (acrylic glass or Plexiglas), SAN, and many more.

Originally developed for industrial application, we do not want to deprive our adhesive even to the small user from trade and industry.

The ABSprofi is a very thin-bodied adhesive which, thanks to the fine dispensing needle made of metal, allows extremely accurate dispensing and can be applied exactly to the surfaces to be bonded. The fixing time of the special adhesive is about 30 minutes. A complete curing of the bond takes place after approx. 24 hours. After complete curing, the joining parts can usually no longer be separated from each other at the splice, so that a break in the material itself, is not expected in the adhesive.

The crystal-clear plastic adhesiveABSprofi in the handy 100ml dosing bottle with applicator needle can be used without further aids and can be applied directly. The very high viscosity, which is very similar to the flow properties of water, ensures excellent capillary action, so that the cold-welding adhesive penetrates even the finest joint gaps and cracks in order to bond them permanently and safely.

The processing time of about 3 minutes allows the application of longer or larger adhesive surfaces, without a fast curing of the adhesive is to be feared. After applying ABSprofi the parts to be joined can be positioned and corrected if necessary.

Properties of the cold welding adhesive S-Polybond ABSprofi

  1. S-Polybond ABSprofi is a clear-setting special adhesive for ABS
  2. S-Polybond ABSprofi is very fluid (similar to water) with a very high capillary effect
  3. S-Polybond ABSprofi causes permanent welding of ABS plastics (cold welding)
  4. S-Polybond ABSprofi is a special solvent-based adhesive (toluene-free)

Application examples of the cold welding adhesive S-Polybond ABSprofi

  1. S-Polybond ABSprofi is ideal for repairing breaks and cracks in bumpers
  2. S-Polybond ABSprofi is ideal for repairing ABS monitor or laptop casings
  3. S-Polybond ABSprofi is ideal for bonding ABS plastic with other materials
  4. S-Polybond ABSprofi is ideal for making your own plastic ABS housings

Processing of cold welding adhesive S-Polybond ABSprofi

Before gluing, it should be ensured that the surfaces to be glued are dry, cleaned and free of grease. The plastic adhesive should be carefully applied to the surfaces of the substrates with the dispensing needle. Larger, two-dimensional bonds can be achieved by individually applied webs of thin adhesive, which spreads very quickly due to its water-like flow properties as soon as the parts to be bonded are joined together. In the case of very small parts, one-sided application of adhesive is sufficient. For larger surfaces, applying the cold-welding adhesive on both sides is recommended to ensure reliable wetting of both sides.

In contrast to superglue, or our plastic adhesive Ruderer L530 with a very short processing time, the processing time of S-Polybond ABSprofi is approx. 3 minutes and therefore also enables bonding of larger housing parts or longer cracks and fractures. The processing time may vary depending on the adhesive application. A thinner, more economical adhesive application results in less processing time.

Among other things, the quality of the bond depends on the appropriate preparation of the parts to be joined, as well as on the plastics to be bonded to the ABS. This affects among other things the fixing time of the bond

The necessary fixing time depends on the type and design of the parts to be joined. If the parts have no tension, a fixing time of about 30 minutes is usually enough. For parts under tension, fixation should be maintained until fully cured for about 24 hours.

  • Processing time: approx. 3 minutes
  • Fixing time: approx. 30 minutes
  • Curing time: approx. 24 hours
ABS kleben mit S-Polybond ABSprofi

Due to its very high viscosity, the special adhesive ABSprofi from our own brand S-Polybond is only of limited suitability for model making, which is why we recommend you our plastic adhesive Ruder L530 for gluing model parts.

NOTE:Our special cold welding adhesive ABSprofi is not suitable for semi-crystalline plastics such as PE, PP, PTFE, PET, POM, EPDM.

Please note the safety and application instructions before using the ABS adhesive. Ensure enough ventilation or appropriate exhaust air. For longer work with the special adhesive, we recommend butyl rubber gloves to prevent dehydration of the skin.

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Additional Information

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