ASA/ABS sheets black grained 2x1meter

ASA/ABS plates in black (similar to RAL 9005, Jet black) in the standard format 2,0 x 1,0 meter in 2mm or 4mm thickness with UV-resistant ASA topcoat from the retailer S-Polytec. TÜV tested quality Made in Germany

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Black ASA/ABS standard panels in 2,0 x 1,0 meter

Our black ASA/ABS standard boards with a format of 2000mm x 1000mm are available in thicknesses of 2mm or 4mm. The solid panels are fully dyed so that the surfaces and edges have the same black color, very similar to RAL 9005 (Jet black). The plastic sheets, made of particularly impact-resistant ABS plastic as a support material, have on one side a special ASA top layer with a medium grain (see detail picture) which is similar to the structure of leather. Due to the ASA top layer, the ABS panels are also suitable for outdoor use. Our ASA/ABS standard plates are delivered without protective film, but are relatively insensitive to scratching. In addition, light scratches are hardly visible due to the grained surface structure.

What is ASA/ABS?

Basically, our ASA/ABS plates consist of two different plastics, which are inseparably extruded into a two-layer plate. This process is also called coextrusion. The underside of the ASA/ABS sheets consists of impact-resistant acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer - for short ABS - and serves as a support plate with a layer thickness of about 80%. The top layer, which is about 20% of the total thickness, consists of acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate copolymer, in which the polybutadiene of the ABS is replaced by acrylic rubber in order to achieve a UV- and weather-resistant surface.

Differences between ASA/ABS and ABS

The biggest and notable difference between ASA/ABS sheets and ABS sheets is UV- and weather- resistance. Our traditional ABS panels are not suitable for permanent outdoor use and therefore ABS can not be used in many applications without protecting the surface from UV-radiation. Our ASA/ABS panels are UV-resistant on the ASA topcoat, so that an outdoor use is easy possible. The mechanical properties of the two plastics, as well as the thermal properties, are roughly comparable. At about 92°C., ASA has a softening temperature which is about 10°C. lower than ABS, which should not be disregarded especially for deep drawing.

Our ASA/ABS is TÜV certified

ASA/ABS is very often used in the automotive industry, and so our ASA/ABS got checked by TüV-Rheinland for splinter behavior, with the positive result that our ASA/ABS plates are classified as shatterproof. The test carried out according to a specified procedure with several samples and specimens at different temperatures and with different head heights does not apply to ASA/ABS in general, so the test certificate is only for our ASA/ABS plates in conjunction with our delivery note is valid.

In our online shop, we offer our TüV-tested ASA/ABS plates in black also in a millimeter-accurate cut. With our easy-to-use cut configurator, you can enter the width and length dimensions you need. You can choose between 2mm and 4mm thickness for our black, one-sided UV-resistant ASA/ABS plates. The cutting takes place exactly to your specifications on one of our modern CNC-controlled panel saws with a very low tolerance of +/- 1mm.

Application examples for our black ASA/ABS plates

  • ASA/ABS plates in black are processed into body parts in the automotive industry
  • ASA/ABS panels are used for dashboards and interior coverings of vehicles
  • ASA/ABS panels are used for weatherproof coverings and privacy protection
  • ASA/ABS sheets can be thermoformed to produce impact-resistant, UV-resistant plastic moldings
  • and many more

Processing of our black ASA/ABS plates

Our ASA/ABS standard plates in deep black can be processed in many different ways. Blanks can be made by sawing or by milling. Also punching or laser cutting with a CO2 laser system, as we use it for laser cutting, it is also possible to cut filigree, individual contours. ASA/ABS can also be drilled or polished.

ASA/ABS sheets can be processed extremely thermally as thermoplastics, and deep-drawing of ASA/ABS is used especially in industrial series production. But even on a smaller scale, ASA/ABS is used for thermoforming, for example, to produce paneling with an individual shape. The welding of ASA/ABS in black is possible with a conventional ABS welding wire in black. There is no need for a separate ASA or ASA/ABS welding wire.

Theoretically ASA/ABS plates in black can be covered with a foil, the adhesion of the foil during laminating or concealing on the grained ASA surface is limited and depending on the foil thickness it is not possible without air pockets. Painting surfaces with a suitable paint or varnish is easy, but we recommend a primer to ensure a better hold of the paint.

NOTE:Because of the grained surface, our black ASA/ABS standard plates are not delivered with a protective foil

Additional Information

Additional Information

Standard width1000
Standart Length2000
Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
UV resistanceUV resistant on ASA surface
Color accuracyColor similar to RAL color system
RAL color code9005
Color designationJet black

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