Balcony screw M5 anthracite (RAL 7016)

The balcony screw with head painting in anthracite grey (RAL 7016) with a large, flat screw head in 16mm outer diameter is made of A2 stainless steel. The thread in size M5 is suitable for all nuts, cap nuts and our threaded sleeves in M5.

✓ A2 Stainless steel
✓ Scratch resistant head lacquer
✓ For all M5 nuts and cap nuts
✓ Suitable for threaded sleeves in RAL7016
✓ Ø 16mm head diameter
✓ Without minimum order quantity

The stainless steel balcony screws in anthracite with M5 thread are available with 20mm, 25mm, 30mm or 35mm thread length.

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Balcony screw M5 in anthracite grey (RAL7016)

Scratch-resistant head lacquer ✓ Thread lengths from 20mm - 35mm ✓ Without nut ✓

Our balcony screws in anthracite are made of solid stainless steel, which are painted in anthracite grey (RAL7016) with a UV- and weather-resistant powder coating for a matching colour. This makes the rustproof screws suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications without rust or weathering affecting the fastening. The grey screws have an M5 thread, which we sell in various lengths. The round, flat screw head, whose colour is exactly matched to our anthracite grey HPL panels in the cut, has a large diameter of 16mm, so that even larger sliding point holes are always completely covered. These are particularly necessary for cladding with HPL in outdoor areas, so that a constraint-free installation without bowling or bulging of the panels is ensured.

NOTE: The balcony screw in anthracite is a threaded screw with M5 thread. This means that any commercially available nut of the appropriate size can be screwed onto the thread. Our stainless steel cap nuts and our threaded sleeves, which we also offer with a scratch-resistant powder coating in RAL 7016, are also suitable for fastening with the screw.

The anthracite grey balcony screws are individual screws without any further accessories. Washers, spacers, cap nuts or threaded sleeves are not included with the loose screws, but can also be ordered individually in any quantity, according to your needs. This ensures maximum flexibility when using the screws. Especially if the screws are to be screwed directly into wall plugs with internal threads in size M5, or if an ordinary hexagon nut is to be used instead of a cap nut, the additional assembly material of our balcony screw sets is merely an unnecessary cost factor that can be avoided with individual screws. Furthermore, deliberately dispensing with washers, poly washers and the like that are not needed also represents a certain form of sustainability, because ultimately these also have to be produced, which results in CO2 emissions.

Properties of the stainless steel balcony screw in anthracite

All our balcony screws are made of A2 stainless steel. The screws with head lacquering in anthracite grey are no exception. In contrast to galvanised steel, this alloy is characterised by very good corrosion resistance. This is an important property, especially when fixing panels as balcony cladding, as well as for the erection of substructures where tubular steel profiles are to be screwed together, which permanently contributes to a significant reduction in the effort required for maintenance, which consequently results in significant cost and time savings.

The anthracite grey balcony screws all have a metric thread in size M5. Depending on the selection, the thread length varies, which is available for the anthracite screws in the sizes M5x20mm, M5x25mm, M5x30mm and M5x35mm. The size refers to the usable thread length. The total length is increased by 2mm in each case, which is allotted to the flat, slightly lenticular screw head. The head has a diameter of 16mm and is therefore quite large compared to conventional threaded screws. This is particularly important for the main area of application of the screw, namely the installation of anthracite-grey HPL as balcony and stair cladding, as these panels must be fastened without constraint with fixed and sliding points. Especially the latter, which should be drilled with a 10mm drill bit, are always completely covered by the large screw head. In order to enable one-handed screwing without having to exert pressure on the cordless screwdriver so as not to slip out of the drive and possibly damage its lacquer coating, we use a modern Torx drive for the stainless steel balcony screws. A Torx bit in size T20 is required to use the screws. This is not included in the scope of delivery, but can be ordered directly at favourable scaled conditions if required.

We also make no compromises when it comes to the paintwork. Here we rely on an extremely robust powder coating that is insensitive to scratching. In addition, the anthracite grey colour is UV and weather resistant, so there is no risk of the dark grey tone fading due to weather-related influences such as prolonged UV radiation. The individual screws are the same as those we offer in practical sets with cap nuts or threaded sleeves, so that they can be combined with each other as desired without differences in colour tone or gloss level. These are exactly matched to the surface decor of our HPL panels in anthracite grey, but are also suitable for all conceivable surfaces that correspond to this colour due to the RAL 7016 lacquering according to the RAL colour guide K5 Classic, and in this way ensure a largely inconspicuous installation.

NOTE: We stock the anthracite grey balcony screws in four different lengths, but these only indirectly provide information about the clamping range. When fastening with a nut, a cap nut or by using spacers, spacer sleeves or washers and spring washers, the usable length of the thread is reduced. When screwing with a threaded sleeve, however, the clamping range is higher, so that 1 mm to 5 mm must be added to the selected thread length.

Application examples for anthracite grey balcony screws

Our balcony screws are mainly used in combination with a threaded sleeve or cap nut, as well as a spacer washer as a sliding support, for fastening HPL panels, aluminium Dibond® or glass panels to steel constructions as balcony privacy screens, as well as for fall protection of balconies, roof terraces and stairs. For this purpose, we also offer the screws in practical complete sets. The screws, which have a robust and weather-resistant powder coating in anthracite grey, can however be visually impaired by cleaning with unsuitable agents or by improper processing. Loose screws are an excellent choice for replacing damaged screws at low cost.

Anthracite is not only a very popular shade of grey for balcony cladding, but is also very popular in almost all areas. Typical examples are car paints, window frames and front doors, patio roofs and carports, façade cladding and bin shelters, privacy fences in the garden. The list could be continued indefinitely and so it is hardly surprising that balcony screws are also used for countless applications both indoors and outdoors. Especially for the already mentioned roofings, the head-lacquered screws in RAL colour 7016 are an excellent choice to screw the profiles together, to attach fascias and covers, or to fasten the roofing. For privacy fences, regardless of whether they are built with wood, WPC or plastic panels, the rustproof screws with UV and weather-resistant powder coating are also very suitable.

Technical data of the anthracite grey balcony screw

  • Material: Stainless steel A2
  • Colour: RAL 7016 (Anthracite grey)
  • Head shape: Round, flat
  • Drive: Torx 20 (T20, ISR20)
  • Ø Thread: M5
  • Length thread: 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm
  • Ø Head: 16mm
  • Depth head: approx. 2mm
  • Tightening torque: 2-4 Nm
  • UV-resistance: Excellent
  • Corrosion resistance: Excellent
  • Rust resistance: Excellent
  • Acidity resistance: Sufficient
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
MaterialStainless steel A2
Screw driveTorx T20
Shape screwheadRound, flat
Ø Screwhead16mm
Type of threadMetric thread
Ø ThreadM5
Length screw threadvaries
Clamping rangevaries
Color accuracyProduction according to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL7016
Color designationAnthracite grey

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