HSS-G drill (ground, DIN 338)

Our twist drills DIN 338 HSS-G with cross cut are characterised by long tool life, even when drilling hard materials such as steel, cast steel, aluminium, as well as many other metals and are also suitable for plastics with a high surface hardness.

✓ Durable HSS steel
✓ Cross ground drill point
✓ Ground drill spiral
✓ Manufacturing according to DIN 338
✓ Point angle 118°

We stock the ground HSS drills in many different diameters at favourable graduated prices.

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HSS-G drill bits for metal - For maximum tool life

Manufacturing according to DIN 338 ✓ Ground design ✓ High-performance high-speed steel ✓

Our HSS-G twist drills according to DIN 338 are made of high-performance high-speed steel for long tool life and are suitable for drilling metals such as steel, aluminium or iron, as well as plastics. The drills are precision-ground drills in which a higher sharpness is achieved by grinding the drill spiral and the drill tip. Due to the cross-grinding of the drill head, it already cuts in the centre of the drill tip. As a result, the drill has self-centring properties, which also ensure more precise drilling when freehand drilling.

We offer the HSS-G drills for metal in various diameters at unbeatable prices.

In contrast to the cheaper HSS-R drills, HSS-G drills are milled from one piece and not roll-rolled. In addition, HSS-G drills are subsequently ground on the drill cutting edge and the drill head. The advantages over roll-rolled drills are a higher sharpness of the drill and a longer service life due to longer tool life. Thus, ground drills made of high-speed steel are perfectly suited for drilling hard materials such as steel, alloyed and unalloyed cast steel, iron or even our aluminium composite panels. Even for drilling hard, brittle plastics such as acrylic glass, significantly better results are achieved with a profile-ground drill.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x HSS-G drill DIN 338 in selected size

NOTE: For the best possible quality of the drill holes, only intact drills should be used, whose drill head tip and drill spiral do not show any damage.

Properties of the profile-ground HSS drills

All our HSS-G drills are made of a high-quality alloyed high-speed steel, in which the cutting edges, flutes and drill tips have been ground with the highest precision, resulting in enormous sharpness. The drill point, with a point angle of 118°, has a cross-grinding. This causes the drill to cut in the middle of the drill tip, which is equivalent to a centre point with self-centring properties. This means that freehand drilling is also possible without slipping, while at the same time requiring significantly less force.

The drill shank has a cylindrical shape in the nominal diameter of the drill. The length of the shank, as well as the effectively usable drill spiral, varies depending on the drill selected. The smaller the diameter, the shorter the total length, which results from the shank and the spiral. As an N-type twist drill, the drill has a normal spiral twist.

Technical data of our profile ground metal drills

  • Ø Borehole: According to selection
  • Drill-Type: Spiral drill
  • Edition: Profile ground
  • Norm: DIN 338
  • Material: High speed steel (HSS)
  • Spiral length: variates
  • Total length: variates
  • Admission: Cylindrical shank
  • Direction of rotation: Clockwise
  • Point angle: 118°
  • Spiral twist: N (normal Spiral twist)
  • Cut: Cross cut

Drilling with HSS drills

For drilling metals and plastics, the drill bits are clamped into the drill chuck of the drill or cordless screwdriver. It must be ensured that the drill shaft is inserted centrally and straight into the drill chuck. Whether a bench or stand drill or a hand drill is used is basically irrelevant. However, it is important to deactivate the percussion drilling function on percussion drills, as the rapid succession of impacts on the drill tip can severely damage the drill.

As metal drills, HSS drills are usually used for drilling metals such as steel, aluminium or iron. Thanks to the better sharpness of a profile-ground twist drill, holes can also be drilled in plastics with excellent quality. Depending on the diameter of the drill, always keep the speed low to prevent the drill from getting too hot and annealing out in hard materials such as cast steel or grey cast iron. The higher the diameter, the lower the speed should be. With thin drills, it is also important to ensure that they do not tilt during drilling, otherwise a drill can break. With a cooling lubricant or special drilling paste, too much heat can be effectively avoided, which has a positive effect on the already very long service life. With plastics, work should always be carried out at reduced speed. However, this is not due to premature wear, but to prevent the drill from heating up too much and the drill chip from fusing with the drill or the edge of the drill hole. If plastics are to be drilled regularly, a special HK drill with a long drilling spiral and steep point angle can be useful.

Recommended drill sizes for specific applications

  • HSS-G Twist Drill Ø 3,0mm For aluminium end profiles on free-standing partitions and room dividers
  • HSS-G Twist Drill Ø 5,1mm For substructures for panel mounting with facade rivets or balcony screws with cap nut
  • HSS-G Twist Drill Ø 6,0mm For mounting objects with Ø 6.0mm dowel fastenings in push-through installation
  • HSS-G Twist Drill Ø 8,0mm For mounting objects with Ø 8.0mm dowel fastenings in the through-hole mounting
  • HSS-G Twist Drill Ø 8,5mm For balcony railings when using balcony screws with threaded sleeves
  • HSS-G Twist Drill Ø 10,0mm For substructures for fastening with bolt anchors Ø 10.0mm
  • HSS-G Twist Drill Ø 12,0mm For substructures for fastening with bolt anchors Ø 12.0mm

The applications mentioned are only a recommendation of drill sizes for the specific applications where drills in deviating diameters are unsuitable. Of course, the metal drills are also suitable for all other purposes where holes need to be drilled in metal or plastic.

WARNING: When drilling with the HSS drill bit, make sure that you deactivate the percussion drilling function of your drill, as this can considerably shorten the life of the drill bit.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialHigh speed steel (HSS)
Drill sizeNo
Take-up ShankStraight shank
Spiral typeN (normal spiral twist)
Point angle118°
Direction of rotationClockwise

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