New year - new tasks

New year - new tasks

The new year will bring some improvements. We have set our good resolutions and tell you what will change in 2020.

First of all, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

We, too, have a lot planned for the coming year and are starting 2020 highly motivated with many good intentions, some of which we have already tackled.

2020 is the year for improvements to our online shop to further enhance the user experience. There will also be a lot of new products that we will be adding to the online shop in the coming weeks and months.

What exactly will happen in 2020?

We are expanding our product range

The first step in the product expansion is the expansion of the HPL sheets category (our newsletter subscribers already know about this). On the one hand, we will change our manufacturer, which means, among other things, that the HPL sheets in anthracite, silver-grey and white will be removed from the range. These will then be replaced by HPL panels according to the RAL colour system, so that our HPL anthracite, for example, will be available in RAL 7016 in the future. Other colours and HPL panels in wood decor will also follow in the cut-to-size range. The new façade panels are all weatherproof and, in contrast to the old product range (which will still be available in the colours on request), these are flame-retardant in accordance with DIN4102 and all have balcony approval in accordance with the ETB directive. Matching façade screws will also be available. Facade panel drills, rivets, balcony screws or end strips in matching colours are also planned.

The welding rods category will also be expanded in the future. There will be more choice in terms of colours, strengths, shapes and plastics. The aim here is to also offer the right accessories for all plastics that can be welded. In addition to the welding wires, the necessary tools and machines are also part of the desired product innovations.

In addition, several adhesives for special applications are currently in the test phase. These will complement our product range. High-quality MS polymers and silicones are also already in the development phase, so that these may find their way into the trade under our own brand S-Polybond as early as this year.

Many plastics that are currently only available in limited thicknesses will be available in more. PTFE sheets in 3mm and 4mm thickness, have already been added in December 2019 in cut-to-size. PTFE in 1mm thickness will follow very soon, so that blanks can also be ordered online here. We may even offer PTFE in small thicknesses in laser-cut form, for example to laser-cut individual seals made of PTFE.

We will probably take our DecoVitas decorative panels with 1mm thickness out of the programme soon in order to free up the limited storage capacities for new plastic panels. Here we have our eye on the category of recycled panels in particular, because we believe that a conscious use of valuable resources is very important.

Last but not least, we will take a step-by-step look at each individual category and check which products complement our range in a meaningful way. For example, to attach or process our blanks.

We are expanding our product range

The online shop will be moved to a new server in the next few days to guarantee even better loading times. We are relying on a German hosting provider that has won several awards for its services. After all, speed is an important criterion in times of mobile internet use by smartphones and tablets. Another aspect why we specifically chose this hoster is that they operate their servers exclusively with green electricity.

The shop itself will also be improved. The main focus here is on the user interface for mobile devices. We have been using responsive design for an optimised display on mobile devices for years, but we still see potential in some points to optimise the usability and clarity of the online shop and to increase the experience when visiting our website. In the course of this, small display errors that have crept in during the constant further development of our online shop will also be corrected.

In addition to several other filter functions to improve the search for a suitable plastic sheet, there will also be a main category in which the available plastics will not be separated according to the type of plastic, but according to its properties. This means that this category will contain, for example, sub-categories for flame retardant plastics or plastic sheets with food approval.

As if that were not enough, we are already working on integrating a sample request form for all plastics to which this applies, as well as a PDF upload to request milled parts within the products. This should make it even easier in future to obtain samples of a particular sheet or a quotation for one (or more) milled parts.

We will also monitor product reviews more closely so that you know how satisfied our customers were and are with the products before you buy them. This is where you, the customer, come in. If you have read this far, you will see that we have a lot of work ahead of us. Surely you understand that not everything can be done overnight and perhaps you even have your own ideas and suggestions on how we can make our shop even better for you personally. If so, we would be very pleased to receive a call or an e-mail.

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