New Holzma panel saw

New Holzma panel saw

Panhans is leaving - Holzma is coming! We have acquired a new, even larger panel saw for horizontal cutting in order to cope with the constantly growing order volume.

Due to the steadily growing demand for our plastic sheets for cutting, we had to retire our older Panhans panel saw and replace it with a new, larger, more powerful panel saw for horizontal cutting from the Holzma brand.

The new state-of-the-art panel saw not only enables us to process the constantly growing order volume faster and more efficiently, but also offers a whole range of other features that would not have been possible with our old sweetheart. Even our second Holzma panel saw is inferior to the new one, because it is not only bigger, but also offers a number of functions that our second Holzma cannot.

A few key data on our new panel saw

  • Main saw with integrated scoring saw
  • Laser adjustment of the plastic plates for highest precision of the blanks
  • Angle cutting function for diagonal cuts with angle pressure device
  • Automatic cutting height control with a saw blade projection of up to 95mm
  • State-of-the-art control panel with touch monitor
  • Steplessly adjustable feed speed with automatic function

Technical data of our new panel saw

  • Dimensions Length 7763 mm * Width 6540 mm
  • Cutting length up to 4300mm
  • Cutting depth up to 4250mm
  • Main saw power 13.5 kW
  • Scoring saw power 2.2 kW
  • Weight heavy as hell

Even though we bought this saw a few weeks ago, it could not be delivered until 26 July 2018, because the decommissioned treasure had to be dismantled and loaded first. Yesterday it was finally time. At 8.00 a.m. on the dot, the Schares truck-mounted crane with a lifting capacity of 40 tonnes was on site and shortly afterwards the truck with the new saw.

The unloading of the truck went smoothly and faster than expected, so that the saw was already at its new workplace by midday and only the fine, exact alignment was still required. The connections for the automatic extraction system, the power supply and the compressed air needed for the equipped air tables were also made.

All this still takes some work and time, but already on Monday the new saw will start its work and carry out the first cuts for our customers.

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