Plastic strips from 10mm width

Plastic strips from 10mm width

Plastic strips in consistently high quality in terms of material and processing accuracy from as little as 10mm wide made of various plastics at favourable prices from the specialist dealer S-Polytec.

Often, instead of whole plastic sheets, only narrow strips of a certain plastic are needed. Cutting such plastic strips is not only time-consuming, but also requires a high degree of accuracy so that the plastic strips can be used later without any problems.

We at S-Polytec offer you the opportunity to conveniently order your plastic strips online in consistently high quality in terms of material and cutting.

Customised plastic strips according to your specifications

We saw, cut or mill your individual plastic strips.

Independently of whether you want to use plastic strips as a slide rail, as an assembly aid, privacy protection or edge protection, we create plastic strips exactly according to your specifications. We use the latest computer-controlled CNC techniques, such as CNC milling on our 3-axis CNC milling machines, or CNS sawing on one of our horizontal panel saws. By processing the plastics by means of CNC milling, the strips can even be provided with holes, chamfers or pockets, according to your wishes. There is no minimum or maximum quantity limit. We are happy to supply you with prototypes as well as large series, e.g. to automotive suppliers. We attach great importance to the high quality of the strips, the right number of pieces and punctuality of delivery.

Plastic strips from S-Polytec

The minimum width of the plastic strips is 10mm. The maximum length depends on the available dimensions of the standard plastic sheets. For this reason, the length of the plastic strips can be freely selected from 100mm to 400mm. The thickness of the plastic plates can be varied from 1mm to 50mm, depending on the available thickness of the chosen plastic.

CNC panel saws in horizontal position have the advantage that even high quantities can be sawn very quickly. However, these cannot normally realise plastic widths with widths of less than 30mm, as normal panel saws can no longer hold these widths and either damage them when splitting or suck them into the chip channel. Our modern panel saws with computer control have been specially adapted to such requirements. This also enables us to saw plastic strips in a much narrower width than 30mm.

Plastics for plastic strips

We offer a variety of different plastics in a wide range of designs, colours and thicknesses in our online shop that are suitable for cutting plastic strips.

As possible plastics we can offer you:

Plastic strips made of ABS or ASA/ABS sheets

Plastic strips made of aluminium composite sheets

Plastic strips made of HPL sheets

Plastic strips made of polyethylene sheets

Plastic strips of polypropylene sheets

Plastic strips of polystyrene sheets

Plastic strips made of PTFE sheets

Plastic strips made of rigid PVC sheets

Plastic strips made of acrylic glass sheets

Plastic strips of polycarbonate sheets

Plastic strips made from recycled plastic

By stocking the plastic sheets in our own warehouse, we can react very quickly to customer requests. We also keep special plastics such as ABS or ASA/ABS with UV-resistant ASA top layer in stock. The automotive industry in particular appreciates the stocking of such plastics and also very much appreciates our strip service.

But our support and advice is also very much appreciated. We are happy to recommend the right material for your application and, if required, also directly the suitable adhesive for the material used. On request, we will also provide you with all confirmations or certificates such as REACH conformity, RoHS conformity or IMDS number.

In our online shop, you can conveniently calculate the plastic strips from a width of 30mm and also order them immediately. Please note that the calculated prices depend very much on the quantity to be invoiced. For plastic strips in smaller widths, please send us a specific enquiry stating the plastic, the thickness, as well as the length and width of the plastic strips. Furthermore, we need information about the required number of pieces per delivery in order to be able to send you an inexpensive, customised offer according to your needs.

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