We expand our product range

We expand our product range

After some technical changes, we are now expanding our product range in order to be able to offer you even more choice and even more special plastics.

You can already find a variety of different plastics in different colours and designs in our online shop - from weatherproof plastic sheets to flame-retardant plastic sheets and plastic sheets for special applications.

Furthermore, thanks to our trained sales staff, we are able to fulfil almost any request when it comes to sourcing plastic sheets.

We are expanding our product range

As already mentioned, it has always been possible for us to supply, on request, plastic sheets that are not offered for sale through our online shop.

After working intensively on the technology of the online shop over the past few weeks, we looked at the search terms used by customers via the online shop's search mask.

We filtered out the most frequently used search terms and took it as an opportunity to expand our product portfolio so that more and more plastic sheets in various designs will be added in the coming days and weeks.

In addition, there are also relevant changes in the warehouse and production, which will enable us to include a large number of additional products in our standard delivery programme.

Unfortunately, this will not happen overnight, but we are hard at work so that you will soon be able to buy a range of new plastic sheets, such as electrically conductive plastic sheets and antistatic plastic sheets via our online shop.

In addition, we will be stepping up our game considerably, especially in the field of technical plastics. For example, it will soon be possible to order the much requested PE green (PE1000, S-green), or PVC in black or red as standard sheets conveniently online.

High-pressure laminates and antistatic plastic sheets are also available in our online shop.

High-pressure laminate panels - HPL panels for short - have already been added to the product range of our online shop by popular request.

NEW IN THE SHOP HPL sheets cut to size

We are already discussing other categories internally, so that we are also considering offering solid and hollow rods of different plastics cut to size in our online shop in the near future. Technically, we are already well prepared for this.

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