fischer Bolt anchor FAZ II Ø 10.0mm (Stainless steel)

The fischer FAZ II bolt anchor in 10mm diameter made of stainless steel is ideal for particularly demanding fixings indoors and outdoors and for use in cracked and non-cracked concrete.

✓ Stainless steel
✓ Suitable for highest loads
✓ Safe spreading thanks to conical bolts
✓ for cracked and non-cracked concrete
✓ With ETA admission
✓ With ICC admission
✓ With Seismic admission C1/C2

We offer the powerful 10mm diameter bolt anchor in various effective lengths in any quantity.

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Fischer Wedge Anchor FAZ II Ø 10mm stainless steel

Version with screw nut ✓ For indoor and outdoor use ✓ ETA-approval ✓

Our fischer FAZ II R (stainless) bolt anchors with 10.0mm diameter are available from us in various lengths. The thread diameter corresponds to the dowel diameter with a metric thread in size M10, while the thread length varies depending on the selected dowel length.

Heavy-duty fixings with a diameter of 10mm, which include the fischer FAZ II 10/X R bolt anchors, are the most widely used heavy-duty fixings because they are characterised by their enormous load-bearing capacity. Due to the fact that they are made of stainless steel, they can also be used without hesitation for demanding outdoor installations without the weather influences requiring the fixings to be replaced over time. The various approvals and ratings, which include the ETA rating, the ICC rating or the Seismic rating with approvals in categories C1 and C2, also increase the application areas of the 10mm stud anchor many times over.

The variable use of the anchorage depths allows exact adaptation to the existing tensile loads. The high bearing loads are made possible by powerful expansion, which is initiated by pulling the solid conical bolt into the expansion clip and ensures a permanent, secure anchorage in concrete. Our bolt anchors with nut and washer are suitable for both pre-insertion and push-through installation in cracked and non-cracked concrete. With sufficiently high effective lengths, spaced installation is also possible.

Save money by buying the 10mm bolt anchors in your desired quantity instead of having to order whole boxes.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x fischer Wedge Anchor FAZ II Ø 10.0mm Type R in selected length
  • 1 x A4 stainless steel washer with 20mm outer diameter
  • 1 x A4 stainless steel nut with 17mm spanner size

NOTE: A Ø 10mm SDS plus Hammerdrill for concrete is required for drilling the bolt anchors with 10mm diameter.

Technical data of the fischer FAZ II Wedge anchor

  • Dowel type: Wedge anchor
  • Name: FAZ II 10/X R
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Anchor size: see additional information
  • Ø Thread: M10
  • Ø Dowel: 10.0mm
  • Dowel length: see additional information
  • Usable length: see additional information
  • Anchoring depth: min. 40mm-max. 60mm
  • Operating principle: Cone bolt with expansion clip
  • Version: with screw nut
  • Spanner size: 17mm
  • Ø Drilling: 10.0mm
  • Borehole depth: see additional information
  • ETA admission: Yes
  • ICC Admission: Yes
  • Seismic Admission: Category C1 (less stringent), C2 (more stringent)
  • Mounting type(s):Push-in mounting, push-through mounting, spacer mounting
  • Building material:cracked concrete, non-cracked concrete, natural stone with dense structure and much more

NOTE: Please note that the technical data may vary depending on the anchor length. Precise information on the required drill hole depth, the possible clamping area as effective length, as well as the total length of the heavy-duty anchor, can be found in the Additional information tab after the anchor size has been specified via the selection field.

Installation instructions for fischer Wedge anchor FAZ II 10/X R

As with all installations with anchor fixings, drilling is a prerequisite for the steel anchors. For the fischer bolt anchors with a nominal diameter of 10 mm, a drill bit is required that is suitable for drilling in concrete and also has a diameter that corresponds to the diameter of the anchor. Drilling should always be carried out extremely precisely and carefully. It is crucial that the drill holes are drilled straight to the mounting surface so that the washer and nut can distribute the load over the entire surface. The depth of the hole must also be taken into account and varies depending on the heavy-duty anchor selected. In most cases, a drill with 110mm spiral length is sufficient. For heavy-duty anchors with a size of 10/50 and more, hammer drills with a useful spiral length of more than 110mm may be required, as the drill hole depth for through-hole installation and low attachment thickness is 125mm and more. Specific information on the depth of the drill hole can be found in the additional information. In most cases, however, the steel anchors are not inserted so far into the concrete, because choosing a higher total length only makes sense if the attachment part has a higher thickness, which requires a higher clamping range.

To avoid cracks or spalling, distances of more than 40mm between individual fastening points, as well as their distances to the edge, are to be urgently observed. The edge distance for bolt anchors with a diameter of 10mm is at least 45mm. These distances are necessary because very high forces act on the inner walls of the drill hole when the bolt nut is tightened. These forces occur when the conical bolt is pulled into the expansion clip. This expands so that the heavy-duty anchor is securely anchored in the drill hole. However, before the anchor can be inserted into the borehole, the borehole must be thoroughly cleaned by blowing out or vacuuming. This ensures that the expansion clip achieves a permanent force fit within the drill hole without any residual drill dust between the clip and the inner wall of the drill hole having a negative effect on durability.

The bolt anchors require an effective anchorage depth of at least 40mm to be able to claim the maximum effective length. The maximum working load of the 10mm steel anchors is achieved at an effective anchorage depth of 60mm and more. The usable thread length depends on the anchor length in both cases. The installation torque, on the other hand, is identical for all 10mm stainless steel bolt anchors of type FAZ II and is 45Nm. In order to carry out the installation professionally, it should be ensured that the torque is reached with a torque spanner.

Single load of a 10mm bolt anchor in cracked concrete

  • Permissible tensile load at 40mm anchorage depth: 4.1kN
  • Permissible tensile load at 60mm, anchorage depth: 6.2kN
  • Permissible transverse load at 40mm anchorage depth: 13.3kN
  • Permissible transverse load at 60mm anchorage depth: 15.1kN

Single load of a 10mm bolt anchor in non-cracked concrete

  • Permissible tensilte load at 40mm anchorage depth: 5.9kN
  • Permissible tensile load at 60mm anchorage depth: 9.5kN
  • Permissible transverse load at 40mm anchorage depth: 15.1kN
  • Permissible transverse load at 60mm anchorage depth: 15.1kN

NOTE: The values given refer to the use of a single anchor in normal concrete C20/C25. To precisely determine the design of anchorages with bolt anchors in concrete, the manufacturer fischer provides the free programme C-FIX for download.

Application examples for Ø 10mm Wedge anchor fischer FAZ II

Bolt anchors with a diameter of 10mm have enormous tensile loads even with a minimum anchorage of 40mm, which is more than sufficient for most installation objects. For particularly heavy loads, the tensile load can be significantly increased by anchoring the anchors in the concrete with an effective anchoring depth of 60mm and more. This makes the heavy duty anchors perfect for the installation of large cable trays or ventilation shafts. As a stainless steel bolt anchor, it can also be used for the installation of stainless steel balcony railings as fall protection in accordance with regulations, as well as for the fastening of stair railings indoors and outdoors.

Another example of the use of steel anchors is the erection of garden sheds and tool sheds, where the load-bearing substructure made of wooden beams or steel is anchored to a concrete foundation with robust angles, thus creating a secure connection between the structure and the foundation. The same applies to the assembly of patio roofs, awnings or carports. Here, the heavy-duty anchors are suitable for anchoring the posts in the foundation or for fastening the construction on the wall side, provided the mounting surface is solid concrete or reinforced concrete.

Heavy-duty anchors are also used to anchor facing masonry in concrete, as is often the case in passive houses with double-skin exterior walls. Here, the rustproof bolt anchors serve as a secure way of permanently mounting the facade anchors in the concrete rear masonry in order to later face it with masonry bricks or clinker. With such facade claddings, reliable anchoring is enormously important, because as soon as the exposed masonry covers the fixings, they are no longer accessible and cannot be further tightened or replaced if necessary.

A secure and permanently reliable anchoring is also required when the anchors are used as fixings in spacer installation with substructure profiles. For example, to clad concrete surfaces with visually appealing facade panels made of HPL or fibre cement. Such load-bearing constructions have a very high weight depending on the material, total area and material thickness. The fischer FAZ II Wedge Anchor in 10mm nominal diameter is the perfect choice when facade substructures need to be anchored in concrete due to its ETA rating, as well as a multitude of other international approvals and ratings.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialStainless steel
Type of threadMetric thread
Ø ThreadM10
VersionWith screw nut
Width across flats17 mm

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