SDS plus QX-4 hammer drill bit set Ø 5.0mm - 10.0mm (5 pieces)

Our high quality SDS plus QX-4 hammer drill bit set includes 5 drill bits in 5x110mm, 6x110mm, 6x160mm, 8x160mm and 10x160mm sizes and is also suitable for reinforced concrete thanks to its 4-slot cutting edge made of solid carbide.

✓ 5 drill bits in MultiPack
✓ 4-fold cutting edge & spiral
✓ Drill head made of solid carbide (VHM)
✓ Suitable for reinforced concrete
✓ With PGM test mark
✓ Made in Germany


With our hammer drill bit set, the most important drill bit sizes are always ready to hand in one box.

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Hammer drill bit set - The 5 most important concrete drill bits in a MultiPack


SDS plus holder ✓ 4 cutting edges made of solid carbide TCT ✓ Made in Germany ✓

Our SDS plus hammer drill bit set in a resealable MultiPack contains the 5 most common drill bit sizes, which are sufficient for almost all conceivable assembly work in the home and trade. All the drill bits included in the set are distinguished by excellent workmanship quality from German production. The drill heads of the hammer drills consist of 4 cutting edges made of full-hard metal (VHM-TCT). The centring tip ensures precise drilling in exactly the desired position without the fear of the drill slipping off.

The drill head geometry, as well as the particularly wear-resistant solid carbide, contribute to the fact that drilling can be carried out in all common construction materials. From aerated concrete to clinker, sand-lime brick and concrete. The drills can even be used in reinforced concrete without this having a significant effect on the very long service life of the drills.

Our QX-4 hammer drill bits with SDS plus holder in the practical MultiPack are up to 20% cheaper than buying the drill bits individually.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x MultiPack transport box (resealable)
  • 1 x SDS plus QX-4 hammer drill Ø 5.0 x 50/110mm
  • 1 x SDS plus QX-4 hammer drill Ø 6,0 x 50/110mm
  • 1 x SDS plus QX-4 hammer drill Ø 6,0 x 100/160mm
  • 1 x SDS plus QX-4 hammer drill Ø 8,0 x 100/160mm
  • 1 x SDS plus QX-4 hammer drill Ø 10,0 x 100/160mm

NOTE:The hammer drills with SDS Plus receptacle are also suitable for percussion drills with Hilti TE-C locking. However, the concrete drill bits are not compatible with tools that have SDS Max or SDS Quick receptacles.

Technical data of the hammer drill set for reinforced concrete

  • Ø Drill hole: 5,0mm - 10,0mm
  • Ø Shaft: 10mm
  • Admission: SDS plus
  • Drill: Hammer drill
  • Spiral length: 50mm resp. 100mm
  • Total length: 110mm resp. 160mm
  • Material: Solid carbide head (VHM)
  • Spiral type: 4-fold spiral
  • Cutting type: 4-fold VHM cut
  • Point angle: 130°
  • Direction of rotation: Clockwise
  • Centre point: Yes
  • PGM test mark: Yes

Features of the QX-4 hammer drill bits from the multipack

The set includes one drill bit in 5mm and one drill bit in 6mm diameter and a total length of 110mm. These drills with a usable spiral length of 50mm are suitable for almost all fixings of simple objects, for example signs, pictures, ceiling lights or soap dispensers, and many more, which are to be fixed with dowels and screws. The three other drills in the set each have a useful length of 100mm and a total length of 160mm. With diameters of 6mm, 8mm and 10mm, it is also possible to mount objects with heavier weights that require longer and thicker screws. From TV brackets, to wall cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom or living area, to large-scale, heavy facade cladding, the right hammer drill is always at hand.

The hammer drill bits with SDS plus holder are suitable for all common impact drills with SDS plus system or TE-C system. For effortless drilling without slipping, the drill head is equipped with a centring tip. The drill head itself has four crossed cutting edges made of solid carbide, which is why the drill bits are also called QX4 hammer drills. Thanks to these four cutting edges instead of the usual two, the drills glide effortlessly through all building materials and do not even stop at reinforced concrete.

The drill head itself is made of solid carbide.

To reduce the amount of force required, the drills are equipped with a deep, faceted 4-point spiral that removes the drill dust from the drill hole very quickly and efficiently. This is an extremely positive effect for impact drills with less power, or battery-operated devices, as these usually have a lower torque than corded impact drills. Another advantage of the generously dimensioned spiral is less heat development compared to simple hammer drills, which has a significant effect on the service life of the high-quality drill set.

The drill bit set - Made in Germany - is not only ideal in the DIY sector, but thanks to the PGM test mark, it is also perfectly suited for craft businesses. Especially when assembling load-bearing constructions or fastenings that have to be made by screwing with dowels or impact anchors in accordance with CE and EA directives, the certification in accordance with the German Institute for Construction Technology is an important aspect and confirms the outstanding quality in terms of consistent drill hole roundness, as well as a consistent drill hole diameter.

NOTE: Like all chipping tools, hammer drills are not exempt from wear, so depending on use, the roundness of the long-lasting drills may decrease. In this case, the drill bits should be replaced with new ones. In order to keep the practical MultiPack complete at all times, we also offer the SDS hammer drill bits with four cutting edges at favourable graduated prices.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialSolid carbide head (VHM-TCT)
Drill sizeNo
Ø Bore5,0 mm - 10,0 mm
Ø Schaft10 mm
Take-up ShankSDS plus
Overall length110mm bzw. 160mm
Spiral length50mm bzw, 100mm
Spiral type4-fach Spirale
Point angle118°
Direction of rotationClockwise

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