Smoothing agent - S-Polybond FUGENglatt 500ml

Our smoothing agent FUGENglatt from our own brand S-Polybond, is a specially formulated smoothing agent for joint sealants such as silicone, polyurethane or MS-Polymer and simplifies the smoothing of joints for a better look and feel quality of the joint. Made in Germany

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Smooth joints like a pro

Our FUGENglatt of our own brand S-Polybond in the practical 500ml spray bottle was developed especially for the smoothing of freshly applied joints and enables a smoother smoothening of joint sealants such as silicone, MS-Polymer or polyurethane. In contrast to the use of some commercially available cleaning agents, which are more commonly used by private users in diluted form for smoothing sealing joints FUGENglatt doesn't affect the adhesion of the sealant to the surfaces. This not only improves the appearance of the joint, it also has an effect on the quality in terms of the tightness and longevity of the joint.

Our smoothing agent S-Polybond FUGENglatt can be used on almost all surfaces and virtually all joint sealants on a one-component basis, thus simplifying the smoothing of joints made of silicones, polyurethanes or MS-Polymers. It is suitable for smoothing any imaginable joint for example expansion joints on buildings, facade sealing, sealing of damp rooms such as bathrooms or toilets. Also for sealing glass panes, for gluing joints in facades construction or trailer construction, our smoothing agent can achieve an even and improved joint result in the blink of an eye.

FUGENglatt is solvent-free and free of acids. In addition, the smoothing agent is pH-neutral and odorless and is classified as readily biodegradable according to EU regulations.

Properties of the smoother FUGENglatt

The smoothing agent S-Polybond FUGENglatt is ready to use in the practical 500ml spray bottle and can be used for all silicones, whether neutral cross-linking or vinegar cross-linking. Also, for smoothing joints with MS-Polymers or polyurethanes, FUGENglatt can be awarded. The product is pH-neutral and therefore doesn't attack the skin and can be washed off with mild soap and water after the application. The sealants themselves, as well as the surfaces, are not affected by the mixture and can be used without any problems on almost all surfaces such as natural stone, marble, tiles, ceramics, laminate, vinyl floor, concrete, metal, plastic, glass. Only in the case of porous or absorbent surfaces, for example untreated wood, should the smoothing agent be checked beforehand in an inconspicuous area for possible staining after drying.

  • S-Polybond FUGENglatt can be dosed very accurately and is therefore extremely economical
  • S-Polybond FUGENglatt is suitable for smoothing silicone joints indoors and outdoors
  • S-Polybond FUGENglatt is already ready to use mixed and free of solvents and acids
  • S-Polybond FUGENglatt leaves no stains on surfaces and joints after rinsing
  • S-Polybond FUGENglatt is odorless and pH-neutral and readily biodegradable
  • S-Polybond FUGENglatt does not affect the properties of the joint sealant

Processing of the smoother FUGENglatt

The smoothing agent S-Polybond FUGENglatt can be easily applied by spraying. In the first step, clean the surfaces to which the joint sealant should be applied to ensure lasting and sealing adhesion to the surfaces. In the second step, apply the joint sealant, for example apply silicone to the joint so that it is sufficiently filled with the sealant on all sides. In the following step, the smoothing agent can be sprayed onto the freshly applied joint. The infinitely adjustable spray head offers the possibility of dosing the smoothing agent very precisely and economically. Make sure that both the joint and the surfaces towards the edges of the joint are completely and sufficiently wetted with FUGENsmooth. With a fine mist, best results of wetting are achieved. In the last step, the joint can be easily removed with a finger or a joint straightener.

  • Processing temperature: depends on the joint sealant
  • Processing time: depending on the joint sealant

Our joint sealant S-Polybond FUGENglatt doesn't stain surfaces or joint sealant. Any residue can easily be rinsed with clean water. This should only be done when the joint has completely hardened to avoid unwanted alteration of the joint.

Safety instructions for the smoothing agent FUGENglatt

Even if our Smoothing FUGENglatt is classified as non-hazardous and no personal protective equipment is required when using the mixture, the safety data sheet should be observed before use. Please keep the sealant out of the reach of children.

    Danger notes

  1. EUH208 - Contains 1,2-benzisole thiazole-3(2H)-on, 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-on. Can cause allergic reactions.
  2. EUH210 - Safety data sheet available on request.

For the full text of the hazard statements, as well as the safety instructions, please refer to section 16 paragraph 1 of the safety data sheet for our FUGENglatt.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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