Hot-air gun STEINEL HG 2120 E in case set

The STEINEL® HG 2120 E hot-air gun is the entry-level model in the professional class and, as a hot-air unit in the Professional Line, ideal for users with the highest demands on quality and functionality with an excellent price-performance ratio.

✓ Professional gun blower
✓ Including reduction nozzle
✓ Including wide spray nozzle
✓ Including reflector nozzle
✓ Including transport case

The handy gun blower convinces with 9-step temperature setting and adjustable air volume.

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Hot air blower STEINEL® HG 2120 E as complete set

Professional blower ✓ Incl. nozzles ✓ Incl. case ✓

The STEINEL® HG2120E hot-air blower from the Professional Line is the entry level model in the professional class and impresses with its diverse setting options that are unrivalled in this price class. In contrast to a simple hot-air hairdryer from the DIY store, the hot-air blower offers a 9-step temperature setting in a range from 80°C to 630°C. The simple units usually only have the choice between approx. 300°C and approx. 500°C, which is clearly too inflexible for some applications. The very high quality ceramic heater is hand-wound and has a very long service life of 600 hours. Here too, simple heat guns are at a disadvantage. The powerful brushmotor convinces with a very high durability of 750 hours, which is why this model is definitely aimed at the commercial user. The low price of a professional appliance in combination with the extensive range of accessories, which can be used in a wide variety of ways, means that even demanding private users can afford a high-quality hot-air appliance for the hobby workshop without having to compromise on quality.

With a low weight of only 670 grams (excl. cable) combined with the improved centre of gravity, even continuous work is effortlessly possible. The ergonomic design, where all settings can easily be made with one hand to regulate the temperature or air volume, makes it possible to work with one hand.

The hot-air blower is supplied as a complete set, including attachments, in a matching transport case for STEINEL® gun blowers that offers plenty of space for other accessories.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x STEINEL® hot air gun HG 2120 E
  • 1 x STEINEL® reducing nozzle Ø 9mm
  • 1 x STEINEL® reflector nozzle
  • 1 x STEINEL® wide spray nozzle 50mm
  • 1 x Heat shrink tubes assorted colours
  • 1 x Transport case for pistol blower

TIP: The hot air blower is supplied as a complete set including pluggable nozzles in a case. The robust transport case offers enough space for further accessories.

Characteristics of the STEINEL® heat gun HG 2120 E

The STEINEL® HG2120E hot-air blower is an inexpensive, pistol-shaped hot-air unit from the Professional-Line and thus ideal for all users whose needs cannot be satisfied with conventional hot-air dryers from the trade. The professional blower, which is equipped with a very high-quality ceramic heater, has, in contrast to most models, not only one or two temperature levels, but also a very extensive temperature range from 80°C to 630°C, which can be set in 9 levels. For even more flexibility, the air volume can also be regulated from 150l/min to 500l/min. A 3-stage setting is available for this purpose. The service life, which can be rated as very high even for a professional hot air dryer, is 750 hours for the powerful brush motor. The hand-wound heating element, on the other hand, also has a very long service life of 600 hours.

The housing is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic. By choosing this robust plastic, the device can usually survive shocks or falls from low heights without damage. The ergonomic shape with an improved centre of gravity and slim handle also allows for prolonged work, even with smaller hands. This means that the hot air blower can also be used effortlessly by the usually more delicate female hands. The very low weight of only 670 grams (without power cord), also contributes to the fact that no fatigue of the musculature is to be expected even with longer use. The air outlet pipe is made of high-quality stainless steel. This alloy is not only rustproof and extremely stable, but also easily withstands the very high temperatures that are possible with the HG2120E hot air blowers.

Of course, the inexpensive gun blower is also subject to the strict requirements of European safety standards. This is confirmed by the quality seal for tested safety (GS mark). For maximum safety when working with the hot air dryer, the device is equipped with a thermal fuse that prevents the device from overheating due to overloading. A robust protective cover reduces the risk of burns from contact with the heated blow-out pipe.

The STEINEL® HG2120E has a flexible mains cable with a length of 2.2 metres. Sturdy, non-slip feet ensure that the blower stands securely. This allows the unit to be used in an upright position. This is particularly practical for filigree applications where both hands are needed, e.g. for fitting spectacle frames. Like all models in the STEINEL® Professional-Line, even the smallest model is equipped with a removable fine dust filter so it can be easily cleaned or replaced if necessary.

Technical data of STEINEL® HG 2120 E hot air gun

  • Housing shape: Pistol device
  • Housing material: ABS
  • Power: 2,200W
  • Temperature: 80°C-630°C
  • Air flow rate: 150l/min - 500l/min
  • Motor: Brush motor
  • Heating: Ceramic
  • Lifetime motor: 750 hrs.
  • Lifetime heating: 600 hrs.
  • Cold stage: 80°C
  • Temperature setting: 9 steps
  • Air flow setting: 3 steps
  • Weight (without power cord): 0.670 kg
  • Power cable: 2.2m H07
  • Nozzle holder: Pierceable nozzles (STEINEL®)
  • Power cable Exchangeable: No
  • Heating pluggable: No
  • Thermal fuse: Yes
  • Suspension: Yes
  • Fine dust filter: Yes

Application examples for the hot air blower HG 2120 E

Hot air blowers in pistol form are very popular in many trades. Painting firms use these handy devices, for example, to remove old paints and varnishes by heating. The drying of paints and varnishes can also be accelerated considerably with hot air in order to apply another coat of paint without long drying times. When bonding, the fixing time of adhesives can also be significantly reduced by heating the joint.

Hot air guns are used very often, especially in advertising technology. This simplifies vehicle lettering and complete foiling by heating the film to adapt it to the specific contours and curves of the vehicle. Hot air is also used when darkening windows with a tinted film. The removal of old vehicle lettering is extremely gentle with hot air, so that no adhesive residues remain on the paint without damaging it. The removal of lettering that has been applied with an adhesive film is also used in trade fair construction, shop window advertising or illuminated displays. Using hot air, metal scrapers or spatulas can be dispensed with. Depending on the temperature sensitivity of the surfaces, the hot-air blow-dryer convinces with its various possibilities to control the temperature from 80°C to 630°C.

In the electrical trade, as well as in equipment construction, hot air guns are used extremely frequently to insulate and seal cable ends and connections with heat-shrinkable tubing. Also in car workshops, the shrinking of cable harnesses of the car electrical system is usually done with a hot air gun. With a maximum temperature of 630°C, sufficiently high temperatures can also be achieved for soft soldering and loosening of soldered copper tubes. As a professional unit for continuous use, the STEINEL® HG2120E is the ideal tool for commercial use, as the outstanding quality of the Professional-Line guarantees a long service life even when used frequently or continuously.

In direct comparison to our hot air welding machines in rod form, the hot air gun is only conditionally recommended for welding plastics. Although the model has a 9-step temperature setting, which ensures sufficient flexibility in choosing the appropriate welding temperature for the respective plastics, plastic welding is more laborious due to the design and is at best suitable for smaller repairs or shorter welding seams.

    Included nozzles for the HG 2120 hot air unit E:
  • Reducing nozzle 9mm: ideal for precise, spot heating
  • Wide jet nozzle: for heating the surface when thermoforming or removing paint
  • Reflector nozzle: for cable shrinking or edge smoothing

WARNING: The screwable professional nozzles from our online shop are not suitable for the gun blower. Use the supplied attachments or pluggable STEINEL® nozzles instead.

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Additional Information

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