Hot-air welding unit STEINEL HG-2620E

The HG 2620 E hot-air gun is the top model in the STEINEL® Professional-Line and, as a construction site compatible rod unit with a wide range of settings, is perfectly suited for continuous use in industry and trade.

✓ 10,000h service life
✓ Brushless motor
✓ Hand-wound ceramic heater
✓ Suitable for construction sites
✓ Incl. transport case

The professional rod blower has an LCD display and an electronic joystick control for continuous temperature and air volume regulation.

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Hot air welding unit STEINEL® HG 2620 E

Enormous service life ✓ Stepless control ✓ Perfect for industry & craft ✓

The HG2620E hot-air welding unit from STEINEL® is the flagship among the Professional-Line hot-air blowers and ideal for continuous use. The rod blower has a powerful brushless motor with an enormous service life of up to 10,000 hours. This makes the model ideal for industrial use or for craft businesses that need a reliable hot-air unit that is approved for use on construction sites. With an output of 2,300 watts and a continuously variable temperature setting, temperatures of 50°C to 700°C are possible. The hand-wound ceramic heater is durable and has a very high life expectancy of 800 hours.

The very easy to use rod blower HG2620E has an electronic joystick control with infinitely variable regulation of air volume and temperature. An LCD display allows precise adjustment, which is a great advantage especially when welding plastics, as plastics can only be welded in a limited temperature range, which varies depending on the selected plastic.

The hot air welding unit is supplied in a practical carrying case for STEINEL® rod units. This provides ample space for other accessories such as screw-on professional nozzles, soft solder or even shrink tubing.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x STEINEL® hot air welding unit HG 2620 E
  • 1 x Transport case for rod instruments

TIP: Screwable professional nozzles are not included in the scope of delivery and are available separately in our online shop.

Features of the STEINEL® HG 2620 E hot air welding unit

With the HG2620E hot-air blower, hardly any wish remains unfulfilled when it comes to the performance and versatile setting options of professional hot-air units. The air volume, which flows along the heating coil by means of the powerful motor, can be infinitely adjusted from 150l/min to 500l/min. In combination with the infinitely variable temperature regulation, this enables high-precision work in all conceivable areas of application. The info display on the top side offers maximum control over the settings. For recurring settings, the HG2620E offers the possibility to allocate 4 memory locations with individual settings, which can be recalled at the touch of a button if required. This not only saves time, but also contributes to improved reproducibility of large jobs, e.g. welding PVC plastic drip pans.

For maximum safety, all hot-air units in the STEINEL® Professional-Line comply with European safety standards and carries a seal for VDE and Tested Safety (GS mark). What's more, the HG2620E welding unit is equipped with a residual heat indicator. A restart protection, as well as a thermal fuse, protects the unit and the user from overheating due to excessive strain. The robust housing made of impact-resistant ABS plastic is ergonomically shaped and has small feet so that the unit can be put down when needed without rolling away or scorching or damaging the surface with the heated exhaust pipe. The air outlet pipe itself is made of stainless steel and is partially covered with a removable magnesium protective tube.

As a professional unit for industry and trade, the top model among the rod blowers from STEINEL® is the only one with a plug-in ceramic heater, so it can be replaced quickly and easily if necessary. Even the three-metre power cable can be replaced in no time at all if necessary, for example to replace it with a longer cable or to replace a damaged supply line. The fine dust filter is also very easy to remove, so that it can be cleaned if necessary or replaced if required.

Technical data of the STEINEL® HG 2620 E hot air welding unit

  • Housing shape: Rod device
  • Hosuing material: ABS
  • Power: 2.300W
  • Temperature: 50°C - 700°C
  • Air flow rate: 500 l/min
  • Air pressure: 4.000 Pa
  • Motor: Brushless motor
  • Heating: Ceramic
  • Lifetime motor: 10.000 h.
  • Lifetime of heating: 800 h.
  • Cold stage: 50°C
  • Temperature setting: Infinitely variable
  • Adjustment of air volume: Infinitely variable
  • Weight (without power cord): 0,840 kg
  • Power cord: 3m H07
  • Nozzle holder: Screwable professional nozzles
  • Power cord interchangeable: Yes
  • Heating pluggable: Yes
  • Thermal fuse: Yes
  • Suitable for construction sites: Yes
  • Restart protection: Yes
  • LCD-Display: Yes
  • Residual heat display: Yes
  • Storage programmes: 4
  • LOC-Function: Yes
  • Fine dust filter: Yes

Applications with the professional rod blower HG 2620 E

The hot air rod blower HG2620E is perfectly suited for welding plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene or even PVC, because the precise adjustment of the welding temperature makes it easy to heat the plastic exactly in the required temperature range. In combination with a standard round nozzle with a diameter of 5mm and a quick welding shoe, even very long welding seams can be carried out very accurately without burning the surfaces of the joining parts or the welding wire. The speed welding shoe not only ensures a very precise positioning of the welding seam, but also automatically guides the welding wire, so that a gapless welding of plastics is very easy.

However, the rod blower is much more than just a plastic welding machine. As a professional device suitable for construction sites, it is also very well suited for welding linoleum floors, as they are often laid in hospitals or public institutions, or for overlap welding of pond liners or PVC tarpaulins for truck trailers. The professional rod blowers are also very often used in the roofing trade, because the reliable machines are ideal for welding roofing membranes on garages or flat roofs due to their flat construction in rod form.

When working with leather or imitation leather, hot air is often used to smooth the surfaces. With such sensitive materials, a very precise adjustment of the temperature is necessary to avoid burning the optically attractive surfaces. Thanks to the infinitely variable temperature control from 50°C, our rod blower HG2620E is the ideal hot air unit for saddleries and upholstery shops.

In addition to welding plastic pipes in apparatus engineering and pipeline construction, hot air devices are also very often used for soft soldering of copper pipes. This requires very high temperatures which heat the copper tube to such an extent that the solder on the copper tube melts away. Hot air is also used to loosen such soldered joints.

When bending or thermoforming plastic sheets, plastic rods or tubes, the plastics are heated up to the softening temperature required for thermoforming the respective plastic. Especially for round rods and tubes, a reflector nozzle or a screen reflector nozzle can be useful to heat the workpiece evenly all around to the desired temperature. The smoothing of edges through uniform temperatures is also a common processing method, for example to smooth or polish plastic sheet blanks with saw-rough edges. Hot air is also very suitable here. Best results can also be achieved here with a wide reflector nozzle.

    Recommended accessories for the hot air welding unit HG 2620 E:
  • Round nozzle 5mm: for spot heating and as holder for speed welding shoe
  • Quick welding shoe: with separate welding wire feed for welding plastics
  • Angled flat nozzle: for flat heating e.g. welding of roofing membranes and floor coverings
  • Reflector nozzle: for shrinking and edge smoothing of rough sawn plastic sheets

Warning: The professional unit is only suitable for screw-on nozzles. Plug-in nozzles for conventional hot air tools cannot be used.

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