Facade screw stainless steel (unpainted)

Facade screws in the size 5,5x35mm made of stainless steel without head varnishing for the installation of facade plates, such as our HPL plates or Aluminium composite panels.

✓ Stainless Steel
✓ For indoors and outdoors
✓ For Wood Constructions
✓ Versatile Use
✓ Carefree Installation
✓ With Torx drive

The facade screws are appropriate for the installation on sub-constructions made of wood.

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Stainless steel facade screws without head varnishing

No minimum order quantity ✓ Attractive graduated pricing ✓ Stainless Steel ✓

Our facade screws made of high-quality A4 stainless steel in the size 5,5mm x 35mm have a head screw with an outer diameter of 12mm. For easy installation it is equipped with a Torx drive. The screws are not varnished and are characterised by their typical silver colour. Because of the use of stainless A4 steel the screws can be utilised carefree outdoors and stand out due to their excellent corrosion- and acid-resistance.

As with our facade screws with head varnishing, we also renounce from set package units or minimum delivery quantities with our unvarnished facade screws. You can purchase only the quantity you need and benefit from our attractive graduated prizes along the way.

NOTE: For the installation of the facade screws you need a screwdriver or bit with a Tory drive in the size T20. This tool is not included in the scope of supply.

Characteristics of Our Stainless Steel Facade Screws

The unvarnished screws are made of A4 stainless steel. This has the benefit that the screws can be undoubtedly used indoors, outdoors and in damp areas, due to the rust-, acid- and corrosion-resistant character of stainless steel. This also entails that the facade screws are perfectly suited for the establishment of claddings with facade panels of all kinds, such as our HPL plates. The length of the facade screws mount up to approximately 37mm , of which about 2mm lapse at the lenticular head screw. The screw shank approximately has an area of 10mm with a diameter of about 3,8mm. The length of the gross thread with a diameter of 5,5mm mounts up to about 25mm and with that guarantees a perfect support in sub-constructions made of wood.

Compared to our HPL screws with head varnishing these screws are not varnished at the head. The typical colour of the stainless steel nonetheless enables an overall unobtrusive installation – especially with our aluminium composite panels with brushed surfaces in a stainless steel design or also with the original plates of steel or aluminium. Also for HPL plates in the silver colour the unvarnished screws can be used excellently.

Technical Data of the Unvarnished Stainless Steel HPL Screws

  • Colour: Stainless Steel
  • Measurements: 5,5 x 35mm
  • Head Diameter: 12mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel A4
  • Head Shape: Round
  • Drive: Torx 20 (T20, ISR20)
  • UV-resistance: Excellent
  • Corrosion Resistance: Excellent
  • Rust Resistance: Excellent
  • Acid Resistance: Excellent

Installation of facade plates with our facade screws

Our facade screws are fit for all facade plates and partition walls which are ought to be installed onto wood sub-constructions. They are equally fit for HPL plates, fibre-cement plates, aluminium composite panels or wall coverings made of solid aluminium, stainless steel or other synthetics we offer cut in our online shop. Besides that, the screws can also be directly used onto a viable, solid surface. However, for this kind of surface dowels with a diameter of 8mm are needed.

When installing the facade claddings always mind the installation instructions of the plates at hand. Especially when using HPL plates an unrestrained installation of the plates should take place, by which one screw connection should be picked as a fixing point and the others as sliding points to prevent a curvature of the plates with thermal expansion. Also the number of fixing points depends on the used cladding material. With HPL plates we recommend a distance of about 50cm in between the single fixing points. An unrestrained installation means that the screws are not allowed to be screwed into the surface more deeply when the head lies onto the plate. For drilling holes into the facade plates we recommend using a cladding sheet driller with center point and a diameter of 8mm made of solidified steel to prevent the surfaces to breakout or burst during the withdrawel of the driller.

Note: Apt to our HPL plates in RAL we alternatively offer HPL facade screws with scratch- and weather-resistant head varnishing next to our unvarnished screws, which match the colour and gloss level of the respective HPL plate.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialStainless steel A4
Screwsize5,5 x 35mm
Screw driveTorx T20
Shape screwheadround
Ø Screwhead12mm
Type of threadCoarse thread
Ø Thread5,5mm
Length screw thread35mm
Color accuracyNo information available
Color designationStainless steel unpainted

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