Screw cap stainless steel 15mm

High-quality screw head cover made of stainless steel for visual enhancement of screwed connections without visible screw heads.

✓ Stainless steel
✓ For indoors and outdoors
✓ Easy installation
✓ No wall distance
✓ Round, solid edition
✓ Screwable

The screw covers are suitable for covering screw heads when mounting signs, profiles or other constructions with visible screw connections.

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Stainless Steel Screw Cover 15mm

Available per 1 piece ✓ Tool-free installation ✓ Stainless steel ✓

Our screw cap with a diameter of 15mm consists of two individual parts, both made of solid stainless steel. Both the screw-on cover cap and the threaded ring are rust-proof due to the high-quality V2A alloy and can be used equally for indoor and outdoor applications. The cover cap has an overall height of 5mm and a very finely brushed surface, which is also faceted and ground on the upper side. This not only conceals unsightly screw connections, but also gives it a particularly high-quality and elegant appearance - not only for wall mounting of signs.

As usual with us, our screw cover caps are also available in one piece, so that you can buy exactly the quantity you need for your screws. With our attractive graduated prices you can also save up to 32%.

    Scope of Delivery:
  • 1 x Stainless steel cover cap 15mm x 5mm round, polished
  • 1 x Stainless steel thread wing 10mm x 3,2mm

Characteristics of our V2A Screw Cover Caps

Our stainless steel screw covers are mainly used to cover screw heads for optical reasons to create an attractive overall appearance. The covers are not spacer sleeves or wall spacers, but exclusively stainless steel cover caps with a diameter of 15mm and a depth of 5mm. Especially when mounting signs, pictures, mirrors, glass elements or partitions that are to be mounted in the visible area by screwing, our screw covers can help to visually enhance unsightly screwed connections. In case an installation with a certain distance to the wall is desired, we also offer a series high-quality spacer made of stainless steel with different wall distances in 10mm, 13mm, 15mm or even 25mm diameter.

To ensure that the screw caps can also be used outdoors or in damp rooms, we only use high-quality V2A stainless steel for the threaded rings and cover caps. When mounting, make sure that the screws are also made of rust-free material if the fastenings are exposed to the weather or moisture.

TIP: No other tool is required for screwing the cover caps, except a screwdriver for the screws used.

Technical Data of the Stainless Steel Cover Caps

  • Colour:Stainless Steel
  • Diameter:15mm
  • Wall distance:None
  • Head shape:Round
  • Head strength: 5mm
  • Total length:ca. 5,0mm
  • Ø Screw head:min. 5,5mm - max. 8,0mm
  • Screwthread:max. 5,0mm
  • Drilling hole plate:Corresponds to screw thread
  • Clamping area:Corresponds to screw head
  • Load-bearing cpacity:Corresponds to screw load capacity
  • Fixation:Schraube
  • Material:Edelstahl V2A
  • Place of use:Indoors and outdoors
  • UV-resistance:Excellent
  • Corrosion resistance:Excellent
  • Rust resistance:Excellent
  • Acidity resistance:Excellent

The screw cap has no distance from the wall, so that the clamping area refers to the length of the screws used.

Installation of Signs With Screw Cover Caps

With our screw covers, screw heads can be covered with the beautiful cover cap made of brushed stainless steel, as long as the thread diameter does not exceed 5mm and the screw head also has a maximum diameter of 8.0mm. What the screws are used for is only of minor importance. When using the screw cover caps, both fastenings of signs or mirrors, which are screwed directly onto the substrate without wall clearance, can be covered, as well as connections of railings, frames, furniture or beam constructions. It is irrelevant whether the screws are metric threaded screws for metal constructions or wood screws with coarse thread.

The screw covers are mounted in two small steps. In the first step, the screws are inserted through the threaded ring and screwed tight at the desired position. Finally, the cover cap is screwed onto the thread of the threaded ring. No tools are required for this step and it is also possible without any problems in places that are difficult to access.

TIP: For the holes drilled in the panel, the installation instructions and any notes on thermal expansion should always be taken into account. For more room for manoeuvre in fixing, our screw caps can easily cover hole drillings with a diameter of up to 10mm.

TIP: The screw covers can be used for screws with a head diameter of 5.5mm to 8.0mm. The maximum thread diameter is 5.0mm. Depending on the thickness and weight of the panel material used, we recommend countersunk screws in the size 4.0 x 40mm. For higher thicknesses, for example when screwing wooden beams or similar, we recommend the use of longer screws, for example in the size 5.0 x 100mm or longer.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialStainless steel V2A
Wall distancenone
Overall length5,0mm
Diameter plate drillingmax. 10mm
Color designationStainless steel (brushed)

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