HPL sheets vintage look (oak white)

Weatherproof HPL panels for indoor and outdoor use with surface decor on both sides in rustic vintage look (stained white oak) with appealing wood-look grain in thicknesses of 6mm or 8mm, buy cheaply made to measure.

✓ Trendy vintage look
✓ Flame retardant
✓ ETB balcony approval
✓ For indoor and outdoor use
✓ One-sided protective film

Note: The direction of the grain refers to the long side!

Note: Larger formats and thicknesses are available on request

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HPL panels with wood decor in white stained oak

UV & weather resistant ✓ ETB balcony approval ✓ Decor on both sides ✓

Our HPL panels in a whitish wood finish are available in 6mm and 8mm thicknesses at very favourable prices. The cut-to-size configuration is possible up to a length of 1500mm and a width of 1000mm with our cut-to-size configurator, which automatically calculates the best possible price for you, including quantity discounts, depending on the total weight of your configuration. The surfaces have an attractive wood look on both sides, reminiscent of a white-stained or limed oak grain. Due to the production in layers of several layers of kraft paper for the core, as well as decorative paper for the surfaces in vintage look, each of which is soaked in resin, a stable and bending-resistant board is created by pressing together under very high pressure. The solid, robust high-pressure laminates (HPL) owe their name to this manufacturing process.

Like all our HPL sheets, the decorative sheets in the rustic vintage look are UV and weather resistant and, as weatherproof and water-resistant plastic sheets, can be used for outdoor applications without hesitation. The hard, non-porous surfaces are easy to clean. To protect the decorative wood-look surfaces, our HPL sheets are provided with a protective film on one side, which can be removed very easily after processing. This is to protect the panel surface from damage caused by scratching during processing. Nevertheless, it is advisable to proceed carefully when drilling, cutting or installing.

NOTE:Please note that the grain of our HPL panels in wood look always runs in the longitudinal direction (input field for length). With a panel format of 1200mm for the length and 1000mm for the width, the grain runs from left to right over the length of 1200mm. If, on the other hand, entries are made for an HPL cut with a length of 500mm and a width of 800mm, this means that the grain runs from left to right over the length of 500mm, even if the value for the width is greater than the length entered.

Properties of our HPL panels in vintage decor

The HPL panels with an attractive wood-look surface decor are UV and weather-resistant and can be used permanently outdoors even in the most adverse weather conditions. The temperature range of the solid sheets extends from -30°C to +80°C, and HPL can withstand even rapid temperature changes without this having any effect on the high durability. Even strong, long-lasting UV radiation has no effect on the attractive wood-look decor in stained white oak, so there is no need to worry about yellowing or fading of the decor surfaces over the years. In addition, HPL boards are considered waterproof with a very low mass increase of a maximum of 5%. This is also a positive property that has an effect on the usability in outdoor areas, so that the HPL boards in vintage wood look can be excellently used for cladding facades and balconies or for the construction of privacy fences and tool sheds or garden sheds.

As weatherproof cladding panels with an attractive decor, the HPL panels with a white stained oak look are very popular for outdoor applications. The double-sided surface decor is particularly suitable for balcony surrounds and balcony screens. In order for the decorative panels to be used for this area of application, they have the necessary balcony approval in accordance with the requirements of the ETB directive. This also allows the installation of balcony cladding in the commercial sector, for example in new buildings or renovations by construction companies.

Just like our HPL panels in anthracite, white or grey, our decorative panels in white-stained oak decor also comply with the European standard DIN EN 13501-1 B-s2,d0 and are classified as flame-retardant. This classification is comparable to the outdated DIN standard 4102 with fire protection class B1. The low flammability is not only useful in many areas, but can be a mandatory requirement especially when used in areas accessible to the public, as well as in the building trade, e.g. for facade cladding.

As already mentioned, HPL decorative panels are very easy to clean to remove dirt and impurities caused by weathering. With clear water and a soft, clean wipe, light surface contamination can be removed in no time. Even stubborn dirt, for example from unsightly graffiti, which normally requires a great deal of effort to remove, can usually be cleaned without any problems using organic solvents such as Acteon or methylated spirits.

WARNING: When cleaning the surfaces, always use soft cloths, as microfibre cloths, scouring pads or even scouring milk can damage the surfaces, which can have a detrimental effect on the attractive appearance of the decorative surfaces in the long term.

Approvals and standards for HPL panels in vintage wood decor

  • Highly flammable according to DIN EN 13501-1 B-s2, d0 (comparable with DIN 4102 B1)
  • Balcony approval in accordance with ETB directive "Components that protect against falling"
  • Our HPL panels are classified as A+ according to the standard on VOC emissions
  • The formaldehyde emission is rated E1 according to EN 13986
  • The HPL panels are phenol-free (<0.002 mg/m²) according to EN ISO standard 16000-9
  • FSC certified (ecologically sustainable and socially responsible forestry)

Our HPL panels have an extremely attractive decor on both surfaces that resembles the look of oak stained white in a vintage look. This decor is not only extremely popular for outdoor applications, but is also very often used for partition walls, table tops, kitchen back panels or for the construction of individually designed furniture. To ensure that this is possible without hesitation, our HPL panels are not only phenol-free according to the EN ISO 16000-9 standard, but also free of hazardous substances such as heavy metals, organic halogens (fluorine, bromine, chlorine, etc.) or asbestos. In addition, the formaldehyde emission is classified with the best possible value E1 according to the European standard EN 13986 and the certification of the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC emission) also has the best possible value with the class A+. This means that it can be used in flats, houses and offices without any problems and without any risk to health due to evaporation or vaporisation of hazardous substances. Another advantage of HPL is that it is extremely environmentally friendly, because it consists mainly of paper and environmentally friendly, thermosetting resins and can therefore be recycled very well. It is manufactured from renewable raw materials from socially responsible forestry. This is certified by the FSC seal.

HPL panels in trendy wood decor with vintage look - Buy cheap online

Your blanks cut to the exact millimetre according to your specifications - delivered quickly and at a reasonable price.

Thanks to our cutting service, you can conveniently order your HPL panels in white stained oak online in the dimensions you need. Thanks to our precise cutting service, you do not need to purchase special saw blades for sawing the very hard decorative panels. This not only saves you money, but also time, because we deliver the cuts exactly according to your specifications. What's more, you don't have to dispose of off-cuts yourself, because we use them for further cuts wherever possible or recycle them professionally.

Computer-controlled CNC panel saws for horizontal cutting are used to cut the HPL panels with surface decor on both sides. These saws not only offer gentle handling of the panels so that the surfaces remain intact, but are also specially designed for cutting hard HPL. Special saw blades with special toothing are used and cutting is done in two separate sawing processes with different saw blades. To avoid chipping at the cut edge, the underside of the panel is cut with a small saw blade in a first sawing process. The second saw cut is made with a much larger saw blade with a very high saw blade projection. Here the panel is sawn through. The large saw blade projection ensures a highly precise cut without chipping or splintering on the top side of the HPL board as well.

We use HPL sheets with a standard format of 3050mm x 1300mm for the cuts, which we always have in stock in very large quantities to guarantee short delivery times. However, the configuration of your HPL sheets is only possible up to a format of 1500mm x 1000mm. The reason for this is the shipping with our partner forwarding agent for consignments on pallets in standard shipping. On request, larger cuts up to a size of 3050mm x 1300mm are certainly possible, but this can no longer be shipped on a standard pallet, so the shipping costs must be calculated individually. If you would like larger formats, our friendly consulting team will be happy to help you and will immediately prepare your individual, low-priced offer including shipping costs for your HPL sheets. To do this, we need information on the number, the thickness, the desired dimensions as well as the course of the grain of the wood decor. Simply send us an e-mail or give us a call.

Application examples for our HPL decor panels in stained white oak

  • The attractive HPL sheets meet the requirements of the ETB directive and can be used as balcony edging
  • Our vintage-look HPL sheets are flame retardant and therefore perfect for use in public areas
  • HPL is UV-resistant and weatherproof and can therefore also be used for cladding or fencing elements outdoors
  • Thanks to the emission class A+, the HPL in wood decor is suitable for the production of office furniture and partition walls
  • and many more

Processing of the HPL panels with light oak decor

HPL panels can be processed very well by cutting methods such as sawing, milling or drilling, but HPL is comparably hard as hardwood. For this reason, hardened saw blades or milling heads should also be used for sawing or milling, which are usually used for cutting hardwood. Conventional woodworking tools would wear out too quickly when cutting the decorative cladding panels. In addition, when sawing and routing, care should be taken to reduce the speed significantly, as excessive speeds result in high heat generation, which has a negative effect on the service life of the tool used and can result in annealing, rendering the saw blade or router unusable.

If HPL sheets are used for facade cladding or as balcony edging, this is usually done by screwing or riveting them to the substructure, which usually consists of metal profiles or wood. For this purpose, the mounting points in the panels must be pre-drilled. This is also possible with a conventional HSS drill, such as our ground metal drills, but these have the disadvantage that the surfaces can tear out towards the edges of the drilled hole and when the drill exits the back of the panel. With a special solid carbide drill, such as our HPL drill made of solid carbide, this is not to be feared. These not only have a special drill head geometry that enables precise hole drilling without chipping, but are also equipped with a very sharp centre point that prevents the drill from slipping on the very hard surface, even when drilling freehand.

TIP: We have several large portal milling machines with which it is possible for us not only to relieve you of the drilling of the fixing points, but also to carry out cuts in individual shapes, recesses and cut-outs, as well as edge processing (e.g. chamfers), which deviate from the conventional rectangular cut with our panel saws. We will be happy to advise you on our milling service by phone or e-mail.

For the installation of our HPL panels in grained wood decor in the trendy vintage look, we offer high-quality facade screws made of stainless steel or also facade rivets made of aluminium. Both the screws and the rivets are available either unpainted or with a scratch-resistant head paint finish, for example in white, at very favourable graduated prices. In addition, we also carry an extensive selection of balcony screws in various colours and lengths, so that the HPL panels can be securely screwed in as balcony edging.

Even though HPL panels are comparatively heavy, depending on the intended use, the decorative panels can also be glued with a suitable assembly adhesive instead of being limited to riveting or screwing. Our MS Polymer Parabond 600 in White, for example, is excellently suited for this purpose, because the permanently elastic assembly adhesive is characterised by an enormous initial adhesion and is also UV and weather resistant, so that the white MS polymer can also be used for bonding and sealing outdoors. As an assembly adhesive for building materials, excellent adhesion to almost all solid substrates common in the construction industry, such as concrete, sand-lime brick, tiles, plasterboard and many more, is guaranteed. As is usual with bonding, care should be taken when bonding HPL panels to ensure sufficient fixation until the adhesive and sealant have fully cured to prevent slipping or falling.

NOTE: Our HPL panels are covered on one side with a protective film to prevent damage before and during processing. However, this can be removed very easily after processing is complete.

Technical data of our HPL panels in vintage look

  • Colour: White (stained white oak)
  • Thickness: 6mm and 8mm
  • Physical density: 1.35 g/cm³
  • Modulus of elasticity: min. 9,000 MPa according to EN ISO 178
  • Bending strength: min. 80 MPa according to EN ISO 178
  • Mass increase: max. 5% according to EN 438-2.15
  • Temperature resistance: -30 °C - +80 °C
  • Expansion in length: max. 0.3 % according to EN 438-2.17
  • Width expansion: max. 0.6 % according to EN 438-2.17
  • UV-resistance: Excellent
  • Weather resistance: Excellent
  • Chemical resistance: Excellent

NOTE: For full details on the technical data of our HPL sheets with surfaces in rustic vintage decor with wood grain, please see technical data sheet.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Thickness6mm - 8mm
Standart Length3050
Standard width1300
Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
PlasticHigh pressure laminate
UV resistanceUV resistant
Color accuracyNo information available
Color designationWood look (oak white stained)

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