Twist drill HSS-G Ø 12,0mm

The HSS-G twist drill according to DIN 338 with a diameter of 12mm offers an exact profile-ground quality and is perfect for drilling holes for wall-side fastening of our substructure profiles for facade cladding.

✓ High-speed steel
✓ Extremely durable
✓ Cylindrical shank
✓ Ground design
✓ Self-centring
✓ Point angle 118°

The 12.0mm HSS drill in ground design is ideal for drilling in plastic, aluminium, steel or cast steel.

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HSS drill Ø 12.0mm for our substructure profiles

Profile-ground ✓ Self-centring drill point ✓ No pre-drilling necessary ✓

The twist drill HSS 12mm is made of high-performance cutting steel and with profile-ground quality. Profile ground in this case means that the drill tip, the drill cutting edge on the outer diameter and the flute have been ground with special precision. This makes it possible to drill holes with extremely clean drill hole edges. The HSS-G drill bit already cuts in the centre of the drill head, as the drill bit tip is cross-ground. Due to the product characteristics, the self-centring drill is particularly suitable for drilling our substructure profiles for wall-side fastening with 12mm wall anchors.

The ground drill bit of the Tpys HSS-G in 12.0mm is equipped with a spiral twist in normal design (type N) and with a 118 degree point angle in cross ground. The total length of the drill is 150mm. Of this, 100mm is the spiral length and 50mm is the cylindrical shank which has a diameter of 12mm.

The HSS-G drill is a profile-ground twist drill, which offers advantages especially through its sharpness and long service life. It is far ahead of the low-priced roll-rolled HSS-R drills in terms of quality and only shows signs of wear at a much later stage. This means that even through hard materials such as cast steel or steel, precise drilling is no problem in the long term.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x HSS-G twist drill in Ø 12.0mm

NOTE: In case of damage to the tip or the drill spiral of our drill, the use of the product should be discontinued. In case of further use, the drill would be of inferior quality.

Technical data of our 12mm HSS-G drill bit

  • Ø Bore: 12.0mm
  • Ø Shank: 12.0mm
  • Drill: Twist drill
  • Standard: DIN 338
  • Spiral length: 100mm
  • Overall length: 150mm
  • Take-up: straight shank
  • Direction of rotation: Clockwise
  • Material: High-speed steel (HSS)
  • Tip angle: 118°
  • Grinding: Cross grinding
  • Type: N (normal spiral twist)

Application examples for the HSS drill in Ø 12.0mm

Aluminium substructures are often used for wall and facade cladding. We offer these substructure profiles in various, non-pre-drilled versions in our online shop. The HSS-G drill bit 12mm is ideal for fastening these substructure profiles. Both the corner constructions in the Z-profile for fastening a panel on the outside and the construction rails in the Omega profile for fastening adjoining facade panels on both sides can be easily drilled with the drill in order to attach them to the wall with threaded bolts in 12mm. Our non-pre-drilled finishes maintain the greatest possible flexibility when attaching a facade cladding.

IMPORTANT: The fastening bolt for the substructure should correspond to the dimensions of the drill used and have a diameter of 12mm.

Fixed point or sliding point drilling in the panels themselves, on the other hand, is not possible due to the large diameter. For exact positioning by means of a fixed point drill, you should select a suitable drill bit depending on the fastening solution. For riveting with our facade rivets, we recommend a drill with a 5.1mm diameter and for installation with our balcony and facade screws, an HSS drill with a 6.0mm diameter would be perfect. For sliding point drilling, you should use a drill with a diameter between 8mm and 10mm.

The HSS-G 12mm drill bit is perfect for the high-quality stainless steel spacer and clamp brackets in the 15x15mm and 25x25mm sizes in our online shop. For the screwable wall holders in 15x15mm the 12mm drill bit is the maximum, where the drill hole is still covered by the cover cap. For our large 25x25mm spacer, on the other hand, the 12mm drill bit is the minimum size required, as the hole from a drill bit with a smaller diameter would not be large enough to fit the screw thread of the cover cap through the hole in the plate. For all other screwable spacers from our online shop, as well as the non-screwable versions, the HSS-G drill bit in 12mm is not suitable, because the excessively large hole may not be completely covered by the cover cap.

With a diameter of 12mm, the HSS-G drill is perfect for drilling in hard materials such as steel, iron, brass, copper or aluminium. The diameter is sufficient, for example, to feed cables through. A frequent application is therefore the passage of cables through a steel beam in industrial and production halls. For harder materials, such as stainless steel, a drill with a point angle of 135 degrees is recommended. Our drill with 118 degrees is therefore no longer ideal in this case and could therefore reach the wear limit more quickly. The harder the material, the lower the speed of the drill should be set. A cutting oil or special coolant can also significantly extend the life of the drill, especially with sustained stress.

WARNING: When drilling with the HSS-G drill bit 12mm, the percussion drilling function of your drill should always be switched off. Otherwise the drill may be damaged and its life shortened.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialHigh speed steel (HSS)

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