HSS-G drill bit set 1.0mm - 10.0mm (19 pcs)

The 19-piece twist drill bit set DIN 338 HSS-G in Ø 1.0mm - 10mm with 0.5mm increments in ground design, offers the right drill bit for a wide range of projects. The high-quality industrial cassette made of sturdy metal ensures orderly and clear storage, which means that the required drill bit is always at hand.

✓ In industrial cassette
✓ 19 drill bits from 1.0mm-10.0mm
✓ In 0.5mm increments
✓ Ground design
✓ Self-centring
✓ TOP Quality

The HSS-G cross-ground drills are suitable for drilling plastics, steel, cast iron, aluminium as well as many other metals.

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HSS-G drill bit set Ø 1.0mm-10.0mm in practical industrial cassette

Profile-ground quality ✓ For plastic & metal ✓ TOP Quality ✓

With the Bohrcraft professional twist drill bit set in the practical industrial cassette, the drill bit you need is always within reach. The high-quality drill bit set consists of 19 extremely durable HSS-G twist drills in various thicknesses from 1.0mm to 10.0mm, with intermediate sizes in 0.5mm increments. The HSS-G drills are all made of high-quality alloyed high-speed steel with an elaborate profile grinding. The cutting edges, flutes and drill tips are ground with the highest precision, resulting in enormous sharpness. Thanks to the cross cut, the drills already cut in the middle of the drill tip and thus have self-centring properties that significantly reduce the amount of force required and also enable problem-free freehand drilling without slipping. For precise drilling of our plastics and composite panels, the Bohrcraft HSS-G drills are first-class.

The nineteen precise HSS-G drill bits are offered collectively in a hard-wearing industrial cassette made of robust metal. This means they are always neatly organised and protected from knocks. In addition, the drill bits can be easily removed from the recesses without the risk of injuring oneself on the extremely sharp edges. The handy cassette measures approx. 15.0x11.0x3.5cm and is therefore very easy to transport or store in a toolbox.

The profile-ground HSS-G drills according to DIN 338 have normal spirals with a spiral twist of type N and a point angle of 118°, which ensures optimum centring of the drill point in the material. Depending on the diameter, the drills have different lengths, but the effective lengths of the drill spirals certainly allow the machining of materials with higher thicknesses of up to several centimetres. Due to the cylindrical shank, which always corresponds to the diameter of the respective drill spiral, the HSS-G drills can be used with standard cordless screwdrivers, drills and drill presses.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1x HSS-G twist drill 1.0mm-10.0mm 19pcs. in industrial case

NOTE: If there is damage to the tips or spirals of the HSS-G drill bits, they should not be used any further, as this can lead to a reduced quality of the drill holes. To replace damaged drill bits, the HSS-G drill bits are available in many designs at very reasonable prices in our online shop.

Technical data of our HSS drill

  • Ø Drilling hole: 1.0mm - 10.0mm
  • Ø Shaft: 1.0mm - 10.0mm
  • Drill: Twist drill
  • Standard: DIN 338
  • Recording: Cylindrical shaft
  • Rotary seal: Clockwise
  • Material: High-speed steel (HSS)
  • Point angle: 118°
  • Ground: Cross cut
  • Type: N (normal spiral twist)

Examples of use for the 19-piece HSS drill bit set in Ø 1.0mm - 10.0mm

With the 19-piece HSS-G drill bit set, there are just as countless application possibilities due to the large selection of drill bits with diameters from 1mm to 10mm in 0.5mm increments. The very filigree drills with diameters between 1mm and 3mm are, for example, excellently suited for jewellery making from precious metals or stainless steel. They can be used for the finest drillings, among other things for eyelets in jewellery pendants or for the settings of small gemstones. With the very delicate drills, however, care should be taken not to exert great pressure on the drill tip during drilling, as their small diameter can cause them to break if the pressure is too high or if they jam. Should breakage occur, the 3mm HSS-G twist drill, for example, can also be purchased individually in our online shop for replacement.

The drill bits with diameters between 3mm and 5mm are optimal for drilling our optical aluminium profiles in order to screw them to the corresponding panels as a clean edge cover. These diameters are also ideal for pre-drilling metals, plastics or even wood. HSS drills with a diameter of 5mm to 8mm are ideal for furniture construction. Among other things, for drilling our Acrylic glass plates, to connect them for the construction of modern showcases in industrial style, by screwing them together or to attach door hinges. The hard and brittle plastic sheets of PMMA (acrylic glass) can be worked very well with the high-quality HSS-G drill bits, but care should be taken here to keep the speed and pressure on the drill bit very low to avoid breaking out the drill holes or breaking the sheet.

The stronger HSS-G twist drills, with diameters between 8mm and 10mm, are excellent for drilling steel beams made of unalloyed structural or tool steels, for example, to install them in industrial halls. Here, too, the speed should be adjusted and a coolant may be used. For drilling in alloyed steels, it is recommended to use the HSS-E twist drill set, which is also available in the practical industrial cassette. The cobalt-alloyed HSS-E twist drills are harder than the HSS-G drills and have a very high hot hardness as well as an enormous tool life.

The profile-ground HSS-G twist drills are primarily used for drilling metals and are therefore perfect for drilling in steel, iron, cast iron, aluminium, brass and also precious metals such as gold and silver. With increasing material hardness and drill bit size, care should be taken to reduce the speed accordingly. This prevents annealing and, in the worst case, breaking of the drill. With higher material thicknesses or hard materials, cooling with lubricant, cutting oil or drilling paste can help to further optimise the already very long service life.

CAUTION: When using a drill with percussion drilling function, make sure that the drill is switched off to protect the drill bits.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialHigh speed steel (HSS)
Drill sizeNo
Ø Bore1,0mm - 10,0mm
Ø Schaft1,0mm - 10,0mm
Take-up ShankStraight shank
Overall lengthvarious
Spiral lengthvarious
Spiral typeN (normal spiral twist)
Point angle118°
Direction of rotationClockwise

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