Twist drill HSS-G Ø 3,0mm

The DIN 338 HSS-G twist drill with 3.0mm diameter in profile-ground quality is ideal for drilling our optical aluminium profile rails for additional fastening with small screws and perfect for drilling our plastic panels and metals.

✓ Cross ground drill point
✓ Ground drill spiral
✓ Durable HSS steel
✓ Manufactured according to DIN 338
✓ Self-centring
✓ Point angle 118°

The HSS-G drill bit is suitable for drilling our plastic panels, aluminium composite panels and, as a profile-ground metal drill bit, also for a wide range of metals.

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HSS drill Ø 3.0mm for filigree holes

Manufactured according to DIN 338 ✓ Ground design ✓ Ideal for pre-drilling ✓

Our HSS drill with 3.0mm diameter made of high-performance high-speed steel is excellently suited for drilling through our optical aluminium profiles, which are mainly used to cover cut edges of our plastic panels. The profiles, which are made of solid aluminium, are not pre-drilled and can be easily drilled with the sharp drill bit to allow additional fastening by screwing. In addition, thanks to its small diameter, the drill bit is perfect for pre-drilling holes that are subsequently to be enlarged with a larger drill bit. As a precision-ground drill, the small HSS-G drill is also characterised by very high precision. In the manufacturing process, both the flute and the cutting edges of the drill spiral are milled out and ground for better sharpness. In addition, the tip of the 3mm drill also has an increased sharpness, which already cuts in the centre of the drill tip due to the cross grinding. As a result, the small drill has self-centring properties. This means that pre-coring of the drill hole position in plastics or metals is no longer absolutely necessary.

The filigree drill with an overall diameter of 3.0mm is manufactured according to DIN 338 and is made of high-quality high-speed steel. The drill spiral has a length of 35mm and has a normal spiral twist of type N. The cylindrical shank, which is also 3mm in diameter, has a length of 27mm. This results in an overall length of 62mm, which is more than sufficient for most small size bores. As with all our ground HSS-G drills, the small 3mm drill also has a cross-ground drill point with a point angle of 118 degrees.

Profile-ground drills, like roll-rolled drills, are made from one piece of metal. The main difference, however, is in the way they are manufactured. In the case of the usually cheaper roll-rolled drill, the blank is strongly heated so that the typical drill spiral is created during rolling. In a ground drill, on the other hand, the flutes of the drill spiral are milled out of the blank and ground. As a result, an HSS-G drill is not only significantly sharper than an HSS-R drill, but also considerably more precise in terms of the quality of the hole. Thanks to very large purchase quantities, we are also able to offer the more precise HSS-G drills at a very favourable price starting at just one drill. We pass this price advantage on to you and also grant generous quantity discounts for larger purchase quantities.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x HSS-G twist drill in Ø 3.0mm

NOTE: For the best possible quality of the drill holes, only intact drills should be used, whose drill head tip and drill spiral do not show any damage.

Technical data of our 3mm HSS-G drill bit

  • Ø Bore: 3.0mm
  • Ø Shank: 3.0mm
  • Drill: Twist drill
  • Standard: DIN 338
  • Spiral length: 35mm
  • Overall length: 62mm
  • Take-up: Straight shank
  • Direction of rotation: Clockwise
  • Material: High-speed steel (HSS)
  • Tip angle: 118°
  • Grinding: Cross grinding
  • Type: N (normal spiral twist)

Application examples for the HSS drill in Ø 3.0mm

The small twist drill is ideal for drilling our aluminium profile rails, which can be glued with a mounting adhesive without any problems, but additional screwing with small screws can significantly increase the stability and rigidity of plastic panels with 6mm or 8mm thickness. These aluminium profiles are not pre-drilled, however, so that the positions of the fixings can be freely chosen. The sharp HSS-G drill glides effortlessly through the thin-walled material. The drill can also be used to drill the panels that are to be framed with the visually appealing aluminium rails, as it can also be used to drill plastics or our aluminium composite panels without any problem. In this way, for example, high-quality and stable partition walls can be erected in no time at all. The only exception is our HPL panels, which can cause rapid wear of the otherwise very durable drill due to the very high surface hardness. Drilling HPL is nevertheless quite possible, but here you should urgently pay attention to a significantly reduced speed with sufficient cooling of the drill. It is also advisable to have a spare drill ready.

Even though it is not usually necessary with ground drills, it can make sense to pre-drill holes with a diameter of 6mm, 8mm or larger with a smaller drill. The advantage of this method is that the larger drill bit glides through the material much better and thus requires less force while at the same time reducing wear on the drill bit. The 3mm drill bit is perfect for pre-drilling and is the ideal size for drilling a precise, pinpoint hole in a larger diameter. Especially with solid metals in higher thicknesses, drilling has a positive effect, because less drilling chips have to be conveyed out of the drill hole, which results in less heat development and therefore significantly reduces the annealing of a metal drill bit.

As a metal drill, our small HSS twist drill with 3mm diameter is also quite suitable for many other metals, such as solid aluminium, iron, cast iron, brass or steel. Even for precious metals like gold and silver, the small drill can be used very well. For example, to drill eyelets in pendants or settings for gemstones. Due to the small diameter, no pressure should be exerted on the drill tip. Otherwise the thin drill may break. Furthermore, the speed should always be adapted to the material to be drilled. As the hardness of the metal increases, the speed should be reduced. In addition, a lubricant, cutting oil or soap solution can have a cooling effect and prevent the drill from annealing.

WARNING: Deactivate the impact drilling function on drills and cordless screwdrivers to avoid damaging the drill.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialHigh speed steel (HSS)

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