Painter acrylic Paracryl white

Our professional painter's acrylic in white can be painted over after sufficient curing and is ideal for sealing and filling cracks indoors and adheres to almost all building materials.

✓ Silicone- & solvent-free
✓ Isocyanate-free
✓ Resistant to ageing
✓ Can be painted over
✓ Very good adhesion

The acrylic sealant Paracryl is available at very favourable graduated prices.

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Paracryl white - The painter's acrylic for professionals

Ageing-resistant ✓ Paintable ✓ Very good adhesion ✓

Our acrylic sealant Paracryl in white is a one-component joint sealant for joints with a low expansion of maximum 12.5%. As a typical painter's acrylic for the highest demands, the paintable acrylic is excellently suited for repairing cracks or holes in walls. The professional acrylic is characterised by very good workability and adheres excellently to all porous surfaces, such as concrete, wood, stone, plaster, plaster, tiles or also hard PVC. Thus, the acrylic is also excellently suited for filling joints on skirting boards, window profiles or door frames that are later to be painted over with dispersion-based wall paint or covered with wallpaper.

Profit from our generous quantity discounts with graduated prices starting from 5 standard cartridges.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x Paracryl white 300ml standard cartridge

NOTE: A conventional silicone gun for standard cartridges is required to apply the acrylic sealant.

Properties of Painter's Acrylic Paracryl White

Paracryl is a plasto-elastic joint sealant which is preferably suitable for interior applications. It is a ready-to-use sealant on a single-component basis in the 300ml standard cartridge, which can be applied with any commercially available silicone gun, such as our professional S-Polybond skeleton gun. The paste-like sealant with a density of 1.62g/ml is very easy to apply and hardens by evaporating the water it contains until the acrylic has reached its final strength. As a professional acrylic, the volume shrinkage is kept within limits compared to simple acrylic sealants, so that a layer-by-layer build-up to smooth deep cracks and coarse defects in the plaster is usually not necessary. Skin formation starts after about half an hour, so there is enough time to smooth the applied sealant with a finger or a spatula. After sufficient curing, the white Paracryl can be painted over with all dispersion-based paints and varnishes, if required.

Painter's Acrylic Paracryl is not suitable for joints exposed to water. Furthermore, in contrast to silicone sealants, it is also not equipped with fungicide, which is why it cannot be used for sealants in the sanitary area, as the risk of mould formation due to persistent moisture cannot be ruled out. For joints and cracks that are later painted over with wall paint, on the other hand, acrylic can certainly be used in bathrooms and toilets.

As a professional acrylic for the highest demands, Paracryl naturally meets the strict requirements for the VOC emission class with the best grade A+. This means that it can be used indoors without hesitation. The acrylic is also free of phthalates and isocyanates. In addition, the sealant does not contain any silicones or solvents.

Technical data of painter's acrylic Paracryl in white

  • Material: Acrylic polymer
  • Colour: White
  • Skin formation: ca. 30min. at 23°C
  • Curing speed: ca. 0,5mm/24h. at 23°C
  • Density: 1,62g/ml
  • Shore hardness: 12 according to ISO 868
  • Elongation at break: min. 500% according to ISO 8339
  • Permissible deformation: max. 12,5% according to ISO 11600
  • Temperature resistance: -20°C - +80°C
  • Processing temperature: +5°C - +40°C
  • VOC Emission class: A+
  • Ageing resistance: Excellent
  • UV resistance: Moderate
  • Weather resistance: Moderate
  • Shelf life: 12 Months (unopened)

NOTE: Acrylic Paracryl White should always be stored in an airtight container in a dry, cool place at temperatures between +5 and +25°C.

Application of Acrylic Sealant Paracryl White

The white acrylic can be applied with any conventional application gun for one-component standard cartridges. The acrylic sealant should be applied evenly into the joint or on the crack to be filled. The acrylic can then be smoothed with a finger or a spatula to achieve a visually appealing joint, or a smooth surface. A separate smoothing agent, such as our S-Polybond FUGENglatt, is not necessary for the white professional acrylic, because the sealant is water-soluble in the pasty state and can be wetted with tap water and smoothed very easily.

The acrylic sealant Paracryl white is free of silicones and solvents and can therefore be painted over with conventional emulsion paints after complete curing. The acrylic, which is popular with painters, is mainly used to fill cracks and drill holes before the wall is painted or covered with wallpaper. Skirting boards and baseboards for laminate or vinyl flooring can also be sealed with the high-quality acrylic to achieve a visually more pleasing image. It should be noted, however, that acrylic cannot be used to seal expansion joints. Sealing skirting tiles made of natural stone such as marble or granite should also not be done with Paracryl.

    Examples of use for Paracryl in white
  • The inexpensive yet high-quality painter's acrylic is ideal for filling cracks and drill holes
  • Paracryl white is paintable and very good for visually sealing door frames and skirting boards
  • The ageing-resistant acrylic sealant is also suitable for surface repairs of imperfections
  • Acrylic can be smoothed very easily with water - no special smoothing agent is needed
  • and much more

Paracrylic is water-sensitive before skin formation and can therefore still be removed very easily with water in the pasty state. Once the sealant has hardened, it is no longer water-soluble and can therefore only be removed with a spatula, knife or joint remover. When used outdoors, the freshly applied sealant should be protected from rain and frost until it has fully cured. Paracryl is not UV-resistant, so when used outdoors, make sure that the joints are protected from sunlight by a coat of paint after they have cured.

CAUTION: Paracryl in white is not suitable for natural stone. It should also not be used in sanitary areas, nor on bituminous substrates or untreated metal.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
Adhesive typeNo
filling quantity in ml300
Color designationWhite
Color accuracyColor similar to RAL color system

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