VHM-facade panel drill Ø 6mm

Solid carbide facade panel drill bit in 6.0 mm diameter made of solid carbide for facade panels e.g. HPL panels or fibre cement panels with centring point.

✓ Very long service life
✓ With centring tip
✓ No slipping
✓ No chipping
✓ Ideal for HPL sheets

Thanks to special drill head geometry, clean drill hole edges without chipping even when drilling freehand.

Delivery Time: Dispatch within 2-3 working days

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6mm HPL-drill made of solid carbide (VHM)

Long service life ✓ With centring point ✓ Perfect for fixed point bores ✓

Our solid carbide 6mm diameter solid carbide facade panel drill has an extra hardened cutting edge with a centring point. This not only prevents the risk of slipping on hard surfaces, but also has a positive effect on the service life, because conventional drills usually wear out very quickly with the usually very hard materials of facade panels. The special drill head geometry has very sharp cutting edges for highly precise hole drilling without chipping or splintering at the edges of the drill hole. This makes the drill perfectly suitable for drilling mounting holes in hard HPL panels and is therefore often referred to as an HPL drill. The 6mm diameter is the ideal size for fixed point drilling, which is particularly important when mounting HPL panels. For example, in the event of thermal expansion of the facade panels, the direction of expansion is defined from the fixed point (the mounting point without expansion clearance) when mounting without constraint.

The facade panel drill is delivered in a robust, transparent protective cover with a shaft clamp in the cover. This has two advantages. The first aspect is that the sharp centre point reduces the risk of injury, as the drill can be removed from the shaft clamp very easily. The second advantage is that the drill cannot be damaged by impacts on the cutting edges, e.g. by drills flying around in the drill case or the like. This greatly increases the service life of the HPL drill.

    Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x Facade drill Ø 6,0mm
  • 1 x Drill protective sleeve with shaft clamp

NOTE: After use, the HPL drill should be stored in the protective cover provided so that it is not damaged during transport.

Characteristics of the 6mm solid carbide drill for facade panels

The centre point of our solid carbide facade panel drill is fine, pointed and extremely sharp. This not only has the advantage of preventing the drill from slipping on the hard surfaces of HPL panels, but also breaks up the surface so that the sharp cutting edge can penetrate the surface more easily. This makes it possible to drill holes in the exact position in which they are to be placed, even if they are to be made freehand. The special geometry of the drill head, as well as the cutting edge, ensures high-precision drill hole edges without chipping. Not only when the drill is plunged into the plate, but also when it exits at the back, no chipping is to be expected, as long as no excessive pressure is exerted on the drill during drilling.

In contrast to commercially available drills for wood or metal, our HPL drill is made of solid carbide (VHM), which has a very long service life due to the specially hardened steel. While the cutting edges of the drill head, just like those of the drill helix, quickly become blunt with normal drills when drilling hard facade panels made of HPL or fibre cement, the material selection of our 6mm drill contributes to the fact that the sharpness is maintained even after a very large number of drillings. The selected helix angle of the drill helix with very wide grooves, effectively and quickly removes the drill shavings and also prevents excessive heat development at the drill tip, thus preventing the drill from annealing. This also has a positive effect on the service life of our drill. Even if countless drillings are carried out immediately one after the other.

The cylindrical shank with a diameter of 6mm is suitable for any conventional cordless screwdriver. The total length of the drill is 80mm, of which approx. 25mm is the drill helix. This means that the facade panel drill can also be used for panels in higher thicknesses without hesitation.

Technical data of our facade panel drill

  • Ø Drilling: 6,0mm
  • Type: Twist drill
  • Spiral length: 80mm
  • Total length: 25mm
  • Mounting: Cylindrical shank
  • Direction of rotation: Clockwise
  • Material: Solid carbide material (VHM)
  • Centre point: Yes
  • Corrosion resistance: Yes

Drilling of fixed points with our 6mm HPL drill

Our 6mm solid carbide facade panel drill bit is ideal for drilling fixed point holes in facade panels with unrestrained mounting, as is the case with HPL panels, and is therefore often referred to as an HPL drill. Especially when mounting HPL panels, it is very important that a fixing point is defined as a fixed point and drilled with a diameter of 6.0mm. For the remaining mounting points, it is important that these are drilled with a larger diameter. With our solid carbide facade panel drill with a diameter of 8mmm, it is possible to drill the so-called sliding points in the ideal size. This ensures that the facade panels have sufficient expansion space between the edge of the drill hole and the screw when exposed to heat. Also with many other plastic panels that are to be used as facade cladding, attention should always be paid to the thermal expansion when exposed to sunlight.

Before drilling the holes, they should be marked on the desired plate. Place the centre point exactly on the marked position and drill at moderate speed without exerting pressure on the drill. For drilling we recommend a conventional cordless screwdriver or a simple drill. For devices with percussion drilling function, make sure that the operating mode is set to drilling without percussion in order not to damage the drill bit.

For the installation of facade cladding and balcony surrounds, in addition to our solid carbide facade panel drills, we also offer the appropriate screws at very favourable graduated prices. For substructures made of wood, we recommend our facade screws 35x5.5mm with coarse thread, which are available with head lacquer in various colours or unlacquered. For the assembly of balcony surrounds to balcony railings or metal substructures, we also offer balcony screws with locking cap nut in various colours and thread lengths at very favourable prices.

Our solid carbide facade panel drill in Ø 6.0mm is mainly used for drilling HPL panels, because the special drill head geometry gives a much better drilling result. Especially with regard to the visual appearance of the drill hole edges. Commercially available drills for metal or wood, on the other hand, usually tend to produce coarse chipping at the drill hole edges of the hard decorative surfaces. By using the specially hardened solid carbide of our HPL drills, the service life when drilling the hard laminate panels is also many times longer than with conventional metal drills. However, our drill can also be used without further ado for almost all plastic boards from our online shop and has the advantage that the chip does not fuse with the drill hole edge due to the wide grooves and the very sharp cutting edge. Exceptions are our aluminium composite panels, because the drill cannot be used for metals, stone, concrete, etc.

    Recommended hole sizes for HPL panels:
  • For sliding pointsSolid carbide facade panel drill with 8.0mm diameter
  • For fixing points:  Solid carbide facade panel drill bit with 6.0 mm diameter

WARNING: Do not exert pressure when drilling, because if the pressure is too high, chipping may occur when the drill emerges despite the special drill head geometry.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialSolid carbide (VHM)
Drill sizeØ 6,0 x 80mm
Ø Bore6,0 mm
Ø Schaft6,0 mm
Take-up ShankStraight shank
Overall length80 mm
Spiral length25 mm
Spiral typeN/A
Point angleN/A
Direction of rotationClockwise

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