Aqua-Plus PP-R Angle 90° in white

The Aqua-Plus PP-R elbows 90° in white are used to weld two PP-R pipes with a constant diameter at right angles.

✓ For Aqua-Plus PP-R pipes
✓ pressure resistant up to 26 bar
✓ Up to +95°C heat resistant
✓ Right-angled connection
✓ DVGW- & SKZ certified

The white PP-R elbows 90° are available in the sizes DN20, DN25, DN32 and DN40 for PP-R pipes in the corresponding diameter.

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Aqua-Plus PP-R Elbow 90° - Right-angled connection of PP-R pipes

Approved for drinking water ✓ Ideal for flexible sections ✓ Easy to work with ✓

The white Aqua-Plus PP-R elbows in 90° design are available in sizes of DN20, DN25, DN32 and DN40 and are used to change the direction of pipe connections with identical pipe outer diameters. In the rarest of cases, pipes are laid exclusively in a straight line. With the white PP-R elbow, it is easily possible to connect pipes at right angles in order to bend to the left or right. Even from a ceiling-side pipe installation, where a pipe is to run downwards to the wall connection, 90° angles are the perfect pipe connector. The same also applies to pipes laid in or on the floor that need to be angled upwards to create a connection to the radiator or water connection.

The temperature resistance of the PP-R piping system ranges from -10°C to +95°C. Especially for high operating temperatures and long pipelines, the angle joints are used for flexible sections so that the pipe system can expand. This is a necessary measure if the pipes are used as heating pipes, as hot water pipes or in geothermal energy, because with increasing temperature and pipe length, the plastic pipes expand more. For this purpose, four 90° elbows and three sections are integrated between a long section of the pipe system in a U-shape, which can compensate for the expansion play if necessary.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Aqua-Plus PP-R angle 90° in white

Properties of the white 90° elbows for PP-R pipes

The PP-R 90° elbows are perfectly matched to the pipe system so that the water can flow unhindered with a constant internal diameter even with right-angled pipe connections. This is due to the special design of the angle, which can be technically divided into three areas. The two outer areas serve to accommodate the pipe and correspond exactly in depth to the insertion depth required for the pipe diameter. The area in between is reduced in diameter to the inner diameter of the pipe in order to create an even, almost level transition of the pipes to the angle piece.

A wall fitting connected via PP-R elbows and pipes, such as the PP-R wall connection elbow, is usually used for pipes for drinking water supply. This is possible without hesitation with the PP-R system from Aqua-Plus - regardless of whether cold or hot water is involved - because the entire product range, is made of food-safe and drinking water-approved polypropylene random copolymer and meets the strict requirements for DVGW and SKZ certification.

Size overview of the PP-R Angle with 90

  • PP-R Elbow 90° DN20: For PP-R pipes with Ø outside 20mm
  • PP-R Elbow 90° DN25: For PP-R tubes with Ø outside 25mm
  • PP-R Elbow 90° DN32: For PP-R pipes with Ø outside 32mm
  • PP-R Elbow 90° DN40: For PP-R pipes with Ø outside 40mm

Processing of PP-R angles for PP-R pipes

The welding of the PP-R angles to the pipe sections takes place in three steps. In the first step, both elements are heated simultaneously with a pipe welder until the heating time is reached. In step two, the pipe is inserted straight and without twisting into the heated pipe holder. A maximum axial deviation of 3° is permissible. The insertion depth varies from 14mm to 20mm and is determined by the pipe diameter. In the third and last step, the welded joint must cool down. Here, too, the duration depends on the diameter of the pipes. To weld the second pipe, which is placed at a right angle, the steps are repeated.

In the additional information we have listed all the essential parameters for welding the PP-R angle. These values vary depending on the selected size, so that heating time, insertion depth and cooling time are always displayed to match the diameter.

The right-angled pipe sockets are also used to construct flexible sections that counteract linear expansion. This is particularly necessary for pipe systems over long distances that are permanently used under high operating temperatures. Our installation data sheets, which we have prepared separately for each individual pipe diameter, contain detailed information with illustrated instructions for the installation of hot water pipes where installation is to be carried out with fixed points and sliding points. These data sheets also contain detailed information on linear thermal expansion and can be downloaded from the product page on our white Aqua-Plus PP-R pipes.

WARNING: Please do not be surprised if the pipes cannot be inserted into the angle socket and therefore appear as not fitting. This is intentional and contributes to an optimal seal. Only after both the pipe and the 90° elbow have been heated and thus softened, can the two components be inserted into each other.

Technical data of the white elbows for PP-R pipes

  • Product type: Angle pipe socket
  • Material: Polypropylene random copolymer
  • Outer pipe diameter: 20,0mm-40,0mm
  • Change in direction: 90°
  • Temperature resistance: -10°C - +95°C
  • Corrosion resistance: Excellent
  • Chemical resistance: Excellent
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
VersionAngle pipe socket
Dimensions (W/H/D)varies
Insertion depthvaries
Heating timevaries
Cooling timevaries
UV resistanceUV stabilized

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