Aqua-Plus PP-R pipe end cap in white

The Aqua-Plus PP-R pipe end caps in white made of polypropylene random copolymer are used to close off pipes as the end of the pipe circuit.

✓ DVGW and SKZ compliant
✓ For tight pipe terminations
✓ Temperature resistant up to +95°C
✓ pressure resistant up to 26 bar
✓ Very easy handling

The white PP-R end caps are available in sizes DN20, DN25, DN32 and DN40 for closing PP-R pipes of the corresponding diameter.

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Aqua-Plus PP-R end cap - The perfect end to the water circuit

All sizes available ✓ DVGW certified ✓ Low graduated prices ✓

The white Aqua-Plus PP-R pipe end caps are used to close the water circuit at open pipe ends of a PP-R pipe system. The caps, which we offer in all sizes to match our available PP-R pipes, are fitted to the end of the pipe by welding with a pipe welder and are pressure- and watertight after cooling.

However, end caps are not only used to permanently seal pipe ends of the piping system. Pipe end caps are a safe solution especially when supply lines need to be sealed temporarily before the installation of the heating system or water supply can begin. Even in the case of pipe systems that are to be extended at a later date, end caps for closing the pipe ends represent an efficient, temporary sealing of the circuit so that the already completed system can already be put into operation.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Aqua-Plus PP-R pipe end cap in white

Properties of the white end caps for PP-R pipes

The thick-walled pipe end caps made of solid polypropylene random copolymer are used to temporarily or permanently close off pipe ends in order to achieve a closure in the pipe circuit. After welding, the white end caps contribute to the pressure resistance of the pipe system, which reaches up to 26 bar depending on the water temperature. The Aqua-Plus PP-R pipe system, which is approved for drinking water and foodstuffs, fulfils all applicable standards and also important certifications at national and international level. In Germany, the certifications according to SKZ and DVGW are among the most noteworthy approvals, whose strict requirements are met without any problems.

The very good chemical resistance, which is typical for polypropylene, means that the end caps do not leak even when transporting chemical liquids. Moreover, due to the high heat resistance, the end caps are also suitable for hot water systems where a permanent water temperature of up to 95°C prevails. Due to the very low thermal conductivity of this plastic, the heat loss at the end caps can be classified as so low that this factor can be almost completely neglected.

Processing Aqua-Plus end caps for PP-R pipes

The PP-R pipe caps are pushed onto open pipe ends to close off the pipe circuit. This is done by simple welding with a socket welder. The size of the end cap should be selected according to the diameter of the pipe to be sealed.

Size overview of the PP-R end caps

  • PP-R pipe end cap DN20: PP-R pipes with Ø outside 20mm (Ø inside 13.2mm)
  • PP-R pipe end cap DN25: PP-R pipes with Ø outside 25mm (Ø inside 16.6mm)
  • PP-R pipe end cap DN32: PP-R pipes with Ø outside 32mm (Ø inside 21.2mm)
  • PP-R pipe end cap DN40: PP-R pipes with Ø outside 40mm (Ø inside 26.6mm)

Welding is carried out in the same way as for all welded joints of the Aqua-Plus PP-R piping system, by placing the end cap on the heating mandrel of the socket welder after it has reached the required operating temperature of approx. 260°C. At the same time, the end of the pipe onto which the end cap is to be fitted must be inserted into the heating socket of the welding device so that it is also sufficiently heated. After the heating time has elapsed, which is between 5 seconds and 12 seconds depending on the specific diameter, the cap must be pushed onto the pipe without much delay. This must be done straight and without twisting so that the pipe is later sealed absolutely watertight and airtight. After fitting, the welded joint must cool down so that the melted pipe and the cap unite irretrievably. For pipes up to 25mm diameter, the cooling time should be at least two minutes. For our pipes with larger diameters, the cooling time to be observed is at least four minutes.

Detailed information on welding the end caps, especially with regard to the heating duration and cooling times, can be found in the assembly data sheets for the corresponding pipe diameter. These data sheets also contain extensive information on the assembly of the matchingPP-R pipes in white.

WARNING: The end cap cannot be fitted without heating because the inner diameter of the end cap is about half a millimetre smaller than the outer diameter of the pipe. After sufficient softening with a socket welder, the pipe can be closed with the cap without any problems.

Technical data of the white PP-R pipe caps

  • Product type: Pipe end cap
  • Material: Polypropylene random copolymer
  • Outer pipe diameter: 20,0mm-40,0mm
  • Temperature resistance: -10°C- +95°C
  • Food approval: Yes
  • Drinking water approval: Yes
  • DVGW approved: Yes
  • Corrosion resistance: Excellent
  • Chemical resistance: Excellent
Additional Information

Additional Information

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VersionPipe end cap
Dimensions (W/H/D)varies
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Heating timevaries
Cooling timevaries
UV resistanceUV stabilized

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