Aqua-Plus PP-R elbow coupling 90° with male thread

The Aqua-Plus PP-R elbow coupling 90° with male thread in white are used to connect PP-R pipes to pipe systems made of metal with simultaneous change of direction at right angles.

✓ With external thread (male)
✓ Approved for drinking water
✓ Heat resistant until +95°C
✓ Optimised flow
✓ Made in Europe

The white PP-R elbow couplings 90° male are available in different thread sizes for PP-R pipes from 20mm to 32mm outer diameter.

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Aqua-Plus PP-R Elbow 90° - Coupling with male thread

High-quality brass thread ✓ Various versions ✓ Optimised flow ✓

The white Aqua-Plus PP-R elbow couplings at 90° with external thread are available in different versions. Depending on the version, the brass thread varies from 1/2" up to 1", as does the receptacle for the PP-R pipe in sizes from DN20 to DN32. PP-R elbow couplings not only effect a change of direction of 90 degrees, but also offer the convenient option of connecting a PP-R pipe to a metal pipe made of copper, aluminium or steel by means of a screw connection.

The elbow coupling is also very suitable for connecting radiator pipes, water connections or flexible pipes to a PP-R pipe. A connection of two partial segments of a larger PP-R pipe system is also quickly created with the angle coupling. It should be noted that the coupling of the connection has an internal thread of the appropriate size.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Aqua-Plus PP-R elbow coupling 90° with male thread in white

Properties of the PP-R coupling with 90° angle and external thread

Our PP-R elbow coupling with an angle of 90° is made of high-quality polypropylene random copolymer, which is characterised by very good impact strength and resistance to chemicals. The temperature resistance ranges from -10°C to +95°C, so that the coupling can be used excellently for cold as well as very hot water, for example for the connection of copper heating pipes. Furthermore, the coupling is also approved for drinking water supply.

The Aqua-Plus elbow coupling is characterised by an excellent quality of workmanship. This becomes particularly clear when the external thread is integrated into the polypropylene elbow. This is because it is completely overlaid on the inside by the PP-R plastic, so that the inside diameter of the elbow coupling corresponds completely to the inside diameter of the matching PP-R pipe. This contributes to an optimal flow and maximum strength of the thread in the fitting. As if that were not enough, the brass insert is deeply embedded in the fitting and is also generously enclosed by the plastic on the outside, so that even with high tightening torques when making a screw connection, there is no danger of the thread coming loose from the plastic and turning with it.

Like all pipe connectors, tees or couplings of the Aqua-Plus PP-R system, the elbow couplings also have an inner section whose diameter is matched to the inner diameter of the pipes to ensure loss-free flow. The one-sided socket for pipe reception is limited in depth to the required insertion depth, which creates a perfect transition from the inside of the pipe to the elbow after welding.

Size overview of the 90° PP-R Angle couplings with male thread

  • PP-R elbow coupling 90° DN20x1/2" male: For PP-R pipes with Ø outside 20mm - external thread Ø 1/2".
  • PP-R elbow coupling 90° DN25x1/2" male: For PP-R pipes with Ø outside 25mm - external thread Ø 1/2".
  • PP-R elbow coupling 90° DN25x3/4" male:For PP-R pipes with Ø outside 25mm - external thread Ø 3/4".
  • PP-R elbow coupling 90° DN32x1" male: For PP-R pipes with Ø outside 32mm - external thread Ø 1".

Processing of elbow couplings for PP-R pipes

The elbow coupling has a socket on one side to accommodate a PP-R pipe, which is connected to the elbow by welding in a watertight and pressure-tight manner. For this purpose, the pipe must be inserted into the heating socket of a socket welder. At the same time, the coupling must be put onto the heating mandrel. After heating, the pipe is inserted into the socket. However, this cannot be done without sufficient softening, because the pipe socket has a minimally smaller diameter, which contributes to the tightness of the welded joint. The pipe should be inserted immediately after heating. It is important that the pipe is inserted straight and without twisting it until the insertion depth is reached. An axial deviation of up to 3° is still acceptable without affecting the durability and tightness of the welded joint.

As the pipe diameter increases, the heating and cooling times also increase. In addition, the required insertion depth of the pipe into the socket of the angle coupling also varies. On the product page for our PP-R pipes in white, we have prepared data sheets for each pipe diameter containing this information, as well as instructions for installation.

The other side of the angle coupling is provided with a brass thread, which is arranged at an angle of 90° to the welding socket. In the case of the male threaded version, a coupling, a screw connector or even a water connection with a female thread of the appropriate size can be screwed on in this way. This can be done both before and after the pipe is installed. In this way, PP-R pipe systems can be combined with other pipe systems, as well as individual sections of a PP-R pipe system, in no time at all.

Technical data of the white angle coupling for PP-R pipes

  • Product type: Angle coupling
  • Material (angle): Polypropylene random copolymer
  • Material (thread): Brass
  • Edition: External thread
  • Thread diameter: 1/2" - 1"
  • Outer pipe diameter: 20,0mm-32,0mm
  • Change of direction: 90°
  • Temperature resistance: -10°C - +95°C
  • Food approval: Yes
  • Drinking water approval: Yes
  • DVGW certified: Yes
  • Corrosion resistance: Excellent

NOTE: We recommend sealing the screw connections with a Teflon tape or hemp to achieve a watertight connection.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
VersionAngle coupling
Ø Threadvaries
Dimensions (W/H/D)varies
Insertion depthvaries
Heating timevaries
Cooling timevaries
MaterialPolypropylene random copolymer
UV resistanceUV stabilized

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