Aqua-Plus PP-R shut-off valve (UP) in white

The Aqua-Plus PP-R shut-off valve for flush mounting with bonnet handle, is used to regulate the water circuit for hot and cold water pipes and can also be integrated surface-mounted in the pipe system if required.

✓ For flush mounting
✓ Surface mounting possible
✓ Chrome-plated bonnet handle
✓ With drinking water approval
✓ Made in EU

The white PP-R shut-off valves with chrome-plated fitting are available in various sizes for PP-R pipes from 20mm to 32mm outside diameter.

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Aqua-Plus PP-R Shut-off valve for PP-R pipes

For flush mounting ✓ Surface mounting possible ✓ Chrome-plated fitting ✓

The shut-off valve for our white PP-R pipes is available in different sizes and is integrated into the piping system by welding it to the pipes. Here, the bonnet handle not only serves to open and close the water circuit, but also allows precise regulation of the flow rate. With a length of 60mm, the valve bonnet is suitable for flush mounting. The thread diameter of the valve is 1/2 inch for the shut-off valves in DN20 and DN25, whereas the thread for the shut-off valve in DN32 is 1 inch.

The chrome-plated fitting consists of the rosette with sealing ring, which covers the wall connection for flush-mounted installation. For surface mounting, the rosette is not required. The upper part of the valve made of brass can be covered by the chrome-plated cover, which is simply screwed onto the thread of the upper part of the valve. Last but not least, the chrome-plated components also include the bonnet handle, which is turned to close and open the circuit. This can be identified by the supplied screw caps in red and blue to mark the hot and cold water lines respectively.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Aqua-Plus PP-R fitting in white for shut-off valves with internal thread
  • 1 x Aqua-Plus brass valve top in 60mm length
  • 1 x Chrome valve cover and rosette with sealing ring
  • 1 x Chrome-plated bonnet handle with brass screw
  • 1 x screw cap in red and blue
  • 1 x protective cover for flush mounting

Properties of the PP-R shut-off valve

The Aqua-Plus PP-R shut-off valve is used to open and close water-carrying pipes and, unlike a ball valve, allows the flow rate to be regulated evenly. However, the direction of flow must be observed during installation. The fitting is made of high-quality polypropylene random copolymer in plain white, so it blends in perfectly with our white Aqua-Plus PP-R system pipes. The plastic, modified by copolymerisation with small amounts of polyethylene, has lower brittleness and higher impact strength than conventional polypropylene. The positive properties, which include food-safe and drinking water approval, are not impaired by this modification, so that the shut-off valve is suitable for transport lines for drinking water. This is guaranteed by compliance with strict DIN and EU standards and proven by certification according to SKZ and DVGW. The valve bonnet, which has a length of 60mm for flush mounting, is made of high-quality brass and has extremely durable seals made of EPDM.

The shut-off valve has a temperature resistance of up to +95°C and can therefore be used equally for all hot water pipes in the sanitary sector. In addition to water pipes for drinking water supply in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, this also includes heating pipes, transport pipes of solar and geothermal systems or hot water pipes in industry. The valve can also be used for cold water, for example for garden irrigation, or for pool and pond pipes. In order to be able to distinguish between cold and hot water, two small screw caps in red and blue are included in the scope of delivery, which can be placed centrally on the bonnet handle and thus simultaneously cover the brass screw that connects the rotary handle to the valve top.

The shut-off valve can also be used outdoors. The fitting made of white polypropylene is UV-stabilised for outdoor use and for optimum sealing when flush-mounted, the rosette is fitted with a sealing ring that prevents dust, moisture and rain from penetrating the masonry. Even though the Aqua-Plus system is resistant to -10°C, care should be taken in sub-zero temperatures to ensure that unprotected pipes do not carry water outdoors.

Size overview of the concealed shut-off valves made of PP-R

  • PP-R Shut-off valve DN20x1/2": For PP-R pipes with Ø outside 20mm-Thread (valve unit) Ø 1/2"
  • PP-R Shut-off valve DN25x1/2":For PP-R pipes with Ø outside 25mm-thread (valve unit) Ø 1/2"
  • PP-R Shut-off valve DN32x1":For PP-R pipes with Ø outside 32mm-Thread (valve unit) Ø 1"

Processing of the shut-off valve with bonnet handle for PP-R pipes

To use the shut-off valve within a PP-R pipe system, it must be integrated into the pipeline by welding it to the two pipe ends. However, with a socket welder this process is done in a few minutes. To do this, the pipe must be inserted into the heating socket, and at the same time the pipe socket of the fitting must be placed on the heating mandrel. As soon as the heating time has elapsed, they should be pushed into each other without delay until the insertion depth, which depends on the pipe diameter, is reached. The insertion must be straight and without twisting. Straight means that an axial deviation of 3° must not be exceeded in order to ensure high pressure resistance and absolute tightness of the joint. As soon as the welded joint has cooled down sufficiently, the second pipe can be welded on the opposite side.

WARNING: When installing the shut-off valve, the direction of flow must be observed. This is marked on both sides of the fitting by directional arrows. This is the only way to ensure that the high pressure resistance and function of the valve is maintained.

To ensure an overview of the different times for heating and cooling, as well as the insertion depths, we have created a separate data sheet for each diameter, in which the processing parameters are clearly presented. These assembly data sheets, which are available in the data sheets tab, also contain important information on the assembly of PP-R pipes. This includes, among other things, information on the spacing of the pipe clips, the linear expansion and the pressure resistances, all of which are dependent on the temperature of the transport fluids, such as hot water pipes.

After both pipes have been welded to the fitting, the valve upper part can be screwed into the internal thread. In the case of flush-mounted installation, a plastic cap serves to protect against soiling when plastering the wall, which can be removed after the plaster layer has dried. The chrome-plated valve cover is then screwed onto the thread provided. Pliers should not be used for this so as not to scratch the chrome surface. The rosette is simply pushed over the valve cover until it rests on the wall. A sealing ring ensures a tight fit and prevents moisture from penetrating. Finally, the bonnet handle is placed on the valve and screwed tight with the cross-head screw made of brass. The screw is covered by small plastic covers, which are included in the scope of delivery for marking in blue for cold water pipes and red for hot water pipes.

NOTE: If the shut-off valve is used for pipelines that are laid on the plaster, the valve can be installed immediately after screwing in the upper part of the valve. The protective cover made of PE and the chrome-plated rosette are not required in this case.

Technical data of the weldable shut-off valve made of white PP-R

  • Product type: Shut-off valve
  • Material (Fitting): Polypropylene random copolymer
  • Material (Valve): Brass
  • Material (Fitting): Metal chrome plated
  • Edition: Fitting with welded joint
  • Mounting type: Flush-mounted (surface-mounting possible)
  • Outer pipe diameter: 20,0mm-32,0mm
  • Change of direction: Without
  • Temperature resistance: -10°C-+95°C
  • Food approval: Yes
  • Drinking water approval: Yes
  • DVGW certified: Yes
  • Corrosion resistance: Excellent
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
VersionShut-off valve
Ø Threadvaries
Dimensions (W/H/D)varies
Insertion depthvaries
Heating timevaries
Cooling timevaries
MaterialPolypropylene random copolymer
UV resistanceUV stabilized

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