S-Polybond professional silicone gun

The S-Polybond professional silicone gun is designed for professional use by craftsmen and ambitious DIY enthusiasts who demand high quality and is suitable for all conventional silicones and acrylics in the 310ml standard cartridge, as well as for MS polymers in the 290ml standard cartridge. Highest quality at best prices directly from the manufacturer.

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S-Polybond silicone gun for professional use

Our S-Polybond silicone gun for standard cartridges is made entirely of robust metal (aluminium and steel) and is suitable for professional use in the trade or for private users with high demands on quality and workmanship. The skeleton gun can be used with all standard silicone cartridges with a filling capacity of 310ml. In addition, acrylics in standard cartridges are also compatible, as are our MS polymers in 290ml standard cartridges.

Properties of the S-Polybond silicone gun

The rotary drum allows the cartridge holder to be rotated 360 degrees. The rubberised sticker of our own brand provides an increased grip when turning the cartridge holder, even with wet hands. Another plus point in terms of handling is the extra-long, ergonomically shaped handle, which not only helps to ensure that the silicone can be applied with less effort, but also prevents slipping off the handle. The automatic interruption also prevents silicone from running on, as is often the case with cheap silicone presses from discount stores or DIY stores.

In order to meet the demands of professional users - for example in the painting trade or window construction - the metal housing is completely coated with a 2-component paint in black. The extra wide clamping jaws of the cartridge holder also withstand high pressure on the cartridge, making the silicone gun, despite its comparatively light skeleton construction, also suitable for viscous masses and not only for sealants with a high viscosity. All components subject to stress, starting with the cartridge holder, through the feed mechanism to the feed rod, are made of an extra-hardened material so that the silicone gun does not show any material fatigue even after many years of use.

Thanks to the stepless feed, even inexperienced users can apply the adhesives and sealants extremely evenly and also ensure very precise dosing. The very high transmission ratio of 18:1 makes application almost effortless. With commercially available, cheap silicone guns, the transmission ratio is usually only 7:1; a few have a ratio of 10:1.

Advantages of the S-Polybond silicone gun

  1. Our S-Polybond silicone gun is a lightweight skeleton gun in an extremely robust design
  2. Our S-Polybond silicone gun has extra wide clamping jaws for maximum stability
  3. Our S-Polybond silicone gun features an increased pressure load capacity of the feed mechanism
  4. Our S-Polybond silicone gun features a very high ratio of 18:1
  5. Our S-Polybond silicone gun has an automatic stop thanks to an overrun brake
  6. Our S-Polybond silicone gun has a rotary drum and can be rotated 360 degrees
  7. Our S-Polybond silicone gun has a non-slip, ergonomic handle
  8. Our S-Polybond silicone gun has an extra long lever for less effort
  9. Our S-Polybond silicone gun is made of metal with black 2-component coating
  10. Our S-Polybond silicone gun has a ladder hook at the end of the feed rod

Areas of application for the S-Polybond silicone gun

  1. Our S-Polybond silicone gun can be used for all standard 310ml silicone cartridges
  2. Our S-Polybond silicone gun is suitable for our MS polymers in the 290ml standard cartridge
  3. Our S-Polybond silicone gun can be used for 2-component adhesives in special 1K cartridges
  4. Our S-Polybond silicone gun is equally suitable for viscous masses as well as high-viscosity silicones
  5. Our S-Polybond silicone gun ensures a constant flow of material thanks to infinitely variable feed
  6. Our S-Polybond silicone gun is suitable for both private users and professional craftsmen

Using the S-Polybond silicone gun

The silicone gun has a slightly extended cartridge holder, which ensures that the cartridges can be changed quickly and easily. The infinitely variable, smooth feed ensures extremely even and precise dispensing. The integrated overrun brake prevents unwanted overrun of the adhesives and sealants thanks to the automatic interruption and enables clean and loss-free working. The high ratio of 18:1 (this means that with 10 N of pressure exerted on the handle, 180 N of pressure is exerted on the cartridge), in combination with the extra-long lever, also makes it possible to work continuously with our silicone gun without premature signs of muscle fatigue.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
Adhesive typeNo
filling quantity in mlN/A
Color designationSchwarz matt
Color accuracyNo
RAL color codeN/A

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