Robust cartridge press POINT High Tack

The robust metal POINT High Tack cartridge press has a triple slide and allows stepless dosing of all adhesives and sealants in standard cartridges up to 310ml.

✓ Precise dopsing
✓ Extremely stable metal housing
✓ High translation ratio of 1:18
✓ Drip stop function included
✓ Ladder hook included
✓ Especially for tough sealants

The POINT High Tack silicone gun - Especially for tough MS polymers and sealants.

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POINT High Tack cartridge press - The robust one

Very stable design ✓ Perfect for MS polymers ✓ Very precise dosing ✓

With the POINT High Tack, we offer an extremely robust cartridge press that is particularly suitable for low-viscosity adhesives and sealants. Thanks to the solid mechanics and the triple slide, even very tough MS polymers can be processed effortlessly and safely. The smooth-running lever mechanism is stepless. This ensures even, precise application of adhesives and sealants. Thanks to the high gear ratio of 1:18, there is no need to worry about premature hand muscle fatigue, even with tough sealants.

With the sturdy gun, however, you are not limited to MS polymers, because POINT High Tack is suitable for all commercially available silicones, acrylic sealants and adhesives in standard cartridges with a filling capacity of up to 310ml. For clean working, the model has a drip-stop function to prevent the sealant from running on.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x POINT High Tack cartridge gun

Features of the POINT High Tack cartridge press

With the POINT High Tack we offer a special form of cartridge presses, which has been specially developed for very tough adhesives with low viscosity. The very sturdy construction is most obvious from the robust pusher, which consists of three solid steel rods. The pusher ring is also made of solid steel and, at almost 4mm thick, is almost three times as thick as conventional cartridge presses. For maximum stability, the skeleton body of the cartridge holder is also fully welded. In conventional cartridge presses, only the spot-welding method is used here, in which the individual components are joined together by small welding spots. However, the construction of the POINT High Tack also has a small disadvantage, because with 920 grams of its own weight, the gun is no lightweight and weighs about 25% more than our professional cartridge press GUDFOR Heavy Duty.

For a cartridge press that is primarily aimed at professional users and do-it-yourselfers with high demands on quality, the POINT High Tack naturally has a smooth feed that can be operated steplessly. This is a decisive advantage, especially when bonding small parts with an MS polymer, as this is the only way to guarantee precise and consistent dosing. With a transmission ratio of 1:18, processing all adhesives and sealants is very easy and does not require a great deal of force. Of course, a drip-stop function is also integrated, which can be triggered effortlessly with the thumb thanks to the ergonomic design. The generously dimensioned ladder hook at the end of the middle slide is not only used for hanging on the ladder or scaffolding when both hands are required to apply the objects to be glued, but is also needed for manual guidance of the slide when a cartridge is to be changed or inserted.

Advantages of the POINT High Tack at a glance

  • Very robust design made of powder-coated metal with triple slider
  • Especially for low-viscosity adhesives and sealants, e.g. MS polymers
  • Compatible with all silicones, acrylics and MS polymers in 310ml cartridges
  • Thanks to the integrated drip stop, the adhesives and sealants do not run or drip
  • The smooth-running, stepless mechanism allows for consistent application
  • Thanks to infinitely variable feed, precise and even application of the sealant is possible
  • The high gear ratio of 1:18 ensures effortless application of sealants
  • The gun can be hung up with the ladder hook to change the cartridge

Handling of the POINT High Tack cartridge press

To insert the cartridge into the cartridge press, the robust slide must be pulled in advance. To do this, it is necessary to hold down the locking button with the thumb and pull the slider on the ladder hook all the way back. Subsequently, the cartridge with the cartridge tip at the front can be guided through the round opening and then inserted into the cartridge holder until it rests completely in the skeleton body. In the last step, the slide is again guided forward until the solid pusher ring abuts against the piston inside the silicone cartridge. For this process, too, the large locking button must be held with the thumb.

To remove the cartridge, the lock must be released again and the triple slider on the hook pulled backwards until it is completely pulled out. Now the cartridge can be removed from the cartridge holder. With some cartridges, the tip is attached to the cartridge by a ring. If the tip was screwed onto the cartridge after it was inserted, it may be necessary to unscrew it before removing the cartridge.

To apply adhesives and sealants, simply pull the handle lever. This is shaped so that it lies comfortably in the hand and ensures a good grip even with wet or sweaty hands. The pusher, consisting of three solid steel rods, slides effortlessly and easily controllable into the cartridge and presses even the toughest adhesive mass out of the cartridge. The stepless feed allows very precise dispensing, even in narrow joints and gaps. The locking button, which simultaneously triggers the drip-stop mechanism, can be very easily operated with the thumb so that no more silicone, acrylic or adhesive escapes from the cartridge tip in the event of interruptions in the application of sealant.

TIP: The occasional cleaning of the cartridge gun after use not only helps to keep the cartridge gun visually attractive for a long time, but can also have an effect on the service life of the gun. Especially MS polymers should be wiped with a damp cloth before curing to maintain the technical and optical integrity of the cartridge gun.

Technical data POINT High Tack cartridge press

  • Product type: Cartridge gun
  • Material: Metal (lacquered, partially powder-coated)
  • Colour: Red, Black
  • Diameters: approx. 38cm (62cm)x22cmx6cm
  • Weight (without cartridge): 920 grams
  • Translation ratio: 1:18
  • Stepless feed: Yes
  • Cartridge holder rotatable: No
  • Drip stop: Yes
  • Ladder hook: Yes
  • Ergonomically shaped: Yes
  • One-hand operation: Possible
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialMetal (lacquered, partially powder-coated)

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