Cartridge gun FOME FLEX Black Edition

The inexpensive FOME FLEX Black Edition cartridge gun has a powder-coated metal housing and a stepless mechanism and is suitable for all silicones, paint acrylics and MS polymers in standard cartridges up to 310ml.

✓ Stepless dosing
✓ High quality metal housing
✓ Translation ratio 1:14
✓ Drip-stop function included
✓ Ladder hook included
✓ Ergonomic design

The FOME FLEX Silicone Gun in the Black Edition - Uncompromising value for money despite craftsman quality

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Silicone gun FOME FLEX Black Edition - The value for money

High-quality and inexpensive ✓ Including drip stop ✓ Easy, precise dosing ✓

The FOME FLEX Black Edition cartridge gun is a high-quality silicone gun with an excellent price-performance ratio. The gun, which is also suitable for professional users, impresses with its comparatively low weight, very easy handling and ergonomic design. The robust metal housing with black powder coating, as well as the smooth-running mechanism, guarantee an enormous service life.

The simple gun is suitable for all standard cartridges for processing silicone, acrylic or MS polymers with a filling quantity of up to 310ml. The stepless feed enables precise dosing of the sealants and adhesives. For clean working, the silicone gun is equipped with a drip stop.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x cartridge gun FOME FLEX Black Edition

Features of the inexpensive silicone gun FOME FLEX Black Edition

The FOME FLEX Black Edition silicone gun is a simple yet very high-quality cartridge gun in skeleton construction. The advantage of this construction is a low weight and at the same time very high stability. The solid metal housing is completely powder-coated in black. The ergonomic design of the handle always provides a secure grip and sits well in the hand. For more flexibility when applying sealants, the cartridge holder can be rotated. Especially when the cartridge tip is cut at an angle, this is a positive aspect and makes handling much easier.

Even the cheapest silicone gun in our online shop does not have to do without useful functions, such as the infinitely variable feed, which allows precise, even application of the MS polymer, or the drip-stop function.

To keep your hands free when changing the cartridge or to smooth out the freshly applied silicone, the silicone gun is equipped with a hook for hanging. This is a useful feature, especially when sealing at ceiling height, because you don't always have to climb down the ladder and back up again.

Advantages of the FOME FLEX Black Edition at a glance

  • Durable, stable design with powder-coated metal housing
  • Suitable for all common, single-component standard 310ml cartridges
  • The drip stop allows clean working without the sealant running on
  • Suitable for all conventional silicones, painter’s acrylics or MS polymers
  • Precise application thanks to stepless feed with a ratio of 1:14
  • Rotatable cartridge holder facilitates change of direction when sealing
  • Low own weight and ergonomic design for fatigue-free working
  • Thanks to the integrated ladder hook, the hands are also free on the ladder when needed

Handling of the cartridge gun FOME FLEX Black Edition

To seal windows and expansion joints, or to fill corners and cracks with acrylic before painting, the cartridge must be inserted into the silicone gun. To do this, the slide must be pulled out completely while holding down the lock on the back of the gun. Then insert the cartridge tip through the front circular opening and place the cartridge in the cartridge holder. To prevent it from falling out again immediately, the slide must be pushed forward again while the lock is released by holding the lever.

The cartridge is changed in reverse order. First loosen the slider completely by pulling it out as far as it will go and then remove the cartridge. Some cartridge tips have an additional eyelet. If such a tip was screwed on after the cartridge was inserted, it must be unscrewed again before removing the cartridge. Otherwise it may well happen that the cartridge tip cannot be pulled through the round opening at the front of the gun.

The processing of silicones, painter's acrylics or other adhesives and sealants in conventional cartridges is done in simple, successive steps. In the first, the cartridge is inserted as described above and - if not already done - cut open with a cutter knife. After the tip has also been unscrewed and cut to the desired diameter, the sealant can be applied into the joint or onto the surface. To do this, the handle lever must be pulled until the desired flow rate matches in quantity and speed. The stepless feed is not a matter of course with such a simple gun, but it makes it much easier to apply the sealant evenly. After the sealant has been applied, the locking lever is pressed briefly, which triggers the drip-stop mechanism and prevents the silicone from running. Finally, if necessary, the joint can be smoothed out with a joint smoother or finger and the silicone cartridge removed.

TIP: The powder-coated housing in satin black is easy to clean. In principle, tools - including the silicone gun - should be cleaned of adhesions and impurities after use. Especially if the cross-linking of sealants has not yet been completed, these can be easily removed with a damp cloth and a little soap solution. This keeps the silicone gun in good condition for many years.

Technical data FOME FLEX Black Edition cartridge gun

  • Product type: Cartridge gun
  • Material: Metal (powder-coated)
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: approx. 37cm (60cm)x22cmx6cm
  • Weight (without cartridge): 710 Grams
  • Translation ratio: 1:14
  • Stepless feed: Yes
  • Cartridge holder rotable: Yes
  • Drip stop: Yes
  • Ladder hook: Yes
  • Ergonomically shaped: Yes
  • One-hand operation: Possible
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialMetal (powder-coated)

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