Alkoxy silicone RAL7005 (Mouse grey)

The absolutely weatherproof alkoxy silicone SILIKONprofi in mouse grey (RAL 7005) is a permanently elastic adhesive and sealant of our own brand S-Polybond. The silicone in professional quality is 100% Meko-free and has excellent adhesion to almost all common materials.

✓ Absolutely MEKO-free
✓ Odourless
✓ UV & weather resistant
✓ Optimally adjusted viscosity
✓ Best workability

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S-Polybond SILIKONprofi Mouse grey (RAL 7005)

100% MEKO-free ✓ Enormously resistant to ageing ✓ Absolutely weatherproof ✓

The absolutely MEKO-free silicone SILIKONprofi in mouse grey (RAL 7005) is a neutral-curing adhesive and sealant of our own brand S-Polybond. The processing and curing of our alkoxy silicone is largely odourless, which means that it can be used even in poorly ventilated interiors without any strong odours. The permanently elastic silicone is characterised by excellent UV and weather resistance and, with its very high resistance to ageing, is first-class for permanent outdoor use.

The mouse-grey premium silicone is manufactured according to the RAL colour system and is subject to regular quality controls during and after production, which ensure uniform pigmentation and a consistently high viscosity. Thanks to the perfectly matched pasty consistency, our high-quality sealant in mouse grey is quite easy to process and exhibits excellent adhesion to almost all conceivable materials used in the construction industry. Even for sealing and sealing materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion, our silicone is ideally suited due to its excellent elasticity.

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    Scope of delivery:
  • 1x Premium-Silicone SILIKONprofi RAL7005 (Mouse grey) 310ml Standard cartridge

NOTE: A conventional silicone syringe for one-component standard cartridges is required for sealant application.

Properties of the mouse grey alkoxy-based silicone

Our mouse grey premium silicone SILIKONprofi in RAL 7005 is a high-quality alkoxy-based adhesive and sealant and is available in a 310ml standard cartridge. In contrast to acetic-curing silicones, the processing and curing of our neutral-curing sealant is largely odourless. When using conventional oxime-based silicones, there is a possible health hazard due to the release of 2-butanone oxime, as the so-called MEKOs are suspected of causing cancer. As a result of the absolutely MEKO-free formulation, our alkoxy silicone is considered harmless to health and environmentally friendly. For this reason, it can be used indoors and outdoors without hesitation.

The silicone sealant in mouse grey (RAL 7005) is produced according to the RAL colour system. This is a colour catalogue used worldwide with a palette of standardised colours in which each colour is assigned a unique number. This RAL colour number enables a perfect colour match of the materials to be used. In order to ensure consistent and continuous pigmentation, all silicones of our own brand S-Polybond are subject to regular quality controls during and after production.

Due to its excellent resistance to UV radiation, the strong mouse-grey colour of our high-quality silicone does not fade or yellow, even after years of outdoor use. Thanks to the generous temperature range of -50°C to +150°C, reliable sealing protection is guaranteed even in the event of strong temperature changes and the most adverse weather conditions. Acid rain, deepest frost or strong sunlight do not affect the excellent permanently elastic properties of our sealant at all. With our extremely age-resistant silicone, there is no need to worry about premature renewal of maintenance joints outdoors, which would involve a great deal of work and expense.

Our silicone sealant in RAL7005 has exceptionally good adhesion to almost all conceivable materials. These include aluminium, steel, glass, tiles, sand-lime brick, PVC and many more. Thanks to the extremely high elasticity and a permissible deformation of 25%, this is even the case when sealing materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion. This means that permanently elastic connection joints between ceramic worktops and wall panelling made of treated wood can be implemented perfectly with our premium sealant.

Silicones are often used for sealing and waterproofing in damp rooms or sanitary areas because of their extremely water-resistant properties. Our premium sealant in RAL 7005 is also equipped with fungicide, which effectively prevents the development of mould, even in the case of strong and long-lasting exposure to moisture. Sealing of sensitive surfaces, such as enamel bathtubs and washbasins, glazed ceramic tiles and shower walls made of glass or plastic, can be implemented without hesitation using our solvent- and acid-free alkoxy silicone.

WARNING: Our silicone sealant in mouse grey has very good adhesion to natural stone. However, untreated natural stone can tend to discolour at the edges, so compatibility should be checked in advance on an inconspicuous area or a leftover piece.

Technical data of SILIKONprofi in RAL7005

  • Type of sealant: Polysiloxane
  • Colour designation: Mouse grey
  • RAL colour code: RAL7005
  • Density: 1,20g/ml
  • Shore hardness: 23 according to ISO 868
  • Elongation at break: Approx. 300% according to ISO 8339
  • Elastic recovery: Approx. 90% according to ISO 7389
  • Permissible deformation: Max. 25% according to ISO 11600
  • Voltage values: 0,36 N/mm2according to ISO 8339
  • Temperature resistance: -50°C - +150°C
  • VOC-Emission class: A+
  • Ageing resistance: Excellent
  • UV resistance: Excellent
  • Weather resistance: Excellent

Processing of Silicone SILIKONprofi in Mouse grey

The ready-to-use sealant in mouse grey is quite easy to apply thanks to the perfectly adjusted viscosity. At an optimal processing temperature of +5°C to +30°C, the silicone is applied evenly and sufficiently into the joint to be sealed. This is followed by the smoothing process, during which excess material is removed with a joint smoother. A joint smoothing agent can facilitate the removal of the joint and contribute to a better result with regard to the appearance of the joint. The working time is about 10 minutes before the skin starts to form and varies depending on the specific prevailing temperatures during application. Once curing is complete, our silicone has an outstanding temperature resistance of -50°C to +150°C, which means that our grey silicone can be used for all common applications without any problems.

Before starting to apply the sealant SILIKONprofi in strong grey, the surfaces to be sealed should be thoroughly cleaned of dust, dirt and grease and also dried thoroughly. To avoid impairing adhesion, the use of cleaning oils or corrosive silicone removers is not recommended. A suitable cleaning agent would be, for example, our S-Polybond PLASTICclean. This is available in the practical 500ml spray bottle in our shop and enables optimal preparation of the surfaces and consequently perfect adhesion of the silicone joints.

In addition to sealing, the mouse-grey silicone is also very well suited for quick and easy bonding of joined parts with a relatively low dead weight or large bonding surface. For this purpose, it is applied to the surfaces to be bonded using a conventional cartridge press. Since curing takes place through contact with atmospheric moisture, the application should be in the form of dots, stripes or waves. The parts to be joined are then fixed in their final position and pressed firmly together until the adhesive and sealant in RAL 7005 has fully cured.

Processing properties of SILIKONprofi in Mouse grey

  • Odour formation: Neutral, weak
  • Hardening system: Cross linking due to humidity
  • Curing speed: 1 - 2mm after 24 hours
  • Skin formation: Approx. 10min. at 23°C
  • Processing time: Approx. 10min. at 23°C
  • Processing temperature: +5°C - +30°C
  • Storage temperature: +5°C - +25°C
  • Shelf life: 15 months (unopened)

NOTE: The cartridge of the silicone in mouse grey should always be sealed airtight after opening. For optimum shelf life, the sealant should be stored in a dry and cool place, at temperatures between +5°C and +25°C.

Application examples for our premium silicone in mouse grey

In exterior architecture, plaster facades made of mouse-grey concrete plaster are extremely popular, as soiling due to weathering is less noticeable than on white exterior facades. Thanks to its extremely high resistance to weathering and UV radiation, our silicone in RAL 7005 is ideally suited for permanently elastic connection joints, for example between aluminium window frames and concrete plaster facades. Due to its excellent elasticity, our extremely ageing-resistant sealant is the perfect choice for durable sealing of connection joints between the substructure of a patio roof and a solid stone wall. The weatherproof properties ensure durable sealing protection, even in the event of strong temperature fluctuations or long-lasting heavy rain.

Due to its fungicidal properties, our sealant is an excellent choice for hygienic connection joints in commercial kitchens. Between a modern kitchen island made of stainless steel and an easy-care PVC floor covering in a trendy concrete look, the mouse-grey silicone offers outstanding sealing protection against the penetration of moisture and dirt. In addition to floor coverings, mouse grey is a very popular colour for wall design in living areas. Therefore, our silicone in RAL 7005 is ideally suited for inconspicuous expansion joints between a mouse-grey non-woven wallpaper and plastic floor trims.

Since our highly elastic silicone in RAL 7005 has excellent adhesion to countless materials, it is very well suited for bonding. Simple bonding, such as attaching a wall mirror to a tiled wall, is perfectly possible without tedious drilling or stubborn adhesive residues. When bonding parts with a high dead weight or objects that are subject to a high tensile force, it is advisable to use an assembly adhesive. The MS-Polymer Parabond 600 in grey available from us has a first-class adhesive strength and is perfectly suited for such demanding bonding.

  • Our UV-resistant silicone in mouse grey is ideally suited for permanently elastic waterproofing of buildings
  • In terrace construction, our agering-resistant silicone in mouse grey is used for weatherproof connection joints
  • For inconspicuous expansion joints in living areas, the mouse grey silcone sealant is perfectly suitable
  • In commercial kitchens, our sealant in mouse grey is used for mould-inhibiting sealants
  • and much more

Safety instructions for processing silicone sealant SILIKONprofi

During the application of the silicone SILIKONprofi in mouse grey (RAL7005), please ensure sufficient fresh air supply and pay attention to the information on personal protective equipment. Before starting to apply the sealant, the safety sheet as well as the technical data sheet for our alkoxy silicone should also be observed. In addition, adhesives or silicones should always be stored so that they are out of reach of children.

    Hazard statements according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008

  1. EUH208 - Contains N-(2-aminoethyl)-N'-[3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ethylenediamine, 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane,
    N-(3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl) ethylenediamine. May cause allergic reactions.
  2. EUH210 - Safety data sheet available on request.
  3. EUH211 - Caution! Spraying may produce hazardous respirable droplets. Do not inhale aerosol or mist.

The full wording of the hazard statements and the safety instructions for the silicone sealant S-Polybond SILIKONprofi Alkoxy-F in mouse grey (RAL7005) is given in section 16 para. 1 of the safety data sheet.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
Adhesive typeSilicone
filling quantity in ml310
Color designationMouse grey
Color accuracyProduction according to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL7005

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