ABS Regenerated Black grained 2x1 Meter

Buy ABS sheets (regenerated) in black with a grained surface on one side as a standard sheet online. The 2x1 metre sheets are available in thicknesses of 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm or 10mm and have a medium grain on one side and a smooth surface on the other. 100% recycled material ✓ 100% quality Made in Germany ✓

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Black ABS sheets with grain on one side in standard format - 100% recycled material ✓

Our black ABS Regenerate consisting of recycled material, is available as a standard panel in 2x1 metre format in thicknesses of 1mm-10mm. The surface of the solid plastic sheets is smooth on one side and has a medium grain on the other. The surface structure of the grained side is strongly reminiscent of the structure of fine leather, as can be seen quite clearly in the detailed photo. To ensure colour consistency throughout the cut edges and surfaces, the ABS sheets are fully dyed throughout. The black colour is similar to RAL 9005 (jet black). The ABS recycled sheets are delivered without protective film.

ABS Regenerated grained as a whole sheet to cut yourself

In addition to the ABS sheets made from regenerated material, our standard sheets are also available in thicknesses of 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm or 10mm. Simply select the sheet thickness you need and the quantity you require. The price calculation is done in real time depending on the weight of your configuration and takes quantity discounts into account fully automatically.

Thanks to constant stocking in our main warehouse for all thicknesses of our ABS regenerates, fast delivery times for our standard sheets are guaranteed and are usually handed over to the dispatch department on the next working day. Depending on the thickness and total weight of the order, delivery takes place as a roll with our parcel service provider or on a pallet with our partner freight forwarder.

Properties of ABS Regenerated in black with surface grain

ABS Regenerate are ABS sheets made from 100% recycled material

Recycled sheets made of ABS regenerate are pure recycled ABS material and therefore have comparable properties. The impact resistance typical of ABS is also retained in the recycled plastic sheets. Also comparable is the good chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, fuels, oils and greases. Like ABS from virgin material, ABS regenerate is not resistant to solvents and is also not UV and weather resistant, so that the sheets are not suitable for outdoor applications. Therefore, for outdoor applications, we recommend our grained ASA/ABS sheets in black, whose ASA surface is UV-resistant. However, these are not made of recycled material. For indoor use, or in areas where the sheets are not exposed to UV radiation, our recycled sheets made of ABS regrind can be used without any problems.

Not only cheaper but also better for the environment

Often it does not have to be a plastic sheet made from virgin material. For most purposes, plastic sheets made from the same recycled plastic can also be used without any problems. This is not only good for the environment, because for the production of recycled sheets, plastic scraps and waste from sorted material are recycled and thus do not end up in waste incineration plants, but is also significantly cheaper, because the expensive extraction of raw materials can be dispensed with.

Less work and less plastic waste thanks to millimetre-precise cutting

Depending on the intended use, our panels in standard format still need to be cut to the desired size. Cutting the whole sheets with dimensions of 2000mm length and 1000mm width is very easy to do, but we also offer you these sheets cut to the millimetre at a favourable price, so that you can save the work of cutting them to size. In addition to the time saved for cutting the ABS regenerated sheets, your advantages are, above all, lower prices, because any waste cuttings will not be charged to you and will be used for further cuts or recycled professionally. Furthermore, you do not have to dispose of offcuts and thus protect the environment.

Examples of the use of standard ABS Regenerated sheets

The areas of application for our black ABS regenerates with grained surface are basically no different from the application possibilities for comparable sheets made from virgin material. The only notable exceptions are thermoforming and applications with very high demands on the appearance of the surface. Despite pure recycled material, it can never be 100% ruled out that small amounts of foreign plastics are contained.

In workshops, the sheets are excellently suited as a base or for the production of collection containers for grease, fuel or waste oil due to their very good chemical resistance. These impact-resistant sheets made of ABS recycled material can also be used as impact-resistant workbench bases or wall cladding and are a significantly cheaper alternative to comparable ABS sheets made of virgin material.

In plant construction, our ABS sheets with a grained surface can be used very well for visually appealing and easy-to-clean covers and machine claddings that must have a high dielectric strength and do not splinter in case of impacts.

But ABS is also a perfect impact protection for walls and vehicles, for example in warehouses with forklift traffic or loading ramps for trucks.

ABS is also a perfect impact protection for walls and vehicles, for example in warehouses with forklift traffic or loading ramps for trucks. The inexpensive plastic sheets are also very suitable for the interior linings of delivery vehicles and construction site vehicles, as they are very easy to cut into the desired shape and, depending on the thickness, have a certain flexibility in terms of the sheets' pliability.

  • ABS Regenerate as a whole sheet is suitable for robust, flat cladding of industrial plants
  • Standard panels cut to shape are often used as inexpensive workpiece supports and substructures
  • The grained panels are well suited for impact-resistant wall cladding with an attractive appearance
  • For tanks or oil collection pans, the standard panels can be cut to size and glued or welded
  • and many more

Processing of the standard panels made of grained ABS regenerate in black

ABS Regenerate cutting

In the rarest of cases, our standard sheets made of ABS Regenerate are used without further processing, so that they first have to be cut to size. However, the panels in the 2.0x1.0 metre format can easily be cut to the desired size using simple tools. Sawing and routing can be done with conventional woodworking tools. For straight cuts, we recommend a hand-held circular saw with fence or a table saw and to ensure the straightness of the cuts. For radii, shapes and smaller cut-outs, a jigsaw is most suitable. The saw blades should have medium coarse toothing. Wood saw blades could be too coarse, depending on the thickness of the panel, whereas metal saw blades could be too fine toothed. When adjusting the saw, make sure that the speed is not set too high to prevent the saw chip from melting into the cutting edge.

With a CO2 laser system, such as the one we use in our company for our laser cuts, high-precision cuts in individual shapes are also possible. The cutting speed depends on various parameters. The most important factors when laser cutting our ABS recycling sheets are the power of the laser unit and the thickness of the sheet.

NOTE: Instead of cutting yourself, you can also order our black ABS regenerates with grain directly cut to size.

ABS regenerate drilling

For the installation of the panels in standard format with a total area of two square metres, screwing to the subfloor, the wall or a frame construction may be necessary. As a rule, this also requires the drilling of holes. This can be done easily with a cordless screwdriver and a drill for metal. Since the recycled panels are pure ABS recycled material with the same properties as ABS from virgin material, the panels are extremely resistant to impacts, which also has an effect on the splintering behaviour. Chipping or splintering during drilling is therefore not to be expected, even when drilling freehand without a firm base.

ABS regenerate bonding

Our black ABS standard panels made of recycled material can be used as wall cladding by using an assembly adhesive. Our MS polymer Parabond 600 is particularly suitable for this purpose. It is characterised by enormous adhesive strength with very high initial adhesion to almost all substrates such as concrete, stone, ceramics, glass or wood. For bonding ABS regenerates to each other, as well as to many other plastics, our ABS adhesiveABSprofi from our own brand S-Polybond, which bonds the sheets in a cold welding process, is most suitable. This adhesive has another advantage, because it does not affect the recyclability of the panels and completely evaporates during curing. Finally, it should be mentioned that ABS can be excellently welded with a suitable welding rod. Both ABS regenerates with each other and regenerate with ABS virgin material.

ABS regenerate thermoforming

Thermoforming is not possible with the grained sheets made of black ABS regrind. The sheets are recycled material that, despite careful separation and strict quality controls, may well contain minimal inclusions of foreign plastics that could push through the surface, especially with a high stretch ratio. Instead, we recommend our black ABS standard sheets for thermoforming. As an alternative for thermoformed parts with a grained surface, our ASA/ABS plates in black with grained surface can be used.

NOTE: We do not guarantee the quality of thermoformed parts made from our black ABS sheets of regenerated material.

Dispose of ABS regrind correctly

If you cut the standard ABS regrind sheets to size yourself, you can easily dispose of the edge trimmings in the yellow bin or the yellow bag. In the event that you regularly process ABS and thus possibly accumulate larger quantities of cutting residues, these can certainly be sold to interested extruders or recycling companies, provided that they are separated according to type. However, the whole thing is only worthwhile if the volume is quite large, but it offers the advantage that the waste is cleaned, shredded (coarsely crushed), ground and dedusted so that it can be used again to make plastic sheets from ABS recycling material. This process can be repeated almost as often as required for ABS (and many other plastics).

NOTE: The standard panels made of ABS regrind in black do not have a protective film. For this reason, care should be taken during processing, even if small scratches are not particularly noticeable thanks to the surface structure.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Standard width2000
Standart Length1000
Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
MaterialABS Recyclate (recycling material)
UV resistancenot UV resistant
Color accuracyColor similar to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL9005
Color designationJet black

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