ABS sheets white 2x1meter

Shock-resistant ABS sheets in white (similar to RAL 9016, traffic white) in standard format 2.0x1.0 metres in thicknesses from 1mm to 10mm from specialist dealer S-Polytec. The sheets are provided with a protective film on one side - Quality Made In Germany

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ABS sheets in white in standard format

Our ABS sheets in the standard format of 2.0x1.0 metres in the colour white are similar to the colour RAL9016 (traffic white) and are available in thicknesses from 1mm to 10mm. To ensure that both cut edges and surfaces are the same white colour, the panels are fully dyed white throughout. The smooth surface is equipped with a protective film on one side to prevent damage from scratching that could otherwise occur before or during processing.

ABS plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer) has a comparatively high impact strength. Therefore, our standard white ABS sheets are excellent for use as stable bases and enclosures that have to withstand regular shocks and impacts. Thanks to its excellent electrical properties, ABS plastic is also frequently used as insulation housings for electrical appliances in consumer electronics (e.g. TV sets, notebooks, receivers, hi-fi equipment, etc.).

The application temperature of our white ABS sheets is between -10°C and +90°C. At temperatures above the use temperature, ABS begins to soften, so that the white ABS can already be thermally deformed at a low softening temperature of 102°C. For this reason, thermoforming of ABS is a common method in the industrial series production of moulded plastic parts such as housings and switch boxes for the electronics industry or covers and trims in the automotive industry.

As an alternative to our standard white ABS sheets in the 2.0 x 1.0 metre format, you can order our white ABS sheets directly cut to size. Simply enter the required dimensions in millimetres in the input fields and select the thickness. The sheets are cut to the millimetre on one of our computer-controlled saws for horizontal cutting according to your specifications.

Application examples of our ABS sheets in white

  • ABS sheets are ideal for making impact-resistant underlays and protective edges in workshops
  • ABS sheets are excellent for housings in consumer electronics
  • ABS sheets in white are very often processed in industrial production using the thermoforming process
  • ABS sheets in white are used in industry and warehouses as impact and ram protection
  • and many more

Processing of our ABS sheets in white

Our white sheets of ABS plastic in the standard format of 2.0x1.0 metres are rarely used without further processing, but can be brought into the desired format by all known cutting methods such as sawing, milling or sanding, without the need for special tools or machines. Simple woodworking tools are sufficient. The same applies to drilling holes or cutting threads in our ABS sheets. In addition, ABS can also be easily laser cut to achieve polished smooth cut edges or to create individual shapes. Punching with appropriate dies is also a common practice to bring ABS plastic parts into the desired shape, but is mainly used in industrial production.

Our ABS sheets cannot be used permanently outdoors as they are not UV and weather resistant. However, the surfaces can be protected from UV radiation by treating them with a UV protection film or by painting them with a varnish suitable for plastics.

Our white ABS sheets are excellent for gluing. For this purpose, we offer you the cold welding adhesive ABSprofi of our own brand S-Polybond, which was specially developed for bonding ABS plastics with each other or many other plastics. Welding with an ABS welding rod in white is also a joining method that is often used for ABS plastic to ensure a permanent and secure connection.

NOTE: Our standard white ABS sheets have a protective film on one side to protect the surface from scratching. However, the protective film is not thermoformable and should therefore be removed before thermoforming.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Standard width1000
Standart Length2000
Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
UV resistancenot UV resistant
Color accuracyColor similar to RAL color system
RAL color code9016
Color designationTraffic white

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