Acrylic glass grey tinted laser-cut

Configure your individual laser parts made of acrylic glass grey tinted at a reasonable price online and benefit from the flexible, diverse configuration options. Available in 3mm thickness up to 1500mm length and 980mm width. The sheets are transparent and have a reduced light transmission of approx. 24% due to the grey tint.

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Acrylic glass, tinted grey, laser-cut

Our acrylic sheets in grey tinted version are available in laser cut up to a size of 1500mmx980mm. The sheets are transparent and have a reduced light transmission of approx. 24% due to the grey tint. We use only the best quality cast acrylic sheets for our laser cutting. This is the only way to achieve perfect laser cuts with an even, smooth cut edge that is comparable to the gloss level and transparency of the surface.

The tinted acrylic sheets are completely dyed grey throughout. Due to the high and consistent pigmentation of the solid sheets, the cut edges have exactly the same tint as the glossy surfaces.

NOTE: Our tinted acrylic sheets are equipped with an easily removable protective film on both sides to protect the surfaces from scratching before and during processing.

Properties of the grey tinted acrylic glass

Acrylic glass sheets tinted grey are transparent sheets that are tinted grey by adding colour pigments. The attractive pigmentation of the acrylic glass sheets reduces the light transmission and is therefore perfect for regulating the amount of incident light, for example in patio roofs. However, the tinted acrylic sheets are not opaque. You can see through the sheets, but objects behind them are darkened accordingly. The grey tint therefore provides better privacy protection than transparent, crystal-clear acrylic sheets.

Acrylic glass, which is usually also referred to by the brand name Plexiglas, is a UV-resistant plastic. The tinted acrylic glass sheets in grey are no exception. Thanks to their excellent weatherproof properties, the laser-cut sheets can be used both indoors and outdoors without fear of the grey pigmentation fading. The plastic sheets are frost-resistant down to -40°C and can also be used permanently at high temperatures of +80°C.

Another positive property is the low weight of acrylic glass. The specific density of the grey-tinted sheets is 1.19g/cm³. This means that acrylic glass weighs only about half as much as normal glass, but has up to 10 times the impact strength. For this reason, acrylic glass sheets are often used as glass substitutes made of plastic.

  • Acrylic glass grey tinted is weatherproof and UV-resistant and suitable for outdoor applications
  • Tinted grey acrylic glass has a high surface hardness and is relatively scratch-resistant
  • Tinted acrylic glass grey has an impact strength 8 to 10 times higher than glass
  • Tinted acrylic glass grey can be used at temperatures from -40°C to +80°C
  • Tinted acrylic glass grey has a reduced light transmission of approx. 24%
  • Acrylic glass grey tinted is classified as normally combustible (according to DIN 4102 B2, UL94 HB)

Advantages of tinted acrylic glass in grey laser cut

Laser cutting of acrylic sheets offers several advantages that are not possible when cutting with our sheet saws. The biggest advantage is the flexibility in shaping. With our configurator, you can choose from the most common basic shapes and customise them even further. Rectangular cuts with a rounded corner, circles or triangles are also possible in the cut. Holes can also be drilled with just a few clicks of the mouse. When sawing, however, we are limited to rectangular formats.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the cut edge, which appears saw-rough and thus slightly dull when sawn. Through laser cutting, the edges are polished and smooth. This makes the cut edges appear just as clear and shiny as the surfaces of the tinted acrylic sheets. Due to the non-contact cutting with a laser, not only are lower manufacturing tolerances possible, but there is also no burr or sharp cutting edge.

  • Acrylic glass laser parts have a smooth, even cut edge that resembles the surface of the sheet
  • Laser parts can be manufactured with a very high dimensional accuracy thanks to non-contact cutting
  • Laser cutting of acrylic glass means that the blanks do not have sharp edges, so there is no risk of injury
  • Laser cutting offers maximum flexibility for individual shapes made of acrylic glass with a grey tint
  • With our configurator, your laser cuts of acrylic glass grey are configured in no time

NOTE: The maximum size of our acrylic laser parts is limited to 1500mmx980mm.

Post-processing of laser cuts from acrylic glass

Our tinted acrylic sheets are delivered cut exactly to your configuration, so no further cutting is required. In case you still want to make cut-outs or drill holes, you can use simple tools for this. For sawing, you should use a saw blade with medium toothing. For routing, you can use a router bit for woodworking. For drilling holes, a drill bit for metal is recommended. As is usual with all plastics, care should be taken to use a medium speed when processing our acrylic sheets with a grey tint in order to prevent the chip from melting into the cut edge. It is important that the sheet rests on a flat, solid surface during all processing steps to avoid chipping or cracking.

The tinted acrylic glass can be glued and bonded. However, solvent-based adhesives should not be used for laser cuts from extruded sheets, as this leads to stress cracks at the cut edges. However, stress cracks are not to be expected with our laser parts made of the grey-tinted acrylic glass, as we use cast acrylic glass sheets for laser cutting without exception. Due to the manufacturing process, these do not exhibit any internal stresses as is the case with extruded acrylic glass. For bonding our laser parts made of grey PMMA, we use our special PMMAprofi adhesive, which was specially developed for bonding acrylic glass using the cold welding method.

The laser blanks made of acrylic glass are thermoformable. The ideal temperature range is between 150°C and 190°C. When thermoforming, make sure to remove the protective film beforehand, as this is not thermoformable.

  • Laser parts made of acrylic glass grey can be drilled, milled or sawn without any problems
  • Grey acrylic laser parts can be glued with solvent-free adhesives
  • Grey acrylic laser parts can be deep-drawn at temperatures between 150°C and 190°C
  • Laser parts made of grey acrylic glass can be screwed together, e.g. with stainless steel wall brackets

WARNING: Laser cuts made of acrylic glass must not be cleaned with alcohol. This can lead to stress cracks on the laser edges.

More complex shapes and laser engravings on request

On request, we are able to produce laser cuts according to your design drawing. Other colours and thicknesses of our coloured acrylic sheets can also be supplied by laser cutting on request. However, as these are not in stock as standard and have to be called off from the manufacturer, longer delivery times are to be expected. Our friendly advisory team will be happy to inform you about prices and possible delivery dates. Simply call or send us an e-mail with the necessary details and we will provide you with information as quickly as possible.

    Further possibilities of our CO2 laser system on request:

  1. Individual laser cuts according to your drawing in vector format
  2. Individual perforated plates or any desired cut-outs
  3. Laser engravings as logo, lettering or lasered graphics
  4. Reproducible series production of laser cuts
  5. and much more

Plexiglas® is a registered brand name of Röhm GmbH.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Standart Length1520
Standard width1010
Delivery TimeDispatch within 7 working days
UV resistanceUV resistant
Color accuracyColor similar to RAL color system
RAL color codeRAL7026
Color designationGranite grey

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