S-Polybond PMMAclean - Acrylic and plexiglass cleaner 500ml

Our S-Polybond PMMAclean Acrylic and plexiglas cleaner in the reusable 500ml spray bottle is a ready-to-use special cleaner for all acrylic surfaces and makes dull surfaces shiny and smooth again.

✓ Excellent cleaning effect
✓ For all acrylic glass surfaces
✓ Protects against stress cracks
✓ Suitable for many surfaces
✓ Antistatic effect

PMMAclean gently cleans the surface and prevents age-related stress cracks.

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Acrylic and Plexiglas Cleaner S-Polybond PMMAclean

For all acrylic sheets ✓ Cleans and protects ✓ Anti-static effect ✓

With our cleaning agent S-Polybond PMMAclean is a ready-to-use mixture for cleaning acrylic glass and Plexiglas surfaces. It is used for cleaning, refreshing and protecting against stress cracks and is suitable for all surfaces in supermarkets, public facilities and for plastic glazing in caravans and camping areas. PMMAclean has an antistatic effect and thus effectively prevents dust absorption. Thanks to the special protective formula, the cleaner protects the plastic surfaces from age-related stress cracks in the material and thus increases the service life of acrylic glass.

S-Polybond PMMAclean has been specially developed for cleaning acrylic and Plexiglas® surfaces and, in contrast to many other plastic cleaners, does not contain any alcohols or acids, to which acrylic glass has only a low resistance. It is suitable for all acrylic glass sheets, regardless of brand and manufacturer, and ensures gentle cleaning with a long-lasting effect.

Properties of the cleaner S-PolybondPMMAclean

With our special cleaner PMMAclean our own brand S-Polybond, is a ready-mixed product that can be used immediately. Thanks to the infinitely adjustable spray head, the cleaner can be applied to stubborn dirt with pinpoint accuracy or even applied over a wide area with a fine spray mist, as required. The high-quality spray bottle with a capacity of 500 ml can be rinsed out and refilled after use.

S-Polybond PMMAclean does not attack the surfaces and seals and can be used on all surfaces made of polymethyl methacrylate, e.g. acrylic glass XT, acrylic glass GS, Plexiglas®, Setacryl, etc., regardless of whether they are transparent acrylic glass, opal or opaque acrylic glass. Furthermore, the special cleaner is also suitable for coloured or fluorescent acrylic glass without hesitation.

  • PMMAclean is mixed ready for use and can be applied immediately without being diluted
  • PMMAclean can be applied precisely and sparingly due to the infinitely adjustable spray head
  • PMMAclean is ideal for gentle cleaning of plastic glazing in caravans and camping areas
  • PMMAclean cleans gently and makes dull panes and surfaces shiny and smooth again
  • PMMAclean protects acrylic and Plexiglas surfaces and prevents age-related stress cracks
  • PMMAclean contains no alcohols or acids, and does not attack surfaces or seals
  • PMMAclean is completely pH-neutral and therefore not aggressive to skin even after prolonged use

NOTE: When cleaning acrylic and Plexiglas® glass, always use a soft, lint-free cloth and not a microfibre cloth.

Use of PMMAclean cleaning spray

Surface preparation

Coarse dirt build-up on acrylic and Plexiglas surfaces should be gently removed with sufficient clear water before using the special cleaner in order to avoid scratching the surfaces with sand and dirt particles by rubbing them with the cloth. To dissolve stubborn dirt, the following can be used PMMAclean should be sprayed directly onto the affected areas and, after a short exposure time, rinsed off with clean water before the surface is finally cleaned with a cloth.

Dosage of the cleaning agent

For cleaning smaller surfaces, our acrylic glass cleaner can be applied to a cloth and rubbed onto the surface. For larger surfaces, the cleaner can also be sprayed directly onto the surface and rubbed in with a lint-free, soft cloth. Wipe with a dry cloth until the surface is streak-free and dry.

In the case of stubborn dirt or dull surfaces, it is advisable to spray the cleaner directly onto the affected areas and leave it to work for a few minutes. The cleaner can then be sprayed onto a lint-free cloth and rubbed onto the surface. Wipe with a dry cloth.

Do not apply the cleaning agent in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces or surfaces that have been heated too much by the sun in order to achieve a streak-free surface. Only use soft, lint-free cloths for cleaning acrylic glass and Plexiglas surfaces to ensure gentle cleaning of the surfaces. Do not use microfibre cloths to avoid scratching the smooth surfaces.

Processing properties of the acrylic glass cleanerPMMAclean

  • Colour: Colourless
  • pH-Value: approx. 7 (pH-Neutral)
  • Working temperature: from +5 °C up to +35 °C
  • Storage temperature: from +5 °C up to +25 °C
  • Storage capacity: min. 24 months

Safety instructions for use

Before using the acrylic glass cleaner PMMAclean the safety sheet and the technical data sheet should be consulted. In particular, the information on handling and personal protective equipment during processing should be observed. Even if the safety data sheet does not explicitly state this, cleaning agents should always be stored in the original container and out of the reach of children for safety reasons.

Hazard statements according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008

  1. The mixture is not subject to compulsory labelling in the sense of the regulation

Ingredients according to EC recommendation
< 5% non-ionic and anionic surfactants, auxiliaries, fragrances and dyestuffs.

SUSTAINABILITY TIP: After rinsing, the empty bottle is suitable, for example, for spraying indoor plants with tap water. We have specially chosen the label so that it can be easily removed from the bottle without leaving any residue.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
Adhesive typeCleaner
MaterialAcrylic sheets and Plexiglascleaner
filling quantity in ml500
Color accuracyNo information available

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