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High-quality transparent acrylic sheets (also known as PMMA) in thicknesses of 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm and 10mm with protective film on both sides tailored to your desired size.

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Buy transparent acrylic cut to size online

Extruded acrylic glass (XT) ✓ UV & weather resistant ✓ Scratch resistant ✓

Our transparent acrylic sheets are available in a thickness of 2mm - 10mm and are provided on both sides with a protective film to protect against scratches. Acrylic glass is a transparent plastic with a translucency that is even higher than conventional glass. The acrylic glass sheets we offer are made of massive sheet material and aren't made of cellular sheets or double-wall sheets.

Acrylic glass is a weatherproof, UV-stable plastic, so that it can be easily exposed to the weather or direct sunlight, without the material yellowing, clouding or embrittling. Therefore, the scratch-resistant plastic with its high surface hardness is suitable wherever normal glass is too heavy or too inflexible in moldability. Acrylic glass can be transformed into almost any shape under the influence of heat, and even curved surfaces made of transparent plastic are no problem.

NOTE: Transparent acrylic glass is very well suited for the construction of conservatories, terrace roofs or greenhouses, but compared to our weather-resistant polycarbonate panels (also known as bullet-proof glass), they are not break-resistant, so we recommend the use of transparent polycarbonate wherever impact resistance or burglary protection is required.

Save time and money and benefit from our cutting service and lower shipping costs for acrylic glass blanks.

If you need your acrylic sheets in special dimensions, we are available with our cutting service. On our ultramodern panel saws with a minimal sawing tolerance of just +/- 1mm, we can cut your acrylic sheets exactly to your specifications. Another advantage is that compared to our standard sized acrylic sheets you can not only save time for sawing, you also save shipping costs.

Thanks to a permanent supply of 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm and 10mm acrylic sheets, we are able to produce the blanks very promptly so that your transparent sheets can be delivered in a very short time.

Application examples for acrylic glass XT

  • Acrylic glass XT is ideal for the construction of terrariums or aquariums (also saltwater aquariums)
  • Acrylic glass XT is used for transparent or backlit advertising displays for indoor and outdoor advertising
  • Acrylic glass XT does't split in comparison to normal glass and is therefore an ideal replacement for furniture
  • Acrylic glass XT is used as lenses in microscopes and lenses, in binoculars and as a glas for glasses
  • Acrylic glass XT is used as industrial door glazing or as transparent wind protection for balconies
  • and many more

Processing of acrylic glass XT

Acrylic glass can be easily sawn, milled or drilled. It should be noted, that the acrylic sheets can break if handled incorrectly during processing, so we recommend placing the sheets on a flat surface while sawing or piercing them.

Acrylic glass can be brought into almost any shape by the action of heat. The so-called thermoforming, as well as the possibility of deep drawing, offer possibilities in this transparent plastic, which are not available to you with conventional, rigid and easily breakable glass

In addition, acrylic glass can be varnished, lacquered or glued with foil, as it is very often used in advertising technology in particular for backlit advertising displays. Even engraving or cutting with a CO2-Laser, is easily possible with acrylic sheets.

Acrylic glass can be glued very well. For example, with our glass-clear curing cold welding adhesive especially for acrylic glass S-Polybond PMMAprofi. In our Online-Shop, we also offer the transparent Parasilico PL transparent especially for gluing or sealing of transparent acrylic glass.

NOTE: Even though acrylic glass is comparatively scratch-resistant, we recommend that you remove the double-sided protective film only after completion of the processing.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Thickness2mm - 10mm
Standart Length3050
Standard width2050
Delivery TimeDispatch within 2-3 working days
MaterialAcrylglas XT (PMMA extrudiert)
UV resistanceUV resistant
Color accuracyNo
Color designationTransparent

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