Balcony screw M5 stainless steel (unpainted)

The balcony screw in bright stainless steel finish is made of stainless steel and has a large, flat screw head with an outer diameter of 16mm. The thread of the screw in size M5 is perfectly suitable for our threaded sleeves and cap nuts made of stainless steel.

✓ A2 stainless steel
✓ Stainless steel bright finish
✓ Suitable for all M5 nuts
✓ Ideal for our threaded sleeves
✓ Ø 16mm head diameter
✓ No minimum quantity

The stainless steel balcony threaded screws with M5 thread are available with 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm and 50mm thread length.

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Stainless steel balcony screw M5 (unpainted)

Without head painting ✓ Various thread lengths ✓ Without nut ✓

Our high-quality stainless steel balcony screws with a metric M5 thread are available in various lengths from 20mm to 50mm thread length. We deliberately use A2 steel for the alloy, which can be used unconditionally both indoors and outdoors. Rust formation is not to be feared with this stainless steel. The generously dimensioned screw head with an outer diameter of 16mm serves the purpose of ensuring that even the larger sliding point holes with a drill hole diameter of 10mm are always completely covered, especially when fastening facade panels made of high-pressure laminate. With a thickness of around 2mm, the head of the balcony threaded screw is quite flat, which contributes to a homogeneous overall appearance of the corresponding assembly due to the lens shape of the top. For easy processing, the screws have a Torx drive in size T20.

NOTE: The balcony screw has an M5 thread and regardless of the thread length can be screwed with any standard hexagon nut with M5 internal thread, our cap nuts or the stainless steel threaded sleeves.

The screws are individual screws which, unlike our balcony screw sets, do not include a cap nut, threaded sleeve or washers, so you are free to choose how you want to fasten them. Especially if the profiles already have an internal thread, it is extremely unnecessary to resort to a complete set consisting of screw, spacer washer, washer and cap nut if all the accessories are not needed anyway. Here, loose screws are perfect, because they avoid unnecessary additional costs and also contribute to sustainability, because you only buy the material that is needed. With us, even in any number of pieces, without any minimum quantity or annoying packaging units.

Properties of the stainless steel balcony screw without lacquering

In simple terms, the balcony screw is a threaded screw with a metric thread in the size M5, the length of which varies from 20mm - 50mm depending on the selection of blank balcony screws. The special feature of balcony screws is the screw head, which is quite large with an outer diameter of 16mm. The thickness of the head is also very flat at 2mm. In addition, due to the lenticular shape of the head, it slopes very flatly towards the edges on the visible side, which allows panels and profiles to be installed almost flush with the surface. This facilitates the occasional cleaning of the surfaces and also contributes to a more homogeneous overall appearance of the fastening.

The larger head diameter is particularly relevant for the installation of balcony cladding with HPL panels, because these must be installed without constraint, which requires a borehole diameter of 10mm for the sliding point fixings. Even these comparatively large holes are always completely covered by the 16mm head. The flat underside of the screw head also ensures a high contact surface, which always provides a secure hold even with the heavy panels made of high-pressure laminate. The screws are driven with a modern Torx drive, which enables the screws to be processed gently and without slipping, without running the risk of rounding the drive.

The threaded screw consists entirely of a rustproof A2 stainless steel alloy, which is extremely well suited for all outdoor fastenings and withstands all weather conditions. Due to the very good corrosion resistance of the steel, the effort required for care and maintenance of the fasteners is reduced to a minimum and only requires occasional cleaning with a soft cloth for visual reasons, which is particularly noticeable in the maintenance costs of cladding and privacy screens in outdoor areas.

NOTE: Please note that the clamping range of a screw depends on what it is screwed to. The use of nuts and cap nuts reduces the clamping range. Threaded sleeves, on the other hand, increase the clamping range by 1mm to 5mm. The use of spacers, washers or spring washers also reduces the clamping range.

Application examples for stainless steel bright balcony screws

Probably the most typical example of our unpainted stainless steel balcony screws can be deduced from the name alone, as these are mainly used for fastening balcony railings and cladding panels made of HPL, laminated safety glass or aluminium sandwich panels. With loose screws, however, the matching counterpart in the form of a cap nut or a threaded sleeve is required. Furthermore, it is important to use a suitable spacer washer between the panels and the construction profiles as a sliding base and to dampen vibrations. This small material is also available in our online shop individually and in any quantity at favourable graduated prices.

The stainless steel screws with their typical shiny surface are also extremely well suited for creating frames for tables or machines from square profiles, which can also be screwed together very quickly and, above all, securely with the stainless steel screws and matching threaded sleeves. In addition, individual elements of balcony and stair railings made of steel can also be connected very well. The screws are also frequently used for the construction of trailer superstructures, in the interior fittings of mobile homes, caravans or chalets and guarantee a secure screw connection in all weather conditions.

Technical data of the unpainted balcony screw

  • Material: Stainless steel A2
  • Colour: steel coloured, unvarnished
  • Head shape: Round, flat
  • Drive: Torx 20 (T20, ISR20)
  • Ø Thread: M5
  • Length thread: 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm
  • Ø Head: 16mm
  • Depth head: approx. 2mm
  • Tightening torque: 2-4 Nm
  • UV-resistance: Excellent
  • Corrosion resistance: Excellent
  • Rust resistance: Excellent
  • Acidity resistance: Good
Additional Information

Additional Information

Delivery TimeDispatch within 2 - 3 working days
MaterialStainless steel A2
Screw driveTorx T20
Shape screwheadround
Ø Screwhead16mm
Type of threadMetric thread
Ø ThreadM5
Length screw threadvaries
Clamping rangevaries
Color accuracyNo information available
Color designationStainless steel unpainted

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