Plastic sheets and their properties

Plastic sheets and their properties

Our online advisor for the use of plastic sheets from S-Polytec. Simply look up which plastic is right for your application.

Not all plastics are the same and so there is a suitable material for every application. From plastic sheets with a very high impact resistance, to plastic sheets in transparent design, or plastic sheets with approval for use in the food and drinking water sector. Even flame-retardant plastic sheets in accordance with fire protection standards, or plastic sheets for outdoor use - the areas of application for plastics, depending on the specification, are almost endless.

There is almost no end to the applications for plastic sheets.

It is almost no wonder that a layman can lose track of everything.

Which plastics are suitable for what?

Our table below should help you find the perfect plastic sheet for your application.

Table of general conditions for the use and applications of plastic sheets from S-Polytec

O - conditionally suitable, or preconditions must be fulfilled.

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